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7 Best 3PL Providers in Australia [2023]

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3PL Provider Australia

Best 3PL Provider Australia
Best 3PL Provider Australia

The term “3PL” (third-party logistics) refers to a firm outsourcing part of its distribution, which might range from inventory and storage to transporting items to consumers or even procuring raw materials for a manufacturer.

Choosing a 3PL service provider is, without a doubt, a significant choice. It’s critical to do adequate study to identify the finest 3PL firm in Australia that meets your specific demands. In this blog post, we will show you the 7 best 3PL providers in Australia.

1. Coghlan

Key ServicesWarehousing and inventory management, Picking and packing, Kitting and pre-packing, Tailored packaging options, Reverse logistics/returns management, Distribution management, Shopping cart solutions, Continuity and one-shot solutions, Product recall, Product storage facilities, eCommerce integrations
AddressUnit 5/364 Woodpark Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164
Phone+61 2 9828 0111
Operating Hours7am-5:30pm Monday to Friday

In the eCommerce environment, as with any other industry, Coghlan understands that individual orders must be delivered quickly, accurately and efficiently using a variety of carriers and service alternatives. They have a Same-Day Delivery option if you place your orders before 2pm. Their e-Quick online dashboard, which links to Shopify, Magento, Xero, and other popular internet platforms, enables you to make quick business decisions.


Key ServicesParcel and courier services, Domestic freight, International courier and freight, Import services, Online self-service portal, eCommerce integrations, Warehousing and distribution, Picking and packing
AddressUnit 3C, MFive Industry Park, 1 Moorebank Avenue, Moorebank NSW 2170, Australia
Phone+61 02 9822 5622
Operating Hours9am-5pm Monday to Friday

Since 1993 to this digital age, PACK & SEND has been upgraded to provide a range of shipping technology solutions that are seamlessly linked with online retail and eCommerce platforms. They can handle inventory, picking, packing, and despatching goods globally because they have over 100 service centers in Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

3. Invenco

Key ServicesStorage, Picking and packing, Receiving, Order processing, Picking and packing, Inventory and shipping management, Cross-docking, Drop-shipping, Integrations with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and others
Address2/1 Secombe Place, Moorebank NSW 2170
Phone1300 795 800
Operating Hours8am-5pm Monday to Friday

Invenco’s modern storage facility is situated just off the M5 and M7 roads, making their placement ideal for container and LCL shipments. Invenco offers eCommerce logistics services, particularly focused on cost control, growth, and automation for growing eCommerce enterprises.

4. Pendulum logistics

Key ServicesWarehouse & Distribution, Product assembly, Procurement
AddressSouthgate Industrial Estate 47 Stephen Road, Botany NSW 2019 Australia
Phone02 9330 1500
Operating Hours8am-4pm Monday to Friday

Pendulum Logistics is a 3PL provider that specializes in serving clients with fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Pendulum Logistics caters to both business-to-business (B2B) distribution and delivery and business-to-customer (B2C) shipping. This entails assisting with obtaining material to retail shops from suppliers and shipping items straight to clients.

Pendulum Logistics’, like most 3PLs based on a product, offers warehousing and distribution as its primary service. They guarantee that you always know how much stock they have on hand and that they can get it to you as soon as possible. Everything is stored in meticulous order in modern warehouses.

5. StarTrack

Key ServicesOmnichannel fulfilment, Container receipt and de-stuffing, Warehousing, Cross-docking, Fulfillment, Inventory management, National and international freight, Cross-border logistics
Address140 Sharps Rd, Melbourne Airport VIC 3043, Australia
Phone+61 132345
Operating Hours8am-6pm Monday to Friday

An Australian company, StarTrack, is a subsidiary of Australia Post that offers freight and distribution services to both B2C and B2B eCommerce firms. StarTrack’s delivery API can be used by businesses to provide customers with a variety of shipping choices at checkout and give automated delivery notifications and order tracking on deliveries.

6. NPFulfilment

Key ServicesProduct fulfilment, Picking and packing, Warehouse and inventory management, Postage and freight systems, Returns management, Drop-shipping, eCommerce integrations
AddressPO Box 7244, Wetherill Park NSW 2164, Australia
Phone1300 882 318
Operating Hours8am-4pm Monday to Friday

NPFulfilment’s platform is built to work with popular shopping carts and eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon, eBay, and others. Businesses may also use the firm’s APIs to connect to any platform and fully automate the fulfillment process. As a result of its three distribution centers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, it is well positioned to provide next-day delivery to 80% of Australia and New Zealand.

7. PikPak

Key ServicesStorage, Picking and packing, Packaging and freight labeling, Receiving, Order processing, Kitting and assembly, Point to point transport, Distribution centre delivery, Reverse logistics and returns
AddressPO Box 1106, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia
Phone+61 3 9416 1687
Operating HoursVisit their website for more details

PikPak is an on-demand logistics service that offers no long-term obligations or minimum monthly expenditures, making it ideal for small but quick-growing eCommerce firms. PikPak offers warehousing and freight management services, as well as eCommerce solutions including product catalog hosting, order management, and payment processing.

3PL Provider Australia

3PLs are 3rd party logistics service providers that help businesses grow their eCommerce business by providing warehousing, distribution and fulfillment services. 3PLs can also provide additional support in the form of customer communication tools for order processing, inventory management systems, point-to-point delivery options, reverse logistics and more. Some 3PL companies specialize in specific industries or products while others offer a broader range of solutions. 3PL companies differ greatly so it is important to do your research before selecting one will be best suited to your business’ needs.

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What is a 3PL Provider?

A 3PL provider is a third-party logistics company that offers outsourced logistics services to businesses. 3PL providers typically specialise in one or more areas of the supply chain, such as transportation, warehousing, and order fulfillments.u003cbru003eThe benefits of using a 3PL provider include improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased flexibility. 3PL providers can also help businesses scale their operations and enter new markets.

What are the advantages of using a 3PL Provider?

-Improved efficiency: 3PL providers can help businesses streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency.u003cbru003e-Reduced costs: 3PL providers can help businesses save money on logistics costs.u003cbru003e-Increased flexibility: 3PL providers can help businesses increase their flexibility and adapt to changing needs.u003cbru003e-Scalability: 3PL providers can help businesses scale their operations and enter new markets.

How to Choose a 3PL Provider?

When choosing a 3PL provider, it is important to consider your specific needs and requirements. You should also consider the 3PL provider’s experience, reputation, and pricing.

How much is it to use a 3PL Provider?

The cost of using a 3PL provider varies depending on the services you require. 3PL providers typically charge based on the volume of shipments, weight, or number of orders.

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