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6 Best Carpenters in Australia [2023]

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Best Carpenters Australia
Best Carpenters Australia

Carpenters Australia

Carpenters have been a vital part of the construction process since carpenters from Ancient Greece first built ships by hand. In today’s world, carpenters are still a crucial part of the construction process. There is no job too big or small for carpenters to do and there is one carpenter for every type of project you can think of! This blog post will help you find your perfect carpenter in Australia so that your next building project goes smoothly!

1. Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery

Key ServicesGeneral Carpentry and Joinery
AddressUnit 6-7, 1801 Botany Road, Banksmeadow, 2019
Phone+61 (2) 9565 1009
Operating Hours7am-5:30pm Monday to Friday

One of Australia’s most renowned carpentry and joinery businesses is Top Knot Carpentry & Joinery. This firm, which is busy with hundreds of skilled workers, can certainly meet any carpentry demand, whether it’s simple or complicated. They set themselves apart from the competition by being reliable in delivering high-quality work, finishing tasks on schedule, and exceeding customer expectations.

2. Danica Carpentry Pty Ltd

Key ServicesCommercial Carpentry
Address4/4 Pusey Rd Cockburn Central WA 6164
Phone(08) 9417 3880
Operating Hours7am-3pm Monday to Friday

Another well-known commercial carpentry business is Danica Carpentry Pty Ltd. Since 1992, they have been providing both private and government customers with a variety of services, including building projects. They also strive to improve their services in order to ensure that each of their clients receives only the finest outcomes and experience available.

3. Millennium Carpentry Services Pty Ltd

Key ServicesLarge-scale, Complex Construction Work
AddressUnit 11, 10 Bradford Street, Alexandria 2015
Phone02 9669 2555
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

Millennium Carpentry Services Pty Ltd is a well-known company that specializes in completing large-scale and complicated construction projects. They have a fantastic team that can manage the project and provide wide carpentry services for business premises. Despite their popularity among commercial carpentry, they may also handle residential projects and give labour services to government departments with the same level of quality.

4. Carpentry Australia

Key ServicesGeneral Carpentry Work
AddressPO Box 114, East Melbourne, VIC 8002
Phone1300 652 779
Operating Hours9am-5pm Monday to Friday

Carpentry Australia connects you with the finest carpenters in your region. This firm is proud of its members of properly trained, experienced, and highly competent carpenters. Carpentry Australia offers a variety of tools and resources to help you find the best carpenter for your job. You may rest confident that private clients and homeowners can discover the greatest carpenters for their project through Carpentry Australia.

5. The W.A Carpentry Company

Key ServicesGeneral Carpentry Work
AddressPO Box 2653 Ellenbrook WA 6069
Phone08 9297 6044
Operating Hours8am-5pm Monday to Friday

W.A Carpentry Company is a top-rated business that provides custom woodworking, flooring installation, frame building, and repair services to residents of Australia. With all of the materials and highly skilled craftsmen, they won’t have any difficulties handling your project from beginning to end.

6. Trade Institute of Victoria

Key ServicesBuilding and construction training programs
Address195 Champion Rd Williamstown North Vic 3016
Phone(03) 9399 9511
Operating Hours9am-5pm Monday to Friday

TIV is a trade association based in Victoria, Australia, that specializes in training professionals for the construction and building sector. They provide job-ready courses and place a strong emphasis on practical skills required for the building and construction sector.

Carpenters Australia

Australia has carpenters of all trades. Whether you need simple home carpentry services or more complicated commercial work, there is a carpenter for your needs. From general carpenters to large-scale construction projects, these businesses are dedicated to providing top quality service with the best customer experience possible. If you’re looking for the best carpenter in Australia based on price and quality, check out this list out. These companies will connect you with carpenters that have been properly trained and ready to give their all!

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What does a carpenter do?

A carpenter is a skilled worker who constructs, installs and repairs wooden fixtures and structures. Carpenters typically work in the construction industry, but they may also be employed in the manufacturing, mining and forestry industries.

What are the different types of Carpentry?

– Rough Carpentry: This type of carpentry involves the construction of the main structural elements of a building such as beams, studs and joists.u003cbru003e- Finish Carpentry: This type of carpentry focuses on the installation of finish materials such as moldings, doors, and cabinets.u003cbru003e- Restoration Carpentry: This type of carpentry is concerned with the repair and restoration of existing structures.u003cbru003e- Marine Carpentry: This type of carpentry focuses on the construction and repair of wooden boats and other watercraft.

What are the Carpentry Skills?

In order to be successful in carpentry, there are a few skills that you will need to develop. Some of the most important carpentry skills include:u003cbru003e- Strong Math Skills: Carpenters need to be able to accurately measure and calculate dimensions.u003cbru003e- Physical Strength and Stamina: Carpentry can be a physically demanding job, so it is important that carpenters have the strength and stamina to complete their tasks.u003cbru003e- Manual Dexterity: Carpenters need to have good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity in order to use the tools of their trade.u003cbru003e- Problem Solving Skills: Carpenters often need to be able to troubleshoot problems that arise during a project.

How much does it cost to hire a carpenter in Australia?

The cost of hiring a carpenter in Australia will vary depending on the type of work that needs to be done. Carpenters typically charge by the hour or by the project. The average hourly rate for a carpenter in Australia is $50-$70 per hour.u003cbru003eIf you are planning a construction or renovation project, hiring a carpenter is a great way to ensure that the job is done right. Carpenters are skilled workers who can construct, install and repair a variety of wooden fixtures and structures. When hiring a carpenter, be sure to ask about their experience, qualifications and rates. With the right carpenter on your team, your construction project is sure to be a success.

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