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20 Unique Corporate Team Building Activities in Australia [2023]

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Corporate Team Building Activities Australia

Do you want to build up your corporate team, but you’re not sure where to start? If so, then this blog post is for you.

We’ve compiled the best corporate team building activities in Australia that will help get people working together and having fun at the same time! From scavenger hunts to solving puzzles in the great outdoors, these activities are guaranteed to improve morale and create a better work environment for everyone!

We also key tips to make sure that your next corporate team building activities will be awesome!

Corporate Team Building Activities

In corporate team building activities, there are some corporate team building activities that involve corporate members from various departments of a particular company. These corporate team building activities can be done as a whole group or as smaller groups. With corporate team building activities, there is usually a facilitator for the corporate team building activity.

20 Unique and Awesome Corporate Team Building Activities

1. Virtual Escape Room

FunEmpire has now brought its award-winning expertise online. This platform was created especially for players to complete tasks in their own time and comfort.

The virtual game may accommodate from a few couples to hundreds of people. Take this opportunity to get to know your friends, family, and coworkers, and put your problem-solving and communication abilities to the test!

This is a fantastic team-building exercise for your next team building event!

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Have you ever wanted to race across the world? Look no farther! Compete against your pals and coworkers in order to be the first to travel all around the world! We won’t reveal too much about this one-of-a-kind experience, so you’ll have to play it with your team members if you want to discover anything!

The session is also led by qualified trainers to provide you and your team members with a fun and memorable experience. There is no limit to the number of people that can participate, making our fantastic race an ideal solution for remote teams from all around the world. While working from home, give this a shot!

3. Poolball™

Play Poolball Classic and Poolball Sabotage, two of the world’s most popular pool games. PoolballTM is ideal for team-building exercises since it requires a high level of group coordination and communication. The game may accommodate groups of all sizes and includes elements to appeal to a wide range of ages.

4. Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable team-building activities in Australia. You may have fun while still being safe during this game. Bump your way to success as you strategize and collaborate with your teammates while attempting to advance! Get rid of stress while gaining the benefits of a successful cohesion and team bonding activity.

5. Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Discover how to make your own terrarium, and learn how to decorate it with vibrant sand and cute figurines, in this Terrarium Workshop lesson. Terrium Workshop has both individual and group terrarium workshop options that will meet the needs of any team-building exercise.

At the end of the terrarium workshop, each team member will be given an opportunity to exhibit their creative thinking and constructions to their coworkers, as well as explain why they designed their terrarium in that manner.

Create a team around this creative and relaxing team bonding session, and participants will be able to take home the terrariums they created in the workshop! This is one of Australia’s most popular team building activities, and it’s highly suggested!

6. Virtual Party Mania

Get a good chuckle together by playing a variety of entertaining and hilarious party games over video conferencing. The party games are made with the purpose of fostering team bonding and creating camaraderie through enjoyment and laughter.

This is a completely guided event led by professional facilitators. To add to the excitement, the winner of the virtual party will get a prize! This game is an excellent Australia team-building option to consider. Let the fun and giggling begin!

7. Virtual Food Quest

Are you a foodie with a passion for all things culinary? With Singapore’s only Virtual Food Quest experience, you can test your knowledge! The Virtual Food Quest was created by The Fun Empire, and it promises an exciting culinary adventure for everyone.

Participate in thrilling food-themed games with your pals, family, and coworkers to solve culinary issues that all revolve around a certain cuisine! Spend some quality time together learning about various kinds of food while also developing your communication skills. Try making this delicious as a team building game in Australia – it’s guaranteed to be entertaining and enjoyable! You might find yourself yearning for food after the activity is complete.

8. Saber Tag®

Use your combat sabers to battle with members of the opposing team in order to complete different game goals. To evaluate your team’s cooperation and communication, participate in exciting operations such as Saber Wars and Defenders of the Galaxy.

This game is ideal for team bonding exercises and birthday parties! Prepare for a one-of-a-kind and entertaining team building Singapore experience with Saber Tag®. This is, without a doubt, one of the most fun team building games in Singapore.

9. Virtual Jack’s Hangover

In this game, you must assist your close friend Jack who had had too much alcohol the night before. Jack awoke with a severe headache and no recollection of what occurred the night before! What happened last night? To assist Jack, work with your teammates. Check the hotel room, go to the casino, and assist Jack in determining what occurred. But hurry – Jack has a flight to catch!

10. Virtual SaberFit®

The SaberFit® is the world’s first group fitness activity that provides a full-body toning experience that you will enjoy. Furthermore, now you may as well do it online and virtually from the comfort of your own home! This program includes components of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and saber techniques, allows you to achieve a full fat-burning workout! It’s an excellent team fitness session for you and your coworkers! Encourage one another while getting sweaty.

We’ve also teamed up with Sports Singapore to offer you workouts and entertainment at home. Participate in our Stay Active At Home With SaberFit Challenge to win prizes! You may also join forces with your coworkers to see who gets it done first! Alternatively, a private one-time team building activity for just you and your guests is also an option! We can arrange it if you tell us what you want!

11. Ninja Tag

Is your team looking for a fun and unique activity to do together? If you’re searching for something different to do, Ninja Tag is the game for you. It’s a team-building game that uses close combat tactics and allows players to become ninjas who can avoid their rivals. Each participant has a foam Ninja Dagger and a scoring vest to defend themselves. There are several challenges available, so you’ll have plenty of different game modes to enjoy with your friends.

12. Virtual Leather Making Workshop

At your own home, you may join our popular leather crafting program. Before the start of your virtual team building event, all participants will receive our leather creating at-home kits. Professional facilitation is also available throughout your online workshop!

Learn about the fascinating theories on different sorts of leather, as well as how to care for and create your own items! You’ll make not one but two things! (e.g. Key FOB and Coin Pouch). For a very low cost, that is all there is to it.

13. Virtual Nightfall

This is a fun game to play with your friends when you’re trying to stump them. It includes reading body language, as well as persuasion and communication skills. Each member of the team has been assigned a persona, such as murderer, detective, or superhero. Who will win in the battle between good and evil?

For your convenience, we can provide a Virtual Nightfall session for you and your team. Simply schedule a private session with us at your preferred date and time! All briefing, facilitation are supplied, and you may just sit back and enjoy spending time with your friends! In this mind game that’s ideal for team building, learn about one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

14. Virtual Time Travel

The world’s first and only Virtual Time Travel experience is now available! If you’ve ever questioned whether time travel is feasible, this excursion is for you! Transcend time with your friends to solve problems from various eras and time zones. To achieve your goal, race against the clock!

This game will put the entire group’s problem-solving abilities to the test. This is one of the most recent and innovative team-building activities ever created! To begin, only need two people, and there is no limit to the number of participants! Travel through time to be among today’s most successful teams!

15. Virtual Ben’s Big Heist

Pull off the Big Gold Heist with your colleagues! Your team has discovered a bank blueprint with some notes scribbled on it. Using that as a guide, you and your teammates will need to break into vaults, fill treasure bags, and make an escape before the cops find you! The walls will become more difficult to breach as you advance – are you up to the task? This may be one of your new favorite team building activities in Australia!

16. Virtual Art Jamming

Painting is a fun and relaxing pastime to perform at home. Unhook yourself from the world and create a work of art that you can proudly show off in your house or at your workplace. Paintings, materials, and canvas or tote bags are all provided. Paint with either acrylic paints, canvas or tote bags, pencils, erasers, and so on.

Our specialists will go through the basics of color mixing and offer instruction throughout your virtual session. There will also be a debriefing and storytelling section at the end of each event, on request. What do you have to lose? Consider attempting this activity or one of the other team-building activities in Australia!

17. Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a combination of dodgeball and archery games that will appeal to people of all ages. Teams are placed in a fast-paced game atmosphere where they must eliminate one another by shooting at opposing players. The game is free from danger, with foam-tipped arrows and face masks for participants for additional safety.

Various objectives, such as The Revival and The Last King, are excellent team-building games since they demand a lot of coordination, communication, and resourcefulness. Have you ever wanted to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games? Then this is the greatest choice for your next corporate bonding event!

18. Virtual Clay Making Workshop

This is another great way to add to the list of entertaining team activities. Make your own clay figure or charm. A fantastic method to create something unique for your family! Only high-quality air dry clay that is extremely light and versatile are used by us. It’s also completely safe and non-toxic for children!

During our live virtual clay workshop session, we’ll lead you through the basics of colour mixing, basic shapes, and essential techniques for handling and moulding clay. Let your creativity fly wild and come up with your own design; the possibilities are endless!

19. Virtual Time’s Ticking

This is one of the more exciting activities for your next team building session: Police have just received a phone call from someone threatening to blow up the city. It’s up to you and your teammates to solve the case as detectives and prevent it from happening! In this thrilling activity, you must work together to neutralize the danger!

There is no limit to the number of players, making this a truly unique online escape game! Hurry up – you have but a few moments remaining! The time is running out…

20. Virtual Travel Experience

If you’re unsure which virtual activity to do, check out The Fun Empire’s Virtual Travel Experience; it has a variety of options! To take you through the history of Singapore in different eras, travel with Treasure Hunt, Virtual Amazing Race, and Virtual Escape Room Activities.

Participants will collaborate in online teams to solve interesting and fun puzzles while learning more about the nation through an innovative and immersive virtual environment. To complete this action-packed tale, finish all of the tasks! When you can’t make up your mind on which Australia corporate team-building activities to do, this is the greatest pastime to do with your teammates! Get in touch with your foreign team members and try out the Virtual Travel Experience right now with no limit to the amount of participants!

Tips For Corporate Team Building Activities

1. Be creative with the event name for your team building session

It’s true that fun names have the ability to make everything seem more enjoyable. Assign your team building session the name “The 10th Annual Team Building Program.” That name would certainly give your staff the impression that the activity is uninteresting and dull. So spice things up! A less serious name for a team building session might invigorate your employees and encourage them to participate. “Rocket to the Top, Together!” for software firms aiming to dominate the market share or “Forging a New Alliance” for medical service organizations that need to manage roles and departments are excellent examples of names for a team-building session.

2. Get your employees even more pumped up for the team building session

As you can see, planning a team building session is quite a complicated task. Not to worry, because no effort is ever wasted and the result of this effort should be visible shortly. You may utilize internal communications to inform everyone about the team building session that will take place soon. Memos, bulletin boards, posters, and even having them at meetings are all ways to get the word out. Get your staff interested and build anticipation for the event as soon as possible.

3. Conduct the team building session away from office

It’s no surprise that holding a team building session at work would lead to tension and stress, given that an office is a place where people accomplish tasks. As a consequence, the majority of team building exercises are held offsite, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing. You’re allowing your staff to be physically and mentally absent from the workplace. This ensures that they’ll be able to fully enjoy the team-building event while not thinking about work!

4. Focus on positive change

All of these activities are enjoyable and entertaining. But let’s not forget about the primary goal of creating it in the first place: to improve ourselves.

Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What do you want (the other person, department) to do more/less of?
  • What do you want (the other person, department) to start/stop doing?

Finally, at the conclusion of each team building session, make a list of personal commitments:

  • I am going to be more committed to doing more/less of…
  • I am going to be more committed to starting/stop doing…

5. Take photographs and videos for keepsake

What’s the use of a team building session if you’ll forget about it in six months? So make certain to hire a photographer or videographer for the day of your team building activity! This guarantees that your workers will have a memento of the event. What are you waiting for? Get a copy of the high-definition photos, print them out, and paste them on the company’s bulletin board. Any videos recorded should also be well edited with music playing to make it more interesting. This is an excellent method for your employees to reflect on their favorite memories at work.

6. Get personal with your colleagues

We’re not suggesting that you should go around hurting people’s feelings. The idea is to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level. This is an opportunity for you to interact with individuals from your firm instead of talking shop all the time with the same old people. Mix in with the rest to get to know them better. Most individuals are forced to communicate with coworkers they’ve never met through team building sessions. In addition, what’s the point of working in the same place without making friends with everyone else?

7. Thank the organizers for their hard work

It’s never been easier to plan a team building event. This has a lot of groundwork and planning behind it. Make certain to praise the staff that made things go smoothly in ensuring that everything went according to plan. It might be a little present you believe would be useful to them. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel acknowledged for their efforts.

Corporate Team Building Activities Australia

Corporate team building activities are not always easy to plan, but they can be a powerful tool for strengthening relationships between coworkers.

We hope that this article had given you some ideas about how corporate team building events work and what types of corporate team building activities would make sense in your workplace or industry.

If you want help planning one of the most important corporate initiatives, contact our company today!

Our experts will answer any questions you might have about corporate team-building exercises and give advice on which ones may best suit your needs. Contact us now if there is anything else we can do for you!

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