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21 Best Coffee Shops in Melbourne [2023]

Coffee Melbourne

Best Coffee Melbourne
Best Coffee Melbourne

If you’re looking for the best coffee shops in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the 21 coffee shops that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to study or a place to catch up with friends, these coffee shops have got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring!

1. Proud Mary

Proud Mary - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Proud Mary)
Proud Mary – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Proud Mary)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address172 Oxford Street, Collingwood, 3066 VIC
Phone03 9417 5930
Operating Hours7am-3pm Monday to Friday, 8am-3pm Saturday

Collingwood’s Proud Mary are a Melbourne coffee institution, making a excellent cup of coffee with beans that are produced in their factory just around the corner. There are several varietals to pick from, and they’re well worth tasting if you include Proud Mary into your daily routine.

2. Padre Coffee

Padre Coffee - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Padre Coffee)
Padre Coffee – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Padre Coffee)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address322-326 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
Phone+61 3 9699 8348
Operating Hours7am-4pm Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday, 7am-5pm Friday

Padre is without a doubt deserving of a place on Melbourne’s finest coffee list, with the premium on the north and south sides of the city. Take a look at Padre’s extensive range of coffee equipment while you sip your custom blend and enroll for a barista course.

3. Monk Bodhi Dharma

Monk Bodhi Dharma - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Monk Bodhi Dharma)
Monk Bodhi Dharma – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Monk Bodhi Dharma)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address202 Carlisle Street, Balaclava, 3183 VIC
Phone0478 932 556
Operating Hours7am-5pm Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm Saturday and Sunday

Monk Bodhi Dharma, the brainchild of Marwin Shaw, is one of Melbourne’s true specialty coffee pioneers. Monk began claiming to be the city’s caffeine queen. Working with its farmers and merchants, Monk focuses on ethically sourcing coffee and a sustainably friendly food selection.

4. Dukes Coffee Roasters

Dukes Coffee Roasters - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Dukes Coffee Roasters)
Dukes Coffee Roasters – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Dukes Coffee Roasters)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone+61 3 9417 5578
Operating Hours9am-5pm Monday to Friday

Dukes Coffee Roasters isn’t just what it claims, it’s what it does. They offer the biggest variety of seasonal speciality coffee in Melbourne. Since 2013, their flagship cafe, Dukes at Ross House, has served Melburnians in the CBD their favorite beverages.

5. Axil

Axil - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Axil)
Axil – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Axil)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address322 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122
Phone+61 3 9819 0091
Operating Hours7am-4pm daily

Axil provides a sustainably produced coffee that gives you a delicious cup of Joe. Their beans are handpicked, roasted, and served in their café by the cup to your enjoyment in one mug. From across the world, their baristas are always on the quest for new coffee skills and products.

6. Terror Twilight

Terror Twilight - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Terror Twilight)
Terror Twilight – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Terror Twilight)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address11-13 Johnston St, Collingwood , 3066 VIC
Phone+61 9417 0129
Operating Hours7am-4pm Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday

Terror Twilight has risen to the challenge of producing its own distinctive roasts, maintaining the standard with dining mug filled batch brews and a typical line-up of single-origin and blend choices, as well as a variety of milk types to suit all tastes.

7. Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co.

Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co. - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co.)
Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co. – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co.)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address3-9 Little Howard St., North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051
Operating Hours7:30am-4pm Monday to Friday, 8am-2pm Saturday

Small Batch has always been a force to be reckoned with in Melbourne’s wholesale coffee business. With its early crowd-pleasers, the company completely exploded across the city, becoming known for packing perfectly rounded flavor into each cup. Small Batch’s industrial facility in North Melbourne serves as a delivery point for the items.

8. Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Seven Seeds)
Seven Seeds – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Seven Seeds)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address114 Berkeley St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia
Phone+61 3 9347 8664
Operating Hours7am-4pm Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday

Seven Seeds has been roasting coffee for a while. The record here is undeniable, but Seven Seeds has long claimed ownership of Melbourne’s coffee culture with their inventive coffees and devotion to the grind.

9. Market Lane

Market Lane - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Market Lane)
Market Lane – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Market Lane)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
AddressShop 12, Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road, South Yarra, 3141 VIC
Phone03 9804 7434
Operating Hours7am-3pm Monday and Wednesday, 7am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday, 8am-4pm Sunday

The quality and elegance of Market Lane has always been maintained. The cafe’s indoor portion offers a fast-paced yet personal atmosphere, as well as a dedicated brew-at-home section for all your home base requirements.

10. Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Wide Open Road)
Wide Open Road – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Wide Open Road)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address274 Barkly St. Brunswick, VIC 3056
Phone03 9010 9298
Operating Hours7am-3pm Monday to Friday, 8am-3pm Saturday and Sunday

Inside a converted 1950s warehouse covered with paste-up street art, the Wide Open Road roaster/lab/café has an industrial cool design. Watch the roasters at work through plexiglass windows while dining on some of Melbourne’s most creative café cuisine.

11. Industry Beans

Industry Beans - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Industry Beans)
Industry Beans – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Industry Beans)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address70-76 Westgarth Street, Fitzroy, 3065 VIC
Phone03 9417 1034
Operating Hours7am-3:30pm Monday to Friday, 8am-3pm Saturday and Sunday

Industry Beans is a roaster, café, and coffee authority in Fitzroy that can’t be beat for the best brew in town. The specialty coffee company not only sells a lot of Melbourne with their beans, but also distributes worldwide via espresso blends and single origins sourced from all major coffee-growing regions.

12. Bench Coffee Co.

Bench Coffee Co. - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Bench Coffee Co.)
Bench Coffee Co. – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Bench Coffee Co.)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address321 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000 VIC
Operating Hours8am-4pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday, 9am-4pm Sunday

Bench Coffee, now a city-based center for coffee, has planted its flag firmly in the Melbourne coffee industry. The intimate room is home to some of the city’s best coffee, with seasonal blend, single-origin espresso, and filter choices from across the world.

13. Atomica Coffee

Atomica Coffee - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Atomica Coffee)
Atomica Coffee – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Atomica Coffee)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address14/167 Beavers Rd, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia
Phone0448 626 202
Operating Hours8am-4pm Monday to Friday

As the first cafe in Melbourne to roast its own coffee onsite, you won’t dispute that Atomica Coffee creates the finest coffee in Melbourne. They cater to the most discerning coffee tastes and noses with boutique roasting and wholesale services.

14. St Ali

St Ali - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: St Ali)
St Ali – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: St Ali)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne South Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3205
Phone+61 3 9132 8966
Operating Hours7am-5pm daily

St Ali burst through the wall of specialty coffee in Melbourne in 2005 and made it accessible to everyone. They are the originators, searching for unique goods and pursuing perfection rather than following fads or trends.

15. Vacation

Vacation - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Vacation)
Vacation – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Vacation)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address1 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000 Vic
Phone9662 2013
Operating Hours6:30am-4pm Monday to Friday, 7am-3pm Saturday and Sunday

Vacation is the number one spot for a speciality brew on the east side of Melbourne’s city grid, and it’s without a doubt one of the finest coffee joints in town. The soothing colors and natural light provide a beautiful retreat from the world, while the quality of the coffee, whether you want something milky or a filter, ensures that you’re pleased for the rest of the day.

16. The Premises

The Premises - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: The Premises)
The Premises – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: The Premises)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address202 Bellair Street, Kensington Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3031
Phone+61 3 9376 7565
Operating Hours7am-4pm Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday

The Premises has some of the most delicious meals prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as kind workers and, of course, some of the finest coffee in Melbourne. Their baristas manufacture a cozy cafe that is particular about its exceptional coffee and cuisine.

17. Everyday

Everyday - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Everyday)
Everyday – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Everyday)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address36-38 Sackville Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066
Phone+61 3 9973 4159
Operating Hours7am-3pm Monday to Saturday, 8am-3pm Sunday

The atmosphere is casual, polite, and unpretentious. The name is quite descriptive: it’s the everyday home to a sleuth of devoted early birds who spread out across the outdoor area with dogs, bikes, and hearty communal chat.

18. Acoffee

Acoffee - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Acoffee)
Acoffee – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Acoffee)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address30 Sackville Street Collingwood, VIC, Australia 3066
Phone+61 3 9042 8746
Operating Hours7am-4pm Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday

This Collingwood cafe/roastery is known as Acoffee, and it transforms into a daily art exhibit of coffee with a light-filled, white wall environment. You may select from three options: ‘white, black, or pour-over coffee,’ which are all brewed and then roasted on site.

19. Code Black

Code Black - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Code Black)
Code Black – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Code Black)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address15-17 Weston St, Brunswick, VIC 3056
Phone03 9388 0005
Operating Hours7am-4pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 7am-5pm Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday

The Code Black is also a laboratory, workshop, and gathering place for coffee aficionados. There’s always a house blend for black coffees, as well as a milk blend and single origin for both blacks and whites.

20. Patricia Coffee Brewers

Patricia Coffee Brewers - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Patricia Coffee Brewers)
Patricia Coffee Brewers – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Patricia Coffee Brewers)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address493-495 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000 VIC
Phone03 9642 2237
Operating Hours7am-4pm Monday to Friday

Patricia is a coffee shop located in the business area of town. It’s a specialty cafe that produces cup after cup for its devoted staff as well as curious visitors wanting to try some of the coffee and flaky baked goods on display in the glass countertop.

21. Undercover Roasters HQ

Undercover Roasters HQ - Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Undercover Roasters HQ)
Undercover Roasters HQ – Coffee Melbourne (Credit: Undercover Roasters HQ)
Key ServicesCoffee Melbourne
Address449 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Phone1300 665 799
Operating Hours7am-4pm daily

Undercover Roasters was founded in 2011 with a love of coffee, and it’s evident in each cup. Undercover Roasters is located in Melbourne and Bendigo and specializes on ethically produced, hand-picked, and carefully processed coffee from all over the world.

Coffee Melbourne

Coffee is a big part of the Melbourne culture, with coffee shops scattered throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a casual place to hang out or a more formal setting to work, there’s sure to be a coffee shop that meets your needs. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite coffee shops in Melbourne!

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