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10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Australia [2023]

Best Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Best Fine Dining Restaurants Australia

Fine Dining Restaurants Australia

We all know fine dining is something that you want to experience at least once in your lifetime. Fine dining restaurants should be a place where you can feel relaxed and enjoy fine cuisine without having to worry about the prices. With fine dining becoming popular, there are many fine dining restaurants popping up across Australia. In this article, we will discuss six of the best fine dining restaurants in Australia so you can have an idea of what kind of food they serve and which ones might be worth checking out!

1. Attica

Attica - Fine Dining Australia
Attica – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesModern Australian/Contemporary Cuisines
Address74 Glen Eira Rd, Ripponlea VIC 3185, Australia
Phone+61 3 9530 0111
Operating Hours6pm-7:30pm Tuesday to Saturday

Attica is set in the middle of modest Melbourne neighborhoods, and the cuisine is what matters most. Ben Shewry pairs delectable combinations of unusual and eclectic ingredients that he forages himself in the morning on the Bellarine peninsula. Attica’s wine list, atmosphere, and service are unmatched by any of the restaurants on our list, but the cuisine is comparable to those found at other top Attica chains. The heights achieved by the cuisine elevate Attica to its current position.

2. Rockpool

Rockpool - Fine Dining Australia
Rockpool – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesModern Australian/Contemporary
Address66 Hunter St, Sydney
Phone02 8099 7077
Operating Hours12pm-2:30pm and 6pm-9pm Tuesday to Wednesday, 12pm-3pm and 6pm-10pm Thursday to Friday, 5:30pm-10pm Saturday

The menu, which showcases high-quality Australian goods that are ethically and sustainably sourced, features a lot of Asian inspired elements and textures that are combined honestly to Neil Perry of Rockpool’s concept of “balance and harmony.” Rockpool will continue to be a leader among Australia’s finest restaurants thanks to its highly professional approach.

3. Tetsuya’s

Tetsuya's - Fine Dining Australia
Tetsuya’s – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesJapanese and European Cuisines
Address529 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
Phone+61 2 9267 2900
Operating Hours5:30pm-8:30pm Thursday, 12pm-12:30pm and 6pm-8pm Friday, 12pm-12:30pm and 6:30pm-8:30pm Saturday, 12pm-12:30pm Sunday

Tetsuya’s eight-course tasting is a judicious combination of Japanese and European tastes that is sleekly elegant. Tetsuya’s overlooks a gorgeous Japanese garden, and it’s a showcase for fine dining in Sydney, with an art-filled restaurant that is light-dappled by day and moodily dramatic at night.

4. Bennelong

Bennelong - Fine Dining Australia
Bennelong – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesContemporary cuisines
AddressBennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone+61 2 9240 8000
Operating Hours6pm-8:45pm Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm-3:30pm Sunday

Bennelong, back and better than ever, is a model for exquisite cuisine in Sydney created by one of Australia’s most renowned chefs, Peter Gilmore. Bennelong, located in Sydney’s most famous harbor-front site, the Sydney Opera House, offers a show-stopping location with an undeniably Australian cuisine that exceeds all of its extremely high standards. The cuisine at Bennelong is modern, beautiful, and a celebration of Australian local produce, all in one.

5. Sixpenny

Sixpenny - Fine Dining Australia
Sixpenny – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesFine dining experience
Address83 Percival Road, Stanmore, Sydney, NSW 2048
Phone+61 2 9572 6666
Operating Hours6pm-11pm Wednesday to Friday, 12pm-4pm and 6pm-11pm Saturday, 12pm-4pm Sunday

Sixpenny is a high-end restaurant in the Inner West that specializes on homegrown produce. The focus is on food grown on the Parry family farm in Bowral or in the backyard. Sixpenny isn’t your typical high-end fine dining establishment characterized by chef egos or a million-dollar interior, but rather focuses on allowing ingredients to communicate for themselves in new and innovative ways. Each dish is a lesson in simplicity that isn’t deterred by needless or excessive procedures.

6. Quay

Quay - Fine Dining Australia
Quay – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesModern Australian/Contemporary cuisines
AddressUpper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks, Sydney 2000
Phone02 9251 5600
Operating Hours6pm-8:45pm Thursday to Friday, 12pm-1:30pm and 6pm-8:45pm Saturday to Sunday

Quay is located at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal and offers panoramic views of the city, including the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Peter Gilmore has never been one to sit on his laurels, continually adding more sophisticated, textural, botanical, and elegant cuisine to Quay. With many claiming it to be the country’s finest fine-dining restaurant, it is no wonder that he has never rested on his considerable accomplishments.

7. Automata

Automata - Fine Dining Australia
Automata – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesFine Dining Experience
Phone +61 2 8277 8555
Operating HoursDinner from 6:00pm
Wednesday – Saturday
Saturday lunch from 12:00pm

Automata, located on Kensington Street, is the first and last place you should go for a smorgasbord of exquisite dining and delectable bar nibbles. There’s no doubt about it. Automata is where we go when searching for a Sydney-based restaurant for special events. Former Momofuku sous-chef Clayton Wells designed this exquisite tasting menu ($165) that is both intriguing and delicious, and it’s the perfect spot to start your night out in the city!

8. Bentley Restaurant & Bar

Bentley Restaurant & Bar - Fine Dining Australia
Bentley Restaurant & Bar – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesFine Dining experience
Phone (02) 8214 0505



In the center of the city, Nick Hildebrandt and Chef Brent Savage have transformed a stuffy corporate dining experience into a cleverly designed bar and restaurant in the original Fairfax Building. Savage and Hildebrandt’s ability to combine food and wine is rarely seen, which is why going to Bentley isn’t simply “going out for dinner,” it’s an experience.

9. LuMi Dining

LuMi Dining - Fine Dining Australia
LuMi Dining – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesFine Dining experience
Address56 Pirrama Road Pyrmont, 2009 NSW
Phone+61 2 9571 1999
Operating HoursTHURSDAY TO SUNDAY DINNER  from 6pm to 8.30pm
SATURDAY & SUNDAY LUNCH from 12 pm to 1.30pm

LuMi Bar and Dining marries two distinct cuisines into a single experience by drawing inspiration from Italian cuisine and integrating brilliant Japanese influences. By combining two very different cuisines, LuMi Bar and Dining takes exquisite dining to a new level by providing a link between the two. The seven-course degustation is always impressive, and it’s a perfect way to spend an evening if you’re looking for something truly unique.

10. Ester

ester - Fine Dining Australia
Ester – Fine Dining Restaurants Australia
Key ServicesFine Dining experience
Address46-52 meagher stchippendale
Phone+61 2 8068 8279
Operating HoursFriday 6–10:30pm
Saturday 12–3pm, 6–10:30pm
Sunday 12–3:30pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 6–10:30pm
Wednesday 6–10:30pm
Thursday 6–10:30pm

Ester is a fine dining restaurant with a simple approach. The wood-fired oven at the heart of this Chippendale restaurant, which was co-designed by chef Mat Lindsay, was made from a mallee root. Despite the concrete interiors and paper napkins on clothless tables, Ester does not hold back when it comes to food. You’ll find masters of foods that are just as good at the bar as they are at the table, such as Roasted Rock Oysters with horseradish, Grilled Abalone with chicken skin, and Bread & Butter Ice Cream to name a few.

Fine Dining Restaurants Australia

Australia is home to many fine dining restaurants that offer a wide range of culinary experiences. The six fine-dining establishments we’ve highlighted all have their own unique strengths, but they are equally committed to providing high-quality food and service for their customers. Whether you’re looking for an elegant night out with fine wines or more casual fare made from the best local ingredients, these fine dining restaurants will definitely satisfy your palate!

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What is the price range for fine dining in Australia?

Prices for fine dining in Australia can range from $30 to $200 per person. The average price for a three-course meal is $100.

What is the difference between normal dining and fine dining?

The main difference between normal dining and fine dining is the quality of the food. Fine dining restaurants use high-quality ingredients and prepare their dishes with care. They also often have a more extensive menu than normal restaurants. Fine dining establishments usually provide table service, while normal restaurants do not. Finally, fine dining restaurants typically have a more formal atmosphere than normal restaurants.