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11 Best Dog Grooming Services in Australia [2023]

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Dog Grooming Australia

Best Dog Grooming Australia
Best Dog Grooming Australia

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is dog grooming. Dog owners should groom their dog regularly to ensure that it looks and smells its best, stays healthy, and has a shiny coat. However, many dog owners are not sure where to find the best dog grooming services in Australia. To help you out with this dilemma, we have created this list for you! Here’s a list of the 11 best dog grooming services in Australia.

1. Dirty Dogz Dayspa & Daycare

Key ServicesExpress Bath 2 Go, Bath and Blow-dry, Full Clip, Mini Groom, Specialty Clip
Address5/73 Montague St, North Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone(02) 4244 4098
Operating Hours8am-5:30pm Tuesday to Friday, 8am-3pm Saturday

The goal of Dirty Dogz Dayspa is to provide the highest possible level of care for your pets, making them feel good about themselves and looking a million dollars. They consider building a relationship with owners and their pets to be an important component of their service, as well as ensuring that their clients are satisfied. They’re all dog lovers who have a deep love and enthusiasm for all animals. All behavioral disorders including aggressive or fear-based behavior are handled, as well as cat and dog clipping.

2. Soapy PAUSE

Key ServicesFoot Trim, Nail Clip and File, Face Trim and a 4-Stage Bathing Process, Hygiene Clip, Ears Clean, Wash, Dry and Groom, Massage Treatment, Healthy Treats, Colours and Dyes & Nail Clips, Dry Food, Accessories, De-Shed for Short Haired Dogs, Berry Facials
Address107 Ocean St, Dudley NSW 2290
Phone(02) 4944 7496
Operating Hours8am-4:30pm Monday to Friday, 8am-2:30pm Saturday

In Belmont and Dudley, Soapy PAUSE provides expert dog grooming services. They love dogs and think they deserve your undivided attention. They want to give your cherished dog with a pleasant and safe grooming experience. They don’t resort to sedation or tough treatment, and they’ve discovered that even the most apprehensive dog can be persuaded with kind handling to accept and enjoy the grooming process.

3. Paws of Distinction

Key ServicesWash and Brush, Wash and Tidy, Wash and Trim/Clip
Address274 Magill Rd, Beulah Park SA 5067
Phone0405 396 757
Operating Hours9:30am-4:30pm Monday, 8am-4pm Tuesday, 8am-5pm Wednesday to Friday, 7:30am-4pm Saturday

After acquiring the “leash” from LuvDog, which has been operating in the Beulah Park area since 2010, Paws of Distinction started dog grooming business in Adelaide in April 2014. They provide a competent and concerned dog grooming service for both the dog and the owner, as well as high-quality and exceptional grooms in a secure and pleasant atmosphere.

4. Four Paw

Key ServicesHome Grooming, Grooming, Hydrobath, Cats, Rewards, Doggy Day Care
Address89 Enoggera Terrace, Red Hill QLD 4059
Phone(07) 3369 5175
Operating Hours8am-5pm Monday to Friday

Brisbane’s best dog groomers at Four Paw pay close attention to each client’s demands and consider their dogs’ unique medical needs in order to ensure that everyone gets the finest outcome possible. They prioritize their client’s dog’s comfort and health and tailor their work to match the customer’s preferred design as well as the pet’s continuing wellness.

The safety harnesses and non-slip pet grooming tables with built-in safety features help to minimize the risk of harm and are appropriate for dogs or cats of any size. They also avoid stress for pets by avoiding long waits in confined spaces and ensuring that they feel well cared for at all times.

5. Murphy’s Paw Dog Grooming & Pet Supplies

Key ServicesProfessional Grooming, Comprehensive Product Range, Do It Yourself Bath, Pet Supplies
Address399/401 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Phone(03) 9646 5150
Operating Hours8:30am-5:30pm Tuesday to Friday, 8:30am-3pm Saturday and Monday

Murphy’s Paw Dog Grooming & Pet Supplies is a full-service dog beauty and grooming business that specializes in grooming dogs of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. The dog-loving staff will take excellent care of your pet and work hard to make him or her look and feel better than ever before.

6. K9 Playtime

Key ServicesFull Grooming Package, Tidy Up – Face, Feet & Hygiene areas, Hand-Stripping, Bath, Blowdry and Gentle Brush, Doggy Daycare, Dog’s Accessories
AddressJandakot, 4/130 Cutler Rd, Perth WA 6164
Phone0410 123 000
Operating Hours6:30am-5:45pm Monday to Friday

K9 Playtime caters to all breeds of dogs, providing complete dog grooming services. Their goal is to provide the finest quality of service in a compassionate and delicate manner possible. They think that frequent dog grooming is critical for achieving the healthiest state of mind in your dog. From the comprehensive grooming service to the basic hand-stripping, they provide a variety of services. Aside from this, K9 Playtime also provides Doggy Daycare where dogs can play and improve their social skills with other dogs. In addition to that, there are various dog accessories for sale in their store.

7. Top Dog Grooming Salon & Specialty Shop

Key ServicesBath & Dry, Bath & Tidy, Body Clip, Full Groom Out, Cat Clipping, Nail Clipping
Address5 Ashbolt Cres, Lutana TAS 7140
Phone(03) 6228 4146
Operating Hours8:30am-5pm Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm Saturday

The main goal of Top Dog is for customers and their dogs to depart the store feeling happier and more at ease than when they arrived. Owners may observe how much attention and care they give to their pets during grooming, which is in plain view.

8. Dogs Empire

Key ServicesBath, Pawlish & Teeth Cleaning, Nail Trim, Hand Stripping, Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, Flea Bath, Hand-Scissor Trim, Feet or Tail Trim, Nail Dremeling, Face Trim, Bandanas or Bows, Ear Plucking, Haircut, De-Shedding Treatment, De-Matting, Anal Gland Expression, Brush Out
Address131 Coogee Bay Rd, Sydney NSW 2034
Phone(02) 8021 7240
Operating Hours8:30am-5pm Tuesday to Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday, By appointment only every Monday

Dogs Empire is a company that focuses on providing the greatest dog grooming services in Maroubra, Coogee, and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. They provide exceptional care and attention for dogs of all sizes and shapes. They just use the highest quality equipment and goods to give your dog the finest grooming experience possible. They provide specialized grooming advice based on your requirements and your dog’s health.

9. Woof The Original

Key ServicesProfessionally trained, award-winning Certified Master Groomer
AddressShop 204 Princes Highway,
Sylvania NSW 2224
Phone02 9544 7490
Operating HoursMonday:
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

The best dog grooming business in Sydney is Woof The Original. Prue Hammond, the professionally trained award-winning, and Certified Master Groomer at Woof the Original has over 35 years of experience in the pet industry.

Choosing an IPG Certified Master Groomer means you can trust the quality. You may feel confident that your dog is receiving the finest of care while in the salon as a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) and pets Australia.

Key Differentiators:

  • Over 35 years in the pet industry
  • Sydney’s leading Pet Grooming salon
  • Owned and operated by the professionally trained, award-winning and Certified Master Groomer

Customer’s Review:

Prue was lovely to deal with. It was my first time taking my puppy cavoodle to a grooming place. I’m so happy with the bath and tidy-up she received. She had a few knots and the girls at Woof got them all out!! Definitely recommend their services and definitely bring my pooch back.

Deonie Mendes

10. Sakura La Grooming

Key ServicesSpecialises in hand-scissoring, all-breed styling
AddressShop 9, 78-80 Wilson Street
Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
Phone02 9557 4861
Operating HoursTue – Sat: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Sakura La Dog Grooming Salon aspires to provide a sense of rebirth and rejuvenation for you and your pet. They want to look after your pets and make sure that both the owner and the animal are refreshed at the conclusion of their visit.

For over ten years, Sakura La has been grooming canine family members in Newtown. Since 2008, their business has professionally groomed dogs in Newtown. Their friendly Japanese employees have over ten years of professional dog grooming and training.

Key Differentiators:

  • Skilled Japanese staff 
  • Level B certificate in dog grooming
  • Specialises in hand-scissoring, all-breed styling

Customer’s Review:

My first visit was awesome. My puppy Toby walked in looking scruffy and came out like a new dog. Thank you for your great work.

Trippier Alexander

11. Dainty Dog Grooming Salon

Key ServicesExtensive experience in grooming service for all breeds
Address640 Forest Rd, Bexley NSW 2207
Phone0414 889 128
Operating HoursMon to Sat 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dainty Dog is one of the most well-known and successful dog grooming salons in Sydney. Their highly experienced professional groomers have years of expertise and provide your pet with compassion, patience, and safety. Your dog is receiving the finest level of care possible, and his or her team strives to provide excellent outcomes. They have extensive expertise in grooming services for all breeds, shapes, and sizes and temperaments.

Key Differentiators:

  • Highly trained professional groomers
  • Highest standard of treatment 
  • Extensive experience in grooming service for all breeds, shapes and sizes and personalities

Customer’s Review:

They were amazing with our Cav, who gets anxious. He was happy to go with them and hasn’t stopped smiling since. We had been maintaining our Cav’s coat and they were helpful and noncritical of our attempts. We have booked him in for regular appointments. Thank you.

Zan Hoven

Dog Grooming Australia

If you are a dog lover, looking for dog grooming services in Australia, then take a look at the list of dog groomers above. These dog groomers offer different levels of service and specialize in various types of dogs. Whether you need your dog to be bathed, trimmed, or styled with bows, these dog groomers have it all! The next time you want to make sure that your furry friend is well-groomed, reach out to one of these local pet professionals today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog grooming?

Dog grooming is a process that involves the care and hygiene of pets. This includes bathing, trimming of hair, and nails, as well as other services like anal gland expression and ear cleaning.

How much does it cost to groom a dog?

A basic grooming consists of a bath, blow dry, nail trim/clipping, ear cleaning, and possibly anal gland expression. The cost varies widely depending on several factors, ranging from $30 to $90.

What does a full dog groom include?

The dog is brushed, bathed, and dried, as well as trimmed or clipped with clean, sanitized brushes and clipper blades, in a professional grooming session. Before the bath, groomers brush or comb out mats to make lathering the dog with shampoo easier.

How often should a dog be groomed?

Brush at least once a week, and bathe your dog at least every two months. Every four to six weeks, you should conduct light trims around the face, ears, paws, and sanitary regions. Shaving wire-haired pets down is not recommended since their coat may return softer and of a different color as a result of shaving.

Should you bathe your dog before or after grooming?

In most situations, you must prepare your dog for a bath before beginning. After the dog is clean and completely dried, the groomer can finish the rest of the services in his or her price range.

How long does a full groom take?

It takes about two hours for a groom for a tiny, short-haired dog. A bigger pet’s trim, on the other hand, might take considerably longer. On average, a Full Groom Smooth Hair takes 90 minutes and a Bath, Brush u0026amp; Blow Dry lasts around 60 minutes.

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