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10 Best GPS Trackers in Sydney [2024]

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GPS Tracker Sydney

Best GPS Tracker Sydney
Best GPS Tracker Sydney

If you’re looking for the best GPS tracker Sydney you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the best options on the market today. We’ll provide a brief overview of each one, and then tell you why we think it’s a great choice. So whether you’re looking for a personal or business GPS tracker Sydney, read on for some great ideas!

1) Tramigo T23 Fleet

Key ServiceReal time tracking
Where to BuyClick here

The Tramigo T23 Fleet tracker is ideal for keeping track of big, complex fleets or those in the service sector. Real-time data is immediately delivered to your phone or PC, allowing you to follow your vehicle wherever they go and get access to TLD landmark data if mapping isn’t available. The Tramigo T23 Fleet provides you with extensive data on driving habits and performance, including speeding and idling. You can also use two-way communication to monitor driver behavior and keep them within route constraints.

Key Differentiators:

  • Automated alerts
  • Trip reports
  • Driver behaviour monitoring

2) Tracki 3G Real-Time Worldwide GPS Tracker

Key ServiceUnlimited distance real time tracking.
Where to BuyClick here

Tracki 3G is a popular battery-powered GPS tracker that doesn’t require a sim card or monthly payment plan. It’s ready to use out of the box and can be used to track other objects as needed, making it great for a hassle-free setup. The Tracki works with any 3G GSM network and has geo-fence options for location, speed, movement, and low battery alerts.

Key Differentiators:

  • Rechargeable battery life is 2-3 days tracking real time every 1-5 minutes
  • Works with GPS satellites when outdoors and when indoors
  • Super small (1.75×1.5×0.55in) and super light (1.26 oz).

Customer’s Review:

Quite impressed with this little device. Heaps of features and options to put to good use (geofence, on-the-move alert, speed alert, history) and all settings can be changed/accessed from the web panel. Manages some good battery life using a pretty sweet idle algorithm. Their support is very responsive and helpful.


3) SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker

Key ServiceEasiest & fastest GPS tracking
Where to BuyClick here

The SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker is so small that you can put it in your pocket or attach it to the underside of a car. This tracking gadget runs on batteries, which means you’ll have to replace them once in a while. According to the manufacturer, the batteries will last for two weeks.

Key Differentiators:

  • Small enough for pockets and bags
  • Available with 30-day cancellation policy
  • Able to track more than vehicles

Customer’s Review:

The website and app are pretty straightforward. This was easy to set up and worked great on test drives around the neighborhood. We are shipping a classic car cross-country so we will have more to update as we watch it move across the country.


4) Vyncs GPS Tracker

Key ServiceGives engine alerts
Where to BuyClick here

The Vyncs GPS monitors your location and bad driving practices, engine diagnostics, battery life, maintenance schedules, recall warnings, and gasoline levels. It can also help you save money on vehicle insurance by evaluating your driving. The Tip Performance Index (TPI) score provided by Vyncs may assist you save money on auto insurance by assessing your driving.

Key Differentiators:

  • Driver scoring system
  • Mileage tracker app
  • Roadside assistance

Customer’s Review:

Very impressed with the Vyncs functionality and cost. The activation fee includes everything that most of us will really need (for the first year). It was extremely easy and quick to activate and start using.


5) Trackimo Universal 3G Global Tracking Device

Key ServiceWorks for unlimited distance
Where to BuyClick here

The Trackimo Universal 3G Global Tracking Device is a wonderful option for anybody looking for a battery-powered GPS tracker to keep an eye on their vehicle’s position. This GPS tracker is ready to go straight out of the box and requires no special tools or skills. With this service, you can follow your car’s position in real time with minute-by-minute updates. You can also set up speed alerts, geo-fence warnings, motion notifications, and an SOS alert.

Key Differentiators:

  • Works out of the box worldwide in all countries, no roaming charges
  • Battery last up to 30 days in battery save mode, up to 1 Year with extended battery power
  • 5 tracking modules, indoor and outdoor

6) Elinz 3G GPS Tracker Real Live Tracking Device

Key ServiceFree Lifetime Tracking
Where to Buy

The Elinz 3G GPS Tracker is a free car tracker with no monthly fee. This vehicle tracking gadget works with all of Australia’s major telecommunication companies and includes a sim card. This GPS tracker provides real-time information on your vehicle, updating it as needed. Put up a fence alert to find out when your automobile moves into or leaves a certain location. A power disconnected and low battery alerts are also included.

Key Differentiators:

  • Web and App Tracking System
  • Dual Mode Tracking
  • Multiple Alert or Alarms

7) IDRIVE Australia LiveTrack GPS Vehicle Tracker

Key ServiceNo external antennas
Where to BuyClick here

The LiveTrack GPS Vehicle Tracker by iDrive Australia requires no monthly fees and is simple to set up with a included SIM card that has enough credit for three months. The tracking device plugs into your car’s battery, so you can track multiple vehicles without worrying about the tracker’s battery running out of power.

Key Differentiators:

  • Encrypted tracking app
  • Track unlimited vehicles
  • G sensor notification activation

8) TomTom Link 530

Key ServiceMarine tracking device
Where to BuyClick here

TomTom Link 530 is the most sophisticated vehicle tracker from Webfleet. It provides all the benefits of a real-time tracker along with basic features from Webfleet’s tracking software. The device is easy to install and use, and offers excellent end-user support. This tracker is useful for firms that have vehicles and need to keep track of them.

Key Differentiators:

  • Monitors driving behaviour
  • Fits into any vehicle
  • Add-on function­ality easily available

9) VIMEL 4G GPS Tracker Remote LIVE 20000mAh Magnetic Anti-Theft

Key ServiceWithstands harsh conditions
Where to BuyClick here

The Vimel GPS tracker maintains its location up to date and correct by notifying you via real-time updates about the automobile you’re tracking. It wouldn’t be accurate if it didn’t notify you of the current position, and 4G network and backward compatible 3G network provide wireless access for it to communicate with you via a mobile phone using SMS or an application that may be downloaded for FREE.

Key Differentiators:

  • Waterproof IP67 Level and Dust-Proof Structure
  • Up to 420 Days in Sleep Mode on built-in battery
  • Up to 240 Days Battery of Standby mode on built-in battery

10) VIMEL 4G Hardwired GPS Tracker for Anti-Theft with Backup Battery for Vehicles

Key ServiceMotion sensor alert
Where to BuyClick here

You have remote access to and control of the Vimel tracker from any location using a mobile hotspot or a laptop with an internet connection. The SIM Card is used as an activator for either 4G or 3G networks to connect to the Vimel tracker. The Geo fence is an onboarding feature that produces a virtual barrier for the tracker to follow and comprehend in terms of location, so once the tracker has arrived or entered that barrier, it can automatically notify you and indicate to you over it that the alarm was activated.

Key Differentiators:

  • Remotely Cut Power Off with included relay/built-in switching power supply
  • ACC the ignition signal detection- vehicle status alert by SMS
  • Back-Up Emergency battery – Anti-Theft Feature
  • Enters in Stand-by mode in case no vibration and wakes up once vibration is detected

GPS Tracker Sydney

GPS tracker Sydney is a valuable tool for keeping an eye on your automobile, especially if it’s important to you to know its location at all times. The 10 GPS tracker Sydney we’ve listed here are some of the best available in Sydney right now, so whichever one you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.

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