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8 Best Ergonomic Chair Melbourne Has To Offer [2023]

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Ergonomic Chair Melbourne

Best Ergonomic Chair Melbourne
Best Ergonomic Chair Melbourne

The ordinary office worker may be sitting on the improper office chair for extended periods of time, which may be creating major health issues. Investing in an ergonomic office chair can help you improve your posture, minimize back discomfort, and boost your productivity. The ergonomic chair is full of comfort and customizable features that help office employees to keep proper posture while being productive. This is why you should be familiar with the best ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

1. Herman Miller Cosm Mid-Back

Key FeaturesLeaf Arms, Three Dipped-in-color Hues, Various Back Options, Arm Options
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If you sit in Cosm, you could forget you’re sitting in a chair at all. Its advanced ergonomic design adjusts instantaneously to your body, movement, and posture to deliver natural balance and comprehensive support. Studio 7.5 designed Cosm’s Leaf Arms to provide as much comfort and ease as possible. They have a soft yet sturdy cradle shape that provides a spacious, snug resting spot for your elbows. Cosm is offered in a single color from top to bottom to further emphasize the design’s oneness. The mid-back offers scapular support and is easily adaptable to any situation. This is why it is one of the top ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Automatically adjusts to your body, movement, and posture
  • Cradle shape leaf arms for comfortable support
  • Scapular support

Customer Testimonial:

“The primary reason I bought this stool is because it is one of the shortest stools on the market. Most office chairs and stools have really standard height ranges that don’t intersect, and this stool overlaps that range very slightly when it’s in the lowest position.”

Michael G.

2. Elite Office X-Ergo Range

Key FeaturesAdjustable 4D Armrest, Upgraded Ergonomic Seat Base, Upgraded Control Arm, Mesh Seating, Adjustable Headrest, Adjustable Wide Backrest, Automatic Lumbar Support, Re-enforced Wheel Base
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Despite its high price, the X-Ergo series is an outstanding desk chair. It has comparable characteristics to Desky’s Pro+, including the crucial synchro-tilt mechanism, which is to be anticipated at this pricing point. The primary distinction between the two is the construction material. X-Ergo Range is ideal for anyone who works more than eight (8) hours every day. Because to its mesh construction and flexibility, the desk chair is quite comfortable. This is why it is one of the top ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Mesh construction for breathability and comfort
  • Weight tension adjustment

Customer Testimonial:

“We were pleasantly surprised with the overall service and quality of this product. It was easy to assemble and it genuinely has a look and feel of a premium product. We took a gamble buying two on our first go but it has certainly paid off. Good job Temple & Webster”


3. Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Chair

Key FeaturesPolypropylene Headrest, 100% recyclable polyurethane foam and mesh fabric, Adjustable for Height seat, Adjustable Armrest for Height and Swivel Angle
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Desky’s Pro+ Ergonomic Chair is not only a gorgeous addition to any workstation, but it also provides the support you need for maximum production. Its pneumatic cylinders and synchro-tilt system make finding the ideal, healthful sitting posture a breeze. So you can locate the ideal height and rapidly modify the seat and back angles if your body tells you it’s time to change or correct your posture. The waterfall edge of the seat and knee-tilt with tension adjustment are seated on comfortable, yet durable black or grey fabric. This is why it is one of the top ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Pneumatic cylinders for easy height adjustment
  • Synchro-tilt system for finding the perfect posture
  • Waterfall edge seat

Customer Testimonial:

“Very easy to put together and fantastic array of ergonomic adjustments. Plus they look pretty cool,.”

Sandy G.

4. KERDOM Ergonomic Desk Chair

Key FeaturesErgonomic Design, Roller Blades Wheels, Breathable Mesh, 3D Armrests, Easy to Install
Where to buyClick Here
Price $279.99

The office chair has four support points (head/back/buttocks/hands) and sufficient lumbar support. The seat height, headrest, and backrest may all be simply modified to meet your specific needs. The roller blade wheels are quiet and can rotate in all directions. It is soft and smooth, which protects your floor from noise and scratches. The armrests are 3D freely adjustable. It may rotate in any way to accommodate your arms. You may also delete them if you want extra room. This is why it is one of the top ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • 3D freely adjustable arms
  • Breathable back and seat
  • Roller blade wheels for smooth movement

Customer Testimonial:

“Wow, what a great chair! This chair is different that what I am used to, but very comfortable. Very good firm back support and that is what I was looking for at a good price. And, the most important thing is that my back pain stopped the first day I used it! “

John McB

5. NOUHAUS Posture Ergonomic Office Chair

Key FeaturesBosslevel Ergonomics, Click-5 Lumbar Support Office Chair, Armed (Or Armless) For Anything, Strong on Looks, Easy To Assemble
Where to buyClick Here

For anybody eager to move into a new decade of Executive Chair design, this chair has Click5 Lumbar Support and Smooth Tilt for comfort, FlipAdjust Armrests for space-saving adaptability, and PU Leather in 3 Classic Colors. It’s everything and anything you want it to be. With a comfortable open cell foam cushion and a beautiful PU Leather Cover, you have a maximum 19.3″ hip space between each armrest. Sit comfortably while yet looking stylish. The grey HD Nylon 5-Point Base is not only gorgeous, but it is also quite robust. This is why it is one of the top ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Click5 Lumbar Support
  • Smooth Tilt Mechanism
  • FlipAdjust Armrests
  • PU Leather Cover
  • HD Nylon 5-Point Base

Customer Testimonial:

“I needed an office chair so that I could work from home (quarantine). This one was highly rated on Amazon so I took a chance. My husband put it together and it seemed a little bit tricky but I think that was because of the arms. I sat on the chair and was in heaven. Super sturdy and comfortable. So far I love this.”


6. UpDown Desk PRO “Hero” Executive Chair

Key FeaturesLifetime product warranty, Spine health height adjustable lumbar curve range up to 290mm, EasyReach independent ergonomic adjustments, Available with or without seat depth adjustability function, multi-functional armrests – workstation use approved
Where to buy

The UpDown Desk PRO “Hero” Executive Chair is a high-quality ergonomic chair that encourages optimal sitting posture. The “Hero” Executive Chair was designed particularly for the Australian workforce, with its unique anthropometric and postural issues. Over 80% of adult Australians have back pain at some point throughout their working careers, with the burden and expense of back pain growing dramatically for businesses. A decent chair is a great way to improve your health and comfort. This chair is entirely adjustable and may be configured to your specific needs. It’s the ideal complement to a sit-stand desk. This is why it is one of the top ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Anthropometrically designed for the Australian workforce
  • Encourages optimal sitting posture
  • Fully adjustable
  • Ideal for use with a sit-stand desk

Customer Testimonial:

“Great chair, and service received from Updown Desk. I would thoroughly recommend.”

Felicity Z.

7. SIHOO M57 Ergonomic Desk Chair

Key FeaturesFully-adjustable Head Rest, High Quality & Easy To Assemble, For Long Time Sitting, Aluminum Base Materials, 3 Year Warranty
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SIHOO office chairs have been BIFMA and SGS certified, and have passed a 1000kg static pressure test. It can support up to 150kg of weight. Every component of this computer office chair has undergone stringent safety quality testing, including cushion impact testing, handrail fatigue testing, chair foot static pressure testing, and so on. For added comfort, the mesh back and seat allow for air circulation. The high back desk chair’s high quality mesh resists abrasion and alteration, making it appropriate for an 8-hour day of sitting. This SIHOO office chair has 3D adjustable armrests. This is why it is one of the top ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • BIFMA and SGS certified
  • Passed a 1000kg static pressure test
  • Supports up to 150kg
  • Mesh back and seat allow for air circulation
  • 3D adjustable armrests

Customer Testimonial:

“Been such an amazing experience! Great chair and has really improved my posture.”

Ben M.

8. Desky Sit Stand Pro Active Stool

Key FeaturesAir-Lift Piston Mechanism, Easy to adjust height, Relieve Foot Pressure, Relieves Sedentary Pressure, Durable Fabric Upholstery, Ergonomic Moving Base
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Their pro active stool is intended to offer a comfortable standing position. Perch stools are excellent for people who spend a lot of time standing. They help you to remain moving while relieving tension on your legs. The weighted base keeps the center of gravity firmly planted on the floor. It will maintain its upright position when you lean towards it and will support even the largest frame. The Pro Active adjustable Stool is also ideal for active sitting or places where you move around a lot. This is why it is one of the top ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Weighted base
  • Ideal for active sitting
  • Proactive adjustable stool
  • Comfortable standing position

Customer Testimonial:

“The sit/stand stool is great for keeping my back straight when I’m working at my jewellery table, so I don’t get a sore back”

Rosemary C.

Ergonomic Chair Melbourne

Overall, ergonomic sitting may greatly minimize stress on your body by offering correct support and enhanced comfort. Ergonomic chairs are no longer considered a luxury item, but rather a must for an employee’s or student’s general health and well-being. There are several ergonomic chair manufacturers on the market. You must know exactly what you are searching for in order to avoid making a mistake. We hope this information assists you in locating and selecting the greatest ergonomic chair Melbourne has to offer.

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