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10 Best Men’s Boots Melbourne Has To Offer [2024]

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Boots for Men Melbourne

Best Boots for Men Melbourne

Men’s boots have long been popular in the fashion world. They do not have distinguishing characteristics; rather, they can be worn by both men and women. The men’s boot business has created a wide range of boots to appeal to the diverse tastes of the modern man. Boots are no longer limited to merely being footwear. Men’s boots are now accessible for men of various ages, shapes, sizes, and walks of life. With these in mind, you should be able to identify the top men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

1. The Original Muck Boot Company

Key Services100% Aussie Owned| Comfortable and Resilient Footwear | Patented Soling System Cushions | Heat Resistant Outsoles | Electrical Protection | Ortho Rebound Footbeds | Full-grain Leather Construction | Elite Toe Cap Technology
AddressMalaga, Western Australia
Phone+1 855-377-2668

It all started with a common issue: muck. Wet, muddy, filthy muck, and they were determined to find a way to keep their feet toasty and dry through it all. So they set out to create the best safe, comfortable, and dependable boots on the planet—regardless of the weather. The Original Muck Boot Company® was founded to provide 100% waterproof boots and footwear that can survive the muckiest circumstances in every season. They have had the ability to create, experiment, and test their goods in every aspect during the last two decades. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • 100% waterproof
  • comfortable
  • dependable

Customer Testimonial:

“There’s not much to say really they are very good boots my second pair but I’ve not worn my new ones as yet as it’s been so dry waiting fur the autumn”

Sally Reid

2. Steel Blue

Key ServicesQuality And Craftsmanship| Elastic Sided Riding Boots
Address18 Irvine Dr, Malaga WA 6090, Australia
Phone+61 8 9209 3322
Operating Hours7AM – 4PM Mondays – Fridays

Their origin began in Western Australia, and they have since grown to become the country’s premier maker of work and safety boots. They’ve been putting the same level of attention, devotion, and artistry into Their work since 1995, just like the craftsmen who wear Their boots. True skill need excellent equipment. Their work boots are made of high-quality materials, allowing you to give your finest performance. Their Trisole® Comfort Technology soling system serves as a base for your entire body. Every pair of their men’s and women’s work boots comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • quality materials
  • Trisole® Comfort Technology
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Customer Testimonial:

“Couldn’t be happier very nice knife for just paying shipping well built will be shopping here again”

David Dougson

3. Baxter Boots

Key ServicesZip-side Style Boots | Unique Way of Design | Endurance
Address226 Auburn Street Goulburn NSW 2580
Phone+61 2 4822 1680
Operating Hours9AM – 5PM Mondays – Fridays | 9AM – 2PM Saturdays

The Baxter Boots tale is one of achievement and perseverance that spans five generations of Australian boot producers. A handcrafted Baxter boot will fit you like a glove, which is verified from the outset by a procedure of traditional hide analysis. All skins are evaluated for appealing grain and texture, as well as to determine how durable the leather is. Hides that are overly thick or rigid are discarded. Uppers are painstakingly carved out of individually selected hides and stretched under heat and pressure to create and shape the front of the boot. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • handcrafted
  • unique
  • durable

Customer Testimonial:

“Sooo happy!!! Have waited for boots for a long time. Great friendly service. Helpful with sizing and continual care of my new boots. Comfortable fit.”

Darrya Foster

4. Aquila

Key Services European Influence | Premium Accessories | Belts | Wallets | Ties
Address287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Operating Hours10AM – 6PM Saturdays – Wednesdays | 10AM – 7PM Thursdays – Fridays

Aquila is Australia’s top men’s footwear brand, with 55 retail shops across the country. They have been proudly Australian owned since 1958 and are recognized for their devotion to making excellent, elegant men’s shoes for every occasion. Aquila means “Eagle” in Italian and was chosen by our founder for the traits it represents: confidence, strength, and style. They want to instill confidence in all Aquila guys, since looking good makes you feel wonderful. When you’re happy, it shows. They are inspired by the ever-changing world in which they live, which they interpret into designs for modern man’s reality. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Australian owned
  • excellent quality
  • stylish

Customer Testimonial:

“friendly staff, great shoes that last the distance.”

Scott O’Neill

5. Julius Marlow

Key ServicesAustralian Chelsea Boots | Hiking Boots | Suede Boots | Zip Boots | Chukka Boots | Work Boots | Dress Boots
Phone+61 1800 308 432
Operating Hours8:30AM – 5PM Mondays – Fridays

Julius Marlow was molded by Melbourne’s variety, inventiveness, and energy. Their mission is to encourage and support uniqueness, as well as the path of creating one’s own unique tale. Julius Marlow, born on the streets of Melbourne in 1928, has a long history of producing high-quality shoes and effecting long-term change. Their legacy as the “shoe of firsts,” on the other hand, determines not just their history, but also their future. Julius Marlow’s goal and promise are molded by the dynamic metropolis that gave birth to Julius Marlow: Melbourne. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • long history
  • high quality
  • promise to continue effecting change

Customer Testimonial:

“I’ve owned only 1 pair of julius marlow shoes in my 25 years and they’re the best pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Without them I wouldn’t be the man I am today.”

Ash C.

6. Wootten

Key ServicesCustom-made Boots | Palpable Tier Of Quality | Athletic Footwear | Artisanal Touch
Address39 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia
Phone+61 3 9510 6503
Operating Hours10AM – 5PM Fridays | 10AM – 4PM Saturdays

Jess continues his father’s history of quality shoes and outstanding service fifty years later. Peter and Max began by making shoes for golfers, football players, and nurses, and quickly gained a good reputation, gaining clients such as Garry Ablett Snr, Stephen Silvagni, Justin Madden, and many Australian golf stars. Custom Fit eventually expanded into orthopaedic shoes, establishing a reputation for quality and comfort. In 2012, Custom Fit was renamed Wootten, with Jess taking over as chief cordwainer and main picture model. They work together to carry on the Custom Fit legacy of creating personalized footwear. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • quality
  • comfort
  • custom-made

Customer Testimonial:

“I own one pair of Wootten boots. They are hands down (feet down?) the best, most comfortable, hard-wearing, robust, best looking boots I’ve ever owned. A quick weekly buff with natural polish keeps them looking characterful and professional. Love them. They’re an investment. I look forward to investing again.”

Timothy Davis

7. Rossi Boots

Key ServicesClassic Australian Work Boots| Dress Boots | Desert Boots | Aussie Quality And Design
Address492 Churchill Rd, Kilburn SA 5084, Australia
Phone+61 8 8352 7844
Operating Hours9AM – 4PM Mondays – Fridays

Rossi Footwear is still Australian-owned after 112 years, with each new family acquiring a passion for superb Australian boots. Their brand, like their boots, is utilitarian, basic, robust, and modern. They are proud of their heritage, and it is central to all they do. Rossi Boots joined the Australian-owned and run Propel Group in April 2020, with two other historic Australian brands, Driza-Bone and RB Sellars. Rossi Boots continues to innovate while staying faithful to their 110-year tradition, with a selection of the ‘Iconic Boots’ collection still being made in their South Australian-based factory. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Australian-owned
  • 112 years of experience
  • tradition of innovation

Customer Testimonial:

“Have been wearing rossi boots last couple of years at work and they are so comfy, I wouldn’t wear anything else. I had an issue with a pair of my boots which they took care of for me and I’m very thankful for the amazing customer service.”

Peter Donegan

8. Redback Boots

Key Services100% Authentic Australian Made Work Boots | Safe and Comfortable | Full-grain Leather Construction | Easy Escape
Address150-152 Euston Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia
Phone+61 2 9318 1311
Operating Hours7:15AM – 4PM Mondays – Thursdays | 7:15AM – 2PM Fridays

Redback Boots is an Australian firm managed by the Cloros family, who have a boot-making legacy dating back five generations to the early 1900s. They are 100% Australian-owned, and their footwear are also handcrafted in Australia. They make work boots from the ground up in Australia. They look at who wears them, what tasks they do, and where they work. Then they create a boot that allows them to work comfortably and safely. They’ve been creating work boots this way since 1925. And each pair is handcrafted at their factory in Alexandria, Sydney. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Australian-owned
  • 100% handcrafted in Australia
  • factory in Sydney

Customer Testimonial:

“Best work boots I have ever owned. Have had current pair around 15 years and still solid, only electric sides stretched out now. Not a tradie, but wear these most weekends for yard work, DIY and often camping. Best value for money.”

Pop Unicorn

9. Blundstone

Key ServicesPerfect Australian Work Boot | Classic Aussie Design | Safety, Comfort, And Durability
Address32 Makland Dr, Derrimut VIC 3026, Australia
Phone1800 258 669
Operating Hours8:30AM – 5:00PM Mondays – Fridays

The Blundstones arrive at Hobart in the 1850s after a 93-day sailing voyage from England. John Blundstone and Sons was formed in 1870. Blundstone began by importing footwear from England before creating boots from locally obtained leathers. Their worldwide visibility continues, with Australian competitors proudly donning Their dress boots during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. A year later, they won a second prized Australian Design Award, this time for the #980 mining boot. Proving that superb design and superior job wear aren’t mutually incompatible, they are credited with profoundly transforming the way mining boots are constructed. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Australian company
  • over 150 years of experience
  • worldwide visibility

Customer Testimonial:

“Both my partner and I have various types of these boots. They are made with high quality materials and they are very comfortable. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for boots. For reference my partner raves about her 585s and I got a vegan leather type 2115s I think that I love.”

Jayd Cunningham

10. R.M Williams

Key ServicesBushwear Style | Handcrafted | Iconic Boots
Address121 Frost Rd, Salisbury South SA 5108, Australia
Phone+61 8 8259 1007
Operating Hours9AM – 5PM Mondays – Thursdays | 9AM – 1PM Fridays

R.M.Williams has become one of the world’s most well-known – and well-loved – footwear companies in its nine decades of existence. Originally designed for the men and women of Australia’s harsh, unforgiving outback, its renowned one-piece leather boots have gone on to adorn the feet of millions of people, including some of the world’s most famous. Both R.M.Williams and Tattarang have strong roots in the Australian outback and people who labor in there. Family values, tenacity, determination, and unquestionable character are at the heart of both businesses. This is why they have some of the best men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Australian company
  • 90 years of experience
  • strong roots in the Australian outback

Customer Testimonial:

“I bought 2 pairs of boots from this store. Staff are very considerate, professional and care about their customers. Boots are great, high quality and very comfortable.”

Joey Nguyen

Men’s Boots Melbourne

Overall, wearing men’s shoes has various advantages. They provide the convenience of going around in a leisurely manner. They shelter the feet from the harsh surfaces of the streets. They may be utilized anywhere in the globe, whether in the city or on the farm. The wonderful thing about these boots is that they never go out of style. We hope this information assists you in your search for the top men’s boots Melbourne has to offer.

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