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14 Best Cheap Team Building Activities in Australia [2023]

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Cheap Team Building Activities Australia

Best Cheap Team Building Activities Australia
Best Cheap Team Building Activities Australia

Team building is an important part of keeping your employees happy and healthy. It increases morale, boosts productivity, and has been shown to increase retention rates as well. However, it can be difficult to find affordable team building activities that are also effective. In this post we will discuss 14 affordable team building activities in Australia that you can do with your colleagues or coworkers!

1. Virtual SaberFit®

SaberFit® is the first group fitness activity in the world that gives a full-body toning experience that you will enjoy. Furthermore, it’s now possible to do so from the comfort of your own home! This program has aspects of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and saber skills to provide a comprehensive fat-burning workout! It’s a fantastic group fitness activity for you and your coworkers! Encourage one another while working up a sweat.

We’ve also linked up with Sports Singapore to bring exercise and enjoyment to you at home. Join our SaberFit Challenge and win rewards! You may also join forces with your coworkers to see who can finish it first! Alternatively, a one-time exclusive private team building activity for just you and your guests is also an option! Please let us know what you need and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Price: From $30/pax

2. Virtual Art Jamming

Another fantastic activity to try at home is a relaxing, soothing, and gratifying painting session. Allow your imagination to run wild and make a masterpiece that may be displayed in your home or workplace. All you need are acrylic paints, canvas or tote bags, pencils, erasers, and anything else you’d want to paint with.

Our experienced trainers will go through the fundamentals of color mixing and offer assistance in your virtual meeting. At the end of each event, there will be a debriefing and storytelling session as requested. Perhaps you’d want to give this activity or any of the team-building games in Australia a shot!

Price: From $35/pax, FREE delivery to all participants included

3. Virtual Jack’s Hangover

You must help your buddy Jack in this game who had had too much alcohol the night before. Jack awoke with a severe headache and no recollection of the previous night, having no recollection of what occurred! What took place last night? It’s time to work with your teammates to help Jack. Check into the hotel room, go to the casino, and assist Jack in determining what happened. But hurry – Jack has a flight to catch!

Price: From $20/pax

4. Virtual Amazing Race

Have you ever thought about traveling across the world and racing? Look no farther! Compete with your friends and coworkers to be the first to discover as few of the game’s secrets as possible in order not to ruin the surprise! We won’t offer much information regarding this one-of-a-kind experience since we don’t want to spoil it for you!

Our specialists have been certified by the best experts in the industry, ensuring that your trip is safe and enjoyable. Our trainers will assist with certified instructors to make your event more memorable. There is no limit to the amount of people who can participate in our amazing race, making it perfect for remote staff from all across the world!

Price: From $25/pax

5. Virtual Time Travel

The world’s first and only Virtual Time Travel experience is now open to you! This experience is for you if you’ve ever questioned whether time travel is possible. Transcend time with your friends and resolve issues from various eras and time zones. Complete your task on schedule by competing against the clock!

In this activity, your entire team’s problem-solving skills will be put to the test. This is one of the most creative and unique team building games ever created! To begin, you only need two individuals, and there is no limit to the amount of people who can participate! Travel through time to join today’s most successful teams!

Price: From $20/pax

6. Virtual Escape Room

The Fun Empire has now made its award-winning experience available online. This platform was created with the intention of allowing individuals to tackle difficulties from the comfort of their own homes. This virtual game can accommodate teams ranging from two to hundreds of players. Take advantage of this chance to interact with your friends, relatives, and coworkers and put your problem-solving and communication abilities to the test! This is a fantastic team building activity for your next teambuilding exercise!

Price: From $20/pax

7. Virtual Leather Making Workshop

Our well-known leather craft course may be completed at home. A leather making home kit will be given to participants before the start of your virtual team building event from us. During your online meeting, expert assistance is also available!

Learn about the intriguing concepts on a variety of leather, as well as how to care for and create your own goods! You’ll be able to make not one but two items! (for example, Key FOB and Coin Pouch). For a really reasonable price.

Price: From $40/pax, FREE delivery to all participants included

8. Virtual Food Quest

Do you consider yourself to be a foodie who is an expert on all things culinary? The Virtual Food Quest, brought to you by The Fun Empire, will put your knowledge to the test. For everyone, the Virtual Food Quest promises a fascinating culinary journey.

To achieve our primary goal, we must get players together. The game takes advantage of this by requiring them to operate in teams. Assume you’re looking for a way to spice up your kitchen without having to spend too much time or money acquiring the spices and ingredients yourself. As part of the game’s primary goal, spend some quality time with them bonding while learning about various sorts of food! This is a fantastic team-building game in Australia that will provide hours of delight. You could even want to eat afterwards!

Price: From $20/pax

9. Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a dodgeball-inspired archery game for all ages. Teams are placed in a high-intensity competitive scenario, with one team attempting to shoot the other while avoiding being shot themselves. With foam-tipped arrows and face masks for players, the game is extremely safe.

The various goals, such as The Restoration and The Last King, are fantastic team-building games because they demand excellent collaboration, communication, and resourcefulness. Have you ever craved to be like Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of The Hunger Games? If that’s the case, this is the game for your next team bonding session!

Price: From $15/pax

10. Virtual Ben’s Big Heist

Pull off the Big Gold Heist with your gang! A bank blueprint with some notes scribbled on it has been found by your crew. Before the cops discover you, you and your team members will need to break into vaults, fill treasure bags, and flee! As you advance, the vaults will become increasingly difficult to break into – are you up for the task? This may be one of your new favorite team building activities in Australia!

Price: From $20/pax

11. Virtual Travel Experience

Are you unsure which virtual activity to participate in? The Fun Empire has a number of alternatives for you! Go on an adventure that combines Treasure Hunt, Virtual Amazing Race, and Virtual Escape Room Experiences to take you through Singapore’s history from start to finish.

Participants will work together as internet teams to solve interesting and engaging riddles while learning more about the country in an innovative and immersive virtual environment. To complete the thrilling narrative, finish all of the tasks! If you’re stumped for a favorite Australian team building game, this is the one to do with your team members! Challenge your international teammates to play the Virtual Travel Experience right now without any restriction on the number of players.

Price: From $20/pax

12. Bubble Soccer

One of the most exciting and amusing team-building exercises in Australia is Bubble Soccer. Bounce around your coworkers and friends in a safe manner while still having a lot of fun. Start by strategizing and collaborating with your team members to improve your chances of success. Gaining the advantages of a successful cohesion and team bonding session while also remaining in a state of relaxation might help you get into a better frame of mind.

Price: From $15/pax

13. Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Are you looking for a fun thing to do with your pals or coworkers at home? The Fun Empire has taken the well-known and award-winning workshop and converted it into a digital experience. Our Terrarium Home Kits are sent straight to each participant’s house, ensuring that they have the most fun!

Our professionals will walk you through the theory and practical aspects of creating your own tiny garden during this class. All you need is yourself, a few plants, and some soil!

Price: From $28/pax

14. Virtual Clay Making Workshop

This is another entertaining team game to add to the list. Learn how to make your own clay figurine or charm. It’s also a fantastic way to give something unique for your loved ones! We exclusively use high-quality, lightweight, versatile air dry clay, as well as being non-toxic and safe for kids.

We’ll teach you the basics of color mixing, basic forms, and crucial skills for manipulating and molding clay in our live virtual clay workshop session. Let your imagination go wild and develop your own design; the limit is your imagination!

Price: From $25/pax

Cheap Team Building Activities Australia

Team building activities are a great way to encourage collaboration, communication and resourcefulness. If you’re looking for affordable team building activities in Australia, our experts have the perfect game for your next event! Our specialists offer affordable fun with virtual reality games that create immersive experiences like Bubble Soccer, Virtual Travel Experience, Terrarium Workshop and Clay Making Workshop without any restrictions on number of players. Contact us today if you need help finding affordable teambuilding activity info before making decisions about your upcoming company retreats.

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