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15 Best Gaming Chairs in Australia [2023]

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Gaming Chair Australia

Best Gaming Chair Australia
Best Gaming Chair Australia

Gaming chairs are very beneficial to individuals who play video games for long periods of time. Without an ergonomic gaming chair, prolonged game playing can result in back discomfort or pain. Many people use their gaming chairs not only while they’re actively playing but also as a way to make sure that their posture is straight and healthy at all times too! As such, it’s important to own one if you spend lots of your free time seated in front on the computer screen.

The culture of gaming has grown in the past years, and that is why there are now several types of chairs designed specifically for gamers. However, it can be difficult to choose one because they all look alike.

If you’re looking for the best gaming chairs in Australia, look no further! Here at The Fun Empire we’ve carefully studied different models available and have chosen our top picks. These are based on comfort, features durability and value for money so that gamers like yourself can enjoy their time playing without any discomfort or issues with your chair breaking down mid-game.

1. Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 has three great features that will make it the best chair for gamers: a wider range of size options, an improved comfort level through flattened out edges on its seat, and stability. Now all body types can enjoy this excellent gaming experience!

The new integrated lumbar support can be adjusted not only outwards, but up and down too. This combined with a magnetic headrest (no more ugly straps) that will stick attach at various heights ensures personalized comfort for your head and back unlike others chairs.

4D armrests, full-recline mode and a variety of styles to choose from ensures you’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for your tastes. With built quality materials, it is durable enough for years use as well (with warranty lasting up to five years).

Key Differentiators:

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series has its multi-tilt mechanism for ultimate adaptability. Each model is engineered to fit different builds (e.g. Secretlab Titan is for larger builds) and you can choose from variety of upholstery for a chair customized to your liking

Customer Review:

You’ll be in the good books for a long time to come if you buy a Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series – NEO Hybrid Leatherette for your gaming family members. BEST CHAIR ON THE MARKET. DELIVERY SUPER FAST AND EASY TO SET UP. NO REGRETS!!! BUY ONE

– Anita C.

2. Brazen Phantom Elite

The BraZen Phantom Elite has a sleek and bump aesthetic, but is also designed to provide comfort. The chair’s lumbar support ensures that your lower back always feels supported when seated no matter how you position yourself on the chair. Available in 8 different colors including black, white, red and blue among others this gaming seat looks like it would be used by an eSports player which contributes part of its appeal as well!

Available in eight different colours with soft padding for comfortable seating against one’s skin comes out looking more like a race car than anything else: sultry yet functional – something e-sports players or gamers might use while playing their games at home or perhaps even taking them into tournaments abroad.

Key Differentiators:

The BraZen Phantom Elite is a very comfortable chair that will make you feel like an eSports player. It comes with pillows and without them, it still provides high comfort levels. For people looking for highly ergonomic chairs but do not want to spend too much money on the purchase, this one is perfect!

Customer Review:

I play gaming sessions of over 8 hours per day, and immediately upon sitting in this chair I knew it’s comfort level was perfect. Straight away I noticed all the components on this chair are well built. This is sweet sweet music to my ears because all other gaming chair brands I’ve used for multiple long gaming sessions haven’t been as reliable or as comfy as Brazen. Straight forward to assemble, and always comfy whether sat upright or reclined nice and cosy. Perfect for all gamers.

– Liam Swann

3. Secretlab Titan 2020

The 2020 version of the Secretlab Titan is still available on Amazon and elsewhere, but it may only be a matter of time until this model goes out of stock. The new Evo series has improved back support that can move up or down rather than just in-and-out, which makes them great for taller people who are between 5’9″ to 6’7″. If you’re looking for an amazing chair at a lower price point than the newer models while they last though, now’s your chance!

You get a removable memory foam head cushion, but unlike the Omega, you don’t get a lumbar support one too. Instead of having this built-in version that feels harder and less comfortable than your regular chair with adjusting features for back pain relief when seated at work or home use while watching TV.”

Key Differentiators:

Secretllab Titan 2020 features wider seat with flatter edges, excellent build quality and has its built-in adjustable support.

Customer Review:

Could not be happier with my new chair. It’s so comfy!!! Just by sitting in this chair I feel like my back is in heaven and I could just fall asleep at any moment. 100% would recommend.

– Tyler

4. Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

The Noblechairs Epic Real Leather chair combines optimal comfort with a simple design. With its leather upholstery and sleek frame, this is one of the best chairs for those looking to relax after a long day at work or school.

This gaming chair can be customized and positioned in any way you want, to further optimize your experience. The cross-woven embroidery also allows heat to dissipate on the back of the chair so it won’t become too hot or uncomfortable for shorter periods of sitting time.

Key Differentiators:

The Noblechairs Epic Real Leather is comfortable, yet provides the user with a strong sense of support. The frame has been made out of sturdy metals that will last for years without any issues or wobbly movements occurring.

Customer Review:

This is truly an “epic” chair experience. I am not a gamer, but my husband games from time to time. He bought this chair after researching pretty much every chair in existence. I tried his … and I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to have one, too. After moving to a different office and being assigned a pretty crap chair, it was time. I bought, noblechairs executed, it arrived EARLY (joy!!), I put it together in about 15 minutes almost all by myself, and I’m now sitting pretty, properly, and comfortably. Thanks noblechairs! You guys are awesome.

– Netta

5. Cooler Master Ergo L

The Cooler Master Gaming Chair is a high-quality chair made for gamers with its faux leather and engineered mesh to improve airflow, comfortability throughout the game. It also has 3 lockable reclined angles, adjustable lumbar support, and adjustable armrests that make it an ideal gaming partner while you play games in your computer or console all night. The most crucial feature of this product is its structure which consists of cast aluminum frame through 20 thousand tests on abrasion load tensile strength.

Key Differentiators:

Cooler Master Gaming Chair has cooler feel features, three lockable reclined angle and durable structure.

Customer Review:

It’s a great chair. If you’re doing research, it’s really at a great value point at $500. I have purchased 2 this year and replaced my longstanding primary office chair (Herman Miller Aeron) because I feel this offers superior comfort, sturdiness, and support.

As you’re assembling it, you’ll see how sturdy and heavy each piece is (cast metal framing). The mesh is both more breathable (wider holes) and firmer than my Aeron (note that it’s perhaps likely that the mesh has loosened over years of use). I find this chair to be more comfortable for my chronic back pain than the Aeron (with and without lumbar support accessory).

I upgraded the wheels on both immediately. There’s a nice set of chromed stainless casters with rollerskate wheels/ bearings for buttery sliding and matching cosmetics.

Headrest feels OK for me even though I’m 6’2″. My 6’10” friend who uses the second chair can’t say the same but it supports his giant frame better than any chair he’s had!

– Ken

6. Corsair T3 Rush

The Corsair T3 Rush is a chair designed to keep you cool even after hours of play. Its pleather upholstery does not trap heat like other chairs, and this makes it perfect for gamers during the summertime.

The T3 Rush is very breathable thanks to its soft fabric exterior. The material does not retain heat like leather (or imitation leather) alternatives, so you can stay cool in both senses of the word. With Corsair’s reputation behind this product, you know it will last longer than most other options on the market today!

Key Differentiators:

Corsair T3 Rush keeps your cool and comfortable at a reasonable price.

Customer Review:

In terms of relaxing and cushion, its not there. Its a firm chair and the picture was misleading because i thought it was going to be very soft. This is because i have a high end chair worth 4 times the price of this chair and in comparison to that, this is different.

However, this is a gaming chair and meant for gaming. Its not sit back and relax type of chair but a chair that helps you physically intact so that youre not slouching and suffering back and neck pain during long gaming sessions. In terms of this, i am very satisfied. You can adjust the chair in many ways and honestly perfect for my height and weight in my opinion (5’9 bout 155lb). If youre a lot taller and heavier this isnt thr chair for you.

The wheels rolls like crazy on my wooden floor which is something i didnt like, but honestly better then a wheel that dont move lol.

This chair is very heavy and very well built, which i was really suprised because i didnt have a huge expectation and this was the biggest factor that makes this 5star review (also looks really nice).

I would highly recommend this chair if you have similar physical aspects to mine. I think its a really good chair to prevent slouching which is why i love this chair. If there needs to be a change, id say the seating cushion but other then that, this is an amazing chair!

7. Brazen Pride 2.1 Gaming Chair

The Brazen Pride 2.1 is more than just a gaming chair with its built-in sound speakers and Bluetooth connectivity to level up your experience. It can be connected to different devices such as PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox. Its 43 cm seat width allows you to sit further into the backrest, enough for your feet to reach the ground on top of being sturdy in construction making it ideal for intense battles as well as comfortable thanks to foam and breathable mesh fabric upholstery coverings.

Key Differentiators:

Brazen Pride 2.1 Gaming chair features built-in bluetooth speakers, breathable materials and compatibility to all gaming consoles.

Customer Review:

The BraZen Stag 2.1 Surround Sound Chair offers a comfortable chair and great audio in one package. It’s not the most elegant in terms of visuals, and is perhaps better suited to slightly shorter players, but even for me at a hair over 6ft it’s still perfectly usable and, most importantly, enjoyable.

8. Secretlab Omega

The Secretlab Omega will be phased out to make way for the new Titan Evo 2022. The price of this chair may decrease as it becomes more difficult to find at stores, so now would be a good time if you’re interested in trying one out! If you have spent many hours gaming and working in these chairs – it is incredibly versatile with adjustable height settings, 4D armrests (the arms can move forward/backward or up/down), and a range of recline options that let you lean back 90 degrees into rocker mode.

The Omega chair is still a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their desk. It’s the only one that came with excellent memory foam lumbar support cushion and plush headrest, both of which we continue using every day.

Key Differentiators:

Secretlab Omega has its extensive adjustability. You can work and play in comfort and will be discounted to make way for the new Titan evo.

Customer Review:

First thing i wanna say is thank you! I was amazed at how it was packed and wrapped, Very Clean and a clear sign of true quality. Secondly it is clear how much secretlabs care’s about their products. Hours of gaming and its like I’m sitting on my couch, World class comfort. New to your products and never changing, worth every penny and highly recommend! Thank you!

9. Corsair T2

The Corsair T2 is an excellent choice for gamers who tend to perspire a lot because it’s coated with faux leather, absorbs moisture quickly and has adjustable height. It also features 85mm adjustability in terms of tilt and decline making this chair one the best gaming chairs in Australia.

Additionally, the armrests are adjustable and can be swiveled to suit your preference. This chair’s wheels roll smoothly so you don’t have to exert much effort for movement.

Key Differentiators:

Corsair T2 has good adjustability and high breathable faux leather. It also has adjustable lumbar and neck pillows, wider and deeper seating, taller back, and thicker backrest sides.

Customer Review:

This chair is super awesome! Best desk chair I’ve owned so far. Very easy to assemble. NOTE: I’m 6’1” 178lbs for reference. Main reason I snatched it up is because the blue one was $100 off! So great deal! The quality of the materials are great. It feels very sturdy because of the steel frame. I will say this though, it has a somewhat “stiff” feel t o it. That being said, (1) I personally like that. I feel it gives good support which is what it was designed for and (2) it’s new and it’ll probably break in a little over time.

Finally, I love all the different ways to adjust this chair to get it just right based on your size and personal preference. Height adjust, recline and all the armrest adjustments are great features. And the head and lumbar pillows are nice and comfy and add a nice little touch to it.

10. Furgle Gaming Chair

The Furgle Gaming Chair is one of the cheapest gaming chairs in Australia, but with an extra feature to offer. It comes complete with a gorgeous racing car design and features like lumbar support and reclinable back rest for up to 135 degrees. The armrests rotate so you can adjust them at seven different height levels as well.

Not only does this gaming chair boast a steel body and rustproof treatment, but it also uses an SGS Level 4 lift that is durable enough to last.

Key Differentiators:

Furgle gaming chair is one of the affordable gaming chair in Australia. It has leg rest, 7 height level armrests and its backrest is reclinable up to 135 degrees.

Customer Review:

Nice chair. Because I like to play games on weekends, such as “League of Legends”…so sometimes I sit for a long time and worry about neuralgia such as spondylosis, so I bought it. The leather of the chair is very good, said to be carbon fiber, heat dissipation is obvious. Even at the same price, the quality seems to be much better than the chairs in my studio. The backrest can be adjusted. I plan to use it to replace the chair in my studio. I can browse TiTOK in a chair before lunch break.

However, the armrest of the chair seemed a bit stuck during installation, so I contacted the buyer. The buyer said this may be a screw problem. They directly arranged a new handrail for me. I also plan to check where the screws are wrong, but the buyer’s after-sales measures seem to save me a lot of time…Good guys. Anyways, the chair exceeded my expectations.

11. UMI Essentials Gaming Chair

The UMI Essentials Gaming Chair is an Amazon chair that provides comfortable seating whilst also having a wide range of intense colors and trims for the design. The price on this gaming chair makes it great value, but still offers quality similar to higher priced chairs.

The chair is made up of a nice mixture of fabric and leather, with the ability to recline 150 degrees. This high degree will ensure your back health by providing you relief from lumbar pain.

Key Differentiators:

UMI Essential Gaming Chair is an affordable gaming chair that still offers quality, aesthetic, and comfortable experience.

Customer Review:

Lovely gaming chair, easy and straightforward to assemble with clear instructions. Comfortable, sturdy and very good quality.

12. Brazen Puma

Brazen is the best place to start if you’re looking for a gaming chair without breaking your budget. Their chairs are affordable and don’t feel cheap, so they can be used both at home or while gaming.

The Brazen Puma Gaming Chair is no different. Even though it’s on the short side, this gaming chair does not compromise in comfort and quality as can be seen by its pleather covering over foam padding for a cosy feel that lasts longer than certain other alternatives we could name.

Key Differentiators:

Brazen Puma Gaming Chair is easy to build, sturdy and supportive at affordable price.

Customer Review:

Asides from an easy assembly, the chair is great for long hours at the computer. Very comfortable.

13. AKRacing Max Series

The AKRACING Max Series has a steel frame construction that is perfect for all plus-sized users. The hydraulic gas and constructed with a high-density foam seat, which can hold up to 180kg of weight. It uses PU leather filled with class-4 hydraulics and the reclined backseat stays in shape for an extended period of time as well! Moreover, it tilts forwards or backwards depending on your preference while you’re relaxing at home after work.

Its seat cushions are optimally designed for gaming sessions. The headrest cushion and adjustable lumbar pillow provide robust support during gameplay, which is important since you will be seated in one place for an extended period of time while playing video games.

Key Differentiators:

AKRacing Max Series is good for plus-sized users. It is strain resistant made by high density foam and PU leather.

Customer Review:

This gaming chair is awesome. Im a pretty big guy 6’6 340lbs and this chair fits me very well. Extra sturdy, nice and wide, comfortable, rolls well. I have had other cheaper gaming chairs that felt cheap, and fell apart quickly. This chair is rock solid, and much cheaper than some of the other big name chair brands that are built for big and tall. It is a true high back chair and fully supports my 6’6 frame. It looks great, sits comfortably, and it very sturdy. Assembly is pretty straightforward but I would recommend having a extra pair of hands to keep holes lined up when bolting on the arms and base piece. Very happy with this purchase.

14. DXRacer Classic Series

The DXRacer Classic Series chair is a comfortable fit for those with larger frames. While it has the classic bucket seat design, this model offers more space to move and snuggle into than its competitors do. Moreover, there’s plenty of back support including an additional cushioned headrest that supports your neck in place firmly so you can sit comfortably without any distractions or interruptions from being uncomfortable.

Key Differentiators:

The aluminum frame of the DXRacer Classic Series provides a sturdy, long-lasting design that can withstand damage. The adjustable high back and cushioned seat add to your comfort as well as aesthetic appeal. Wrapped in leather with vinyl accents for style, this is one comfortable chair you won’t regret buying!

Customer Review:

I could not be happier with this chair. I’m 6’1″ 285 lbs and this chair has more room than I need. I know the manufacturer recommends 250 lbs and 5’9 (I believe) but from personal use I would bet a 6’3″ 330 lb person would have no issues. The ONLY thing I would change is how high the armrests can adjust. I’d like another 2-3″. The construction is solid, the materials are not high end, but they’re better than average and I did not get hot from sitting in the chair during a 4 hour gaming session. I was concerned about the fixed, built-in headrest but it’s perfect. Cushy and supportive. I didn’t care for the lumbar cushion, but my brother tried it out and he loved it (6’1″ 210lbs). The seat adjustments are just what I needed. The range of seat back angle, heights, and the best feature is the ability to lock the reclined position to where you want. Gone are the days of only having 2 options. The support is great on your bum and your back/shoulders. The cushions are not super soft, but just right as far as I’m concerned. Overall, This is a GREAT chair and if you’re bigger guy like me, you would appreciate its accommodations for our size.

15. Respawn Specter

The Respawn Specter’s classy design and support make it a great choice for grown-up gamers who want to stand out. Sitting at an affordable price, you get the best of both worlds: understated elegance without compromising performance or construction quality.

The Specter is one of the best gaming chairs because it’s comfortable enough to get you through long sessions, but still keeps your lower back supported. Plus, with a mesh support for summer and an attractive pattern (that doesn’t look too garish), this purchase will be worth every penny!

Key Differentiators:

Respawn Spectre is a low profile design gaming chair that offers lumbar support and cooling mesh.

Customer Review:

I am a big guy. 6’4 and 260 lbs. This chair is incredibly solid and supports me with ease. Very durable and strong. If you have a waiste size bigger than a, “36,” i would recommend a but cushion. I bought one that is made for a car seat at Walmart. If you dont buy one the edges of the chair dif into your buttox. I have big hips, so if you dont you’re fine.

Gaming Chair Australia

If you’re looking for the best gaming chair in Australia, we hope that our guide helps. Finding a gaming chair that meets your requirements should be simple with this list of the top gaming chairs in Australia.

Whether you want arm rests and headrests, or hard or soft backrests, we’ve found the ideal option for you on our list.

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