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6 Best Electric Scooters in Sydney [2023]

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Electric Scooter Sydney

Best Electric Scooter Sydney
Best Electric Scooter Sydney

If you’re looking for the best electric scooter Sydney, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will take a look at six of the best electric scooters on the market today. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right electric scooter Sydney for your needs. So whether you’re looking for an electric scooter Sydney for commuting or recreation, we have you covered!

1) Segway Ninebot E25

Key FeatureIntegrated and metallic-feeling body
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The Segway Ninebot E25 is a minimalist, portable, and foldable electric scooter Sydney from Segway. The Segway Ninebot E25 contains puncture-free tyres and BLDC motors, similar to the E22. The Segway Ninebot E25 has a triple brake system, which provides improved safety and powerful braking capability. Overall, the E25 delivers a user-friendly and safe riding experience that is ideal for commuting.

Key Differentiators:

  • Electronic brake
  • Integrated and metallic-feeling body
  • Classic foldable body

2) Xiaomi M365 Pro 2

Key FeatureE-ABS and disc brake
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The Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 is a premium, electric scooter with a sleek and elegant design constructed of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 is equipped with a high-capacity battery that allows riders to travel around 45 kilometers on one charge. It also has shock-absorbing pneumatic tires for a more comfortable, safe, and skid-resistant ride.

Key Differentiators:

  • E-ABS and disc brake
  • 8 hours charging hours
  • 100 kg max load

3) Mearth S

Key Feature2-4 hours charging time
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The Mearth S is a compact, lightweight, and long-lasting electric scooter made for everyday city commutes. The hot-swappable battery system of the Mearth S distinguishes it from other electric scooter Sdyney on this list. Batteries can be swapped while riding, allowing riders to continue their journey for another 25 kilometers. Aside from its battery technology, the Mearth S electric scooter’s other notable elements include a dependable disc brake system, a color display screen, and a one-second folding mechanism.

Key Differentiators:

  • 2-4 hours charging time
  • 110 kg max load
  • Disc brake

4) Mearth X Pro

Key FeatureFront and back brakes
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The Mearth X Pro is a high-performance, lightweight electric scooter with a modern design. The redesigned controller of the recently updated 2021 Mearth X Pro has stronger braking power, cruise control, and an aluminum wheel hub. Aside from the specifications and enhanced features, the Mearth X Pro includes an upgradeable battery that may be replaced externally on the E-scooters stem. This enables riders to go 45 kilometers on a single charge.

Key Differentiators:

  • Front and back brakes
  • 120 kg max load
  • Foldable

5) Unagi E500

Key Feature125 kg max load
Where to Buy

The Unagi E500 electric scooter is part of the Model One series from Unagi. The brand has only released two models to date, but its unique, futuristic, and slender form sets it apart from other e-scooters. It also has a lot of power, which helps to underscore its attractiveness. Overall, the Unagi E500 is one of the best electric scooter Sydney for commuting due to its lightweight materials, mobility, and simplicity of operation. It also has two motors, making it a strong e-scooter on the road.

Key Differentiators:

  • Electronic brake E-ABS
  • 125 kg max load
  • Eco, Standard, Pro riding modes

6) Segway Ninebot E22

Key FeatureElectronic and Rear fender brakes
Where to Buy

The Segway Ninebot E22 is a simple, foldable electric scooter from Segway. Despite its basic appearance, this e-scooter is powerful and long-lasting. Commuters will enjoy the solid and smooth riding experience thanks to an improved frame, anti-puncture tires, and a Brushless DC Electric Motor (BLDC). Overall, the Segway Ninebot E22’s BLDC motor allows it to ride more smoothly, accelerate quicker, and climb a 15 percent grade. It’s an excellent everyday e-scooter for those who value quality over style.

Key Differentiators:

  • Cruise, Normal, Sports riding modes
  • Electronic and Rear fender brakes
  • 100 kg max load

Electric Scooter Sydney

Electric scooter Sydney are a great way to travel in the city. They’re electric, lightweight and easy to use. The best electric scooter Sydney for you may depend on your needs but we hope our list has given you some ideas about what you should look for when choosing one of these vehicles! Let us know which electric scooter Sydney is your favorite or if there’s one we missed on our list. Thanks for reading!

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