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8 Best Exercise Balls in Australia [2023]

Exercise Ball Australia

Best Exercise Ball Australia
Best Exercise Ball Australia

Looking for the best exercise balls in Australia? Look no further! In this blog post, we will recommend 8 of the best exercise balls on the market. These exercise balls are perfect for people who want to improve their fitness and strength. They are also great for rehabilitation and physical therapy. So, if you’re looking to buy an exercise ball Australia, read on for our recommendations!

1) Physix Gear Massage Balls

Physix Gear Massage Balls - Exercise Ball Australia
Physix Gear Massage Balls – Exercise Ball Australia (Credit: Physix Gear)
Key FeatureWithstand upto 300 lbs of pressure
Where to Buy

The Physix Gear Massage Balls are designed to massage difficult-to-access regions of the body. They’re constructed of premium foam and rubber and may be utilized to alleviate tension in trigger points, including the neck, back, feet, and triceps. An e-guide with a variety of massage techniques is also included with the product. The spikes are sharp enough to relieve trigger-point discomfort. Many users, on the other hand, complained that the skin is delicate and breakable. One critic noted that after a few uses, the ball burst.

Key Differentiators:

  • Withstand upto 300 lbs of pressure
  • Perfect for relieving joint stress, muscle soreness, and knots
  • Lightweight and portable

Customer’s Review:

It is pretty good, very firm, and works well. Quality is very good, so I am very satisfied. Strongly suggest using this if you want to get a really good massage. You will be melted with this even you do not pay much money as a massage spa. Awesome!!


2) Gaiam Kids Balance Ball

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball - Exercise Ball Australia
Gaiam Kids Balance Ball – Exercise Ball Australia (Credit: Gaiam)
Key FeatureBuilt-in stabilizing legs
Where to Buy

The Gaiam Kids balance ball, which measures 45cm, is ideal for workouts, yoga, fitness, and active sitting. Anti-burst technology is used in its construction to ensure long-term durability and flexibility. It’s meant to help kids develop focus, balance, and calm. An inflation air pump is included for a simple setup. The construction is solid, with a thick, non-slip material that helps maintain balance. People also noted the entertainment value of the exercise ball, stating that youngsters seemed to enjoy it.

Key Differentiators:

  • Encourages healthy posture
  • Built-in stabilizing legs
  • Ideal for ages 8-10

3) Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball

Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball - Exercise Ball Australia
Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball – Exercise Ball Australia (Credit: Black Mountain Products)
Key FeatureProfessional-grade
Where to Buy
Price$22.99 – $229.90

Black Mountain Products stability exercise balls are designed to enhance core strength, balance, and overall agility while using dense walls for maximum support and durability. They weigh up to 2,000 lbs. and come in 5 different sizes to suit your height. The product has a lot of positive feedback, with many customers claiming it’s a great chair and workout equipment replacement. It is constructed of high-quality, slip-resistant material, according to clients, allowing you to sit comfortably for lengthy periods of time.

Key Differentiators:

  • Professional grade exercise balance ball is weight-rated up to 2,000 lbs
  • Choose from 5 size options for the perfect fit based on your height
  • Includes pump and exercise guide

4) Active Balance Exercise Ball

Active Balance Exercise Ball - Exercise Ball Australia
Active Balance Exercise Ball – Exercise Ball Australia (Credit: Epitomie Fitness)
Key FeatureHigh-tech anti-slip surface
Where to Buy

The Active Balance Exercise Ball is composed of top-of-the-line PVS Swiss ball materials with anti-burst technology. It has an engraved and high-tech anti-slip surface for better stability and balance, according to the manufacturer. It also includes a fitness book and resistance bands. Customers praised the ball’s low cost and durability, as well as its high-quality construction. Customers claimed that it is a wonderful addition to their fitness program, helping to build and strengthen their core.

Key Differentiators:

  • High tech anti-slip surface
  • Thick PVC Swiss ball material and anti-pop technology
  • Comes with a pump, 2 pins, and a pin remover; 3 free resistance bands; and a free exercise eBook

Customer’s Review:

1st delivery came with missing parts sent off feedback & received the 2nd ball with another set of bands 2stoppers and remover. Turnaround delivery time is excellent. Difficult to pump from the ground for an older person like myself so I opened the back of my car & placed the ball inside then pumped. Also received a stand for the ball after submitting feedback to the company. No instructions, but you don’t need them.


5) Meteor Anti-burst Yoga Swiss Ball

Meteor Anti-burst Yoga Swiss Ball - Exercise Ball Australia
Meteor Anti-burst Yoga Swiss Ball – Exercise Ball Australia (Credit: Meteor For The Winners via Amazon)
Key FeatureEco-friendly and Odor-Free material
Where to BuyClick here

The Anti-Burst Yoga Swiss Ball from Meteor is constructed of superior quality PVC. It has been subjected to extensive testing, the company claims, to assure that it is of the greatest quality. The skin is 2.5mm thick and has a rough surface for traction. The ball comes in four sizes ranging from 55cm to 85cm. Yogis especially liked doing stability exercises on this exercise ball. It’s also been reported to be useful for home and gym training. It includes a hand pump, a plug, and a plug remover.

Key Differentiators:

  • Eco-friendly and Odor-Free material
  • Textured surface
  • Professional grade PVC material

Customer’s Review:

This is great. It provides alternative sitting to office chair. I swap for 10-15 min from my office chair. I bought 2, one gifted, and definitely getting good use of it.


6) Everlast Core Strength Ball

Everlast Core Strength Ball - Exercise Ball Australia
Everlast Core Strength Ball – Exercise Ball Australia (Credit: Everlast Boxing)
Key Feature1,000-Ib burst-resistant ball
Where to Buy

According to the manufacturer, the Everlast Core Strength Ball is made of PVC and has burst-resistant skin. It’s appropriate for people between the heights of 5’4″ and 5’11.” The ball also aids in increasing upper and lower body strength and comes with a two-way pump.

Key Differentiators:

  • Enhance core strength while working your upper and lower body muscles
  • Durable, 1,000-Ib burst-resistant ball
  • Includes two-way hand pump

7) TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball - Exercise Ball Australia
TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball – Exercise Ball Australia (Credit: TEKXYZ via Amazon)
Key FeatureTangle-free cord design
Where to BuyClick here

The Boxing Reflex Ball by TEKXYZ is designed to accommodate a wide range of skill levels. The package includes two balls: one for novices that don’t require boxing gloves and another for more advanced users. A silicone headband and elastic cord are also used to attach the ball to the user. The product’s mobility and high-quality materials won widespread acclaim. It also caters to a wide range of skill levels, making it suitable for all ages.

Key Differentiators:

  • Tangle-free cord design
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Suitable for ages 8+

Customer’s Review:

Started with a yellow ball and moved straight to the boxer’s ball as it was heavier. At first very tricky but with concentration, you can get your timing going. Fantastic tool for hand/eye coordination. Great value for what you get out of it. I see this as being useful for a lot of sports, not only boxing and martial arts.

Andrew Lynn

8) Body-Solid Tools Exercise Dual Grip Medicine Ball

Body-Solid Tools Exercise Dual Grip Medicine Ball - Exercise Ball Australia
Body-Solid Tools Exercise Dual Grip Medicine Ball – Exercise Ball Australia (Credit: Body Solid Tools via Amazon)
Key FeatureSolid weighted core
Where to BuyClick here

The ‘Body-Solid Tools’ Medicine Ball from Dual Grip is made of a solid weighted core and simple-to-grip handles, making it ideal for one-handed and two-handed exercises. It’s also great for mimicking popular sports activities. In addition, the ball may be used in conjunction with abs and oblique workout routines. Customers liked that it accommodates a wide range of fitness levels and that it has a durable, high-quality structure. In addition, they praised the product’s adaptability to various levels of fitness. Swings and rotational movements are two examples of upper body and lower body activities that may be performed with the item.

Key Differentiators:

  • Solid weighted core
  • Durable rubber easy-grip handles
  • Ideal for a wide range of upper and lower-body exercises

Customer’s Review:

This is a very versatile medicine ball. I even do curls. Handles keep everything under control. Deep knee bends, raising ball from the floor to overhead really works the whole body quickly and simply, just enough to keep things functional.


Exercise Ball Australia

There are many different exercise balls on the Australian market, but only a select few rise to the top. We’ve looked at eight of the best exercise balls and found that each has its own unique selling points. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly ball made of odor-free material or one that caters to all skill levels, there’s sure to be an exercise ball perfect for you. So don’t wait any longer – get out there and start working those muscles!

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