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9 Best Acupuncture Services in Australia [2024]

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Acupuncture Australia

Best Acupuncture Australia
Best Acupuncture Australia

Acupuncture is an ancient technique, and it has been used in China for at least 2,000 years. Today acupuncture is a popular form of treatment in many countries around the world. Acupuncture can be used to treat various conditions such as chronic pain relief, nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy treatments, depression and anxiety disorders. In this article we will explore acupuncture services available in Australia that offer acupuncture therapy for any condition you may have!

1. Paul Mcleod’s Australian Acupuncture Centre

Key ServicesTraditional Chinese acupuncture treatment
Address3/153 Shannon Avenue, Manifold Heights, Geelong, VIC 3218
Phone03 5298 1213
Operating Hours9am-7pm Monday and Wednesday, 9am-6:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, 9am-5pm Friday, 9am-2pm Saturday

In Geelong, Australia, the region served by Michael McLeod’s Chinese Acupuncture Center, Dr. Paul Mcleod’s Australian Acupuncture Centre specializes in Chinese traditional medicine needs. It is a multi-bed facility that specializes in determining and treating patients using genuine Chinese therapies. Acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion, diet therapy, and TCM exercise are just a few examples of their services. These therapies are designed to target specific points that are causing the patient’s homeostasis to become unbalanced.

Due to the fact that they are done in a manner that maintains excellent customer service and patient management, there is a lot of interest in this profession. AAC also has internship openings for new students who have completed their degrees in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. At the acupuncture clinic, students may apply what they’ve learnt at various Australian traditional medicine colleges.

2. Gold Coast Acupuncture

Key ServicesAcupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Electroacupuncture, Moxibustion, Massage
AddressCoomera Shopping Village, 31 Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD 4209
Phone(07) 5573 6601
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

Complete healthcare services are available at Gold Coast Acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, electroacupuncture, moxibustion, and massages are just a few of the treatments provided. Private treatment rooms are large and airy with expert attention given to all clients to guarantee that procedures are never rushed.

3. Canberra Acupuncture & Movement Therapy

Key ServicesAcupuncture, Canberra Movement Therapy, Bio-Chemical Analysis, Body Align Method
Address1b/9 McKay St, Turner ACT 2612
Phone(02) 432 785 135
Operating Hours8am-8pm Monday to Wednesday, 10am-3pm Thursday and Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday

Canberra Acupuncture is a one-on-one work-focused clinic specializing in integrated health. An APRHRA certified practitioner, Riccardo, delivers concentrated, comprehensive, and customized service. They will help your body restore its healthy balance through a natural approach. He is a sports medicine specialist with expertise in all aspects of pain, injuries, rehabilitation, overuse injuries, headaches, migraines, stroke rehabilitation, digestive issues, chronic tiredness, sleep problems, hay fever treatment, depression, and anxiety.

4. Ilan’s Acupuncture

Key ServicesAcupuncture, Meridians, Moxibustion, Shiatsu
AddressSuite1, 1st Floor, Corner Gladstone & Wilford Street, Enmore, Sydney NSW 2042
Phone0426 228 413
Operating Hours2pm-8pm Monday and Tuesday, 10am-9pm Thursday and Friday, 10am-6pm Sunday

When traveling throughout South East Asia at the age of 28, Ilan acquired a near-lethal mix of dengue fever and hepatitis A. The illness still haunted him with chronic tiredness when he was finally well enough to return to Australia. Ilan, who had been given acupuncture treatments from doctors and friends, went for his initial acupuncture treatment, and for the first time since he became ill, he felt alive. This sparked Ilan’s interest and passion for Eastern medicine, which eventually led to long studies and hard practical training.

5. Baolin Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre

Key ServicesAcupuncture and traditional Chinese medical treatment
Address57/76 Newcastle Street, Perth, WA 6000
Phone(08) 9228 8828
Operating Hours10am-5:30pm Monday to Saturday

The Baolin Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre first opened its doors in 2003. This was due to the fact that they recognized an important need for Traditional Chinese Medicine services in Australia. With all of this in mind, they established Baolin to provide more trusted health care solutions to the public by combining a group of TCM specialists with varying specialties. The clinic is well-known for providing adequate health services to the Perth community, providing a professional TCM practice environment, and striving for the greatest health outcome possible based on each patient’s demands.

6. Fusion Acupuncture & Natural Therapies

Key ServicesAcupuncture, Cupping, Tui Na, Moxa & Chinese Herbs
Address3/233 Albert St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone0448 844 551
Operating Hours9am-2pm Tuesday, 7:30am-2pm Thursday

Fusion Acupuncture & Natural Therapies is a full-service Chinese Medicine practice situated in the center of Brisbane. The name “Fusion” was chosen to symbolize the integration of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tui Na massage (Remedial Massage), cupping, and moxibustion into holistic therapies. The term “fusion” also alludes to the incorporation of ancient Eastern healing methods into contemporary health issues.

7. Lee Massage & Acupuncture

Key ServicesAcupuncture Therapy, Remedial Massage, Anxiety, Acute Stroke, Adult Asthma, Constipation, Dry Eyes, Hypertension, Induction of Labour, Labour Pain, Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy, Elbow Pain, Neck Pain, Obesity, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
AddressShop N113A/200 Crown St, Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone(02) 4229 3885
Operating Hours9am-6pm Monday to Saturday, 9am-9pm Thursday, 9:30am-6pm Sunday

Lee Massage & Acupuncture, founded in 2003, has grown from one clinic to almost 23 clinics in less than 15 years. Their aim has always been crystal clear, and their clients have always come first. They have built an excellent reputation in their sector by upholding their principles and constantly innovating to keep up with their consumers. They are both honored and enthusiastic about all of their hard-working employees, who continue to push the company forward day after day, having been finalists in the Australian Small Business Awards in 2013, 2015, and 2018.

8. Tao Acupuncture

Key ServicesAcupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine
Address78 Excelsior Street, Shenton Park, Perth, WA 6008
Phone(04) 0174 9228
Operating Hours9am-5:30 pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 9am-6:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, 8am-5pm Saturday

Dr. Qin Wang, the founder of Tao Acupuncture, has a Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture that focuses on acupuncture’s use in reproductive health and infertility treatment. Dr. Qin Wang, or Kathy, as she is known, is one of Western Australia’s most popular and reputable acupuncturists. She earned her Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Fujian University of TCM in China. She is a qualified practitioner of Chinese medicine and acupuncture technique with over two decades of clinical expertise.

9. Fong Acupuncture

Key ServicesAcupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine
Address1/128 Glebe Road, Merewether, Newcastle, NSW 2291
Phone0249 295 805
Operating Hours8:30am-5pm Monday to Friday

Fong Acupuncture specializes in Chinese acupuncture to help with fertility, pregnancy, and birth. They also believe that acupuncture focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself. Acupuncture targets the problematic areas and rebalances them. The body’s natural ability after it has been restored and balanced is to handle illnesses readily. The techniques employed in Fong Acupuncture are all safe and effective. It guarantees a painless rejuvenation and healing of the mind and body.

Acupuncture Australia

Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to help with many conditions. If you’ve been considering acupuncture services, we hope this article has helped guide your decision-making process. The best acupuncture service providers in Australia will use acupuncture as an alternative or adjunct therapy for the treatment of various health conditions such as anxiety, acute stroke, adult asthma, constipation dry eyes hypertension induction of labour pain lower back pain during pregnancy elbow pain neck pain obesity post-traumatic stress disorder etcetera.

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