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11 Best Influencers in Australia [2023]

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Influencers Australia

Influencers Australia

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to increase your conversion rates. They are the people who have the ability to influence others, and their opinion matters. The influencer industry has exploded in recent years, with Australian influencers now playing an important role not only on social media channels but also across other platforms such as email newsletters and advertisements.

No matter what kind of niche your business operates within, kickstarting an influencer marketing campaign with the right people promoting your products can be wonderfully successful. In this blog post we will explore what influencer marketing campaigns means for marketers today, how it evolved over time, how top influencers Australia can help you grow your business and where to find them!

1. Lauren Curtis

ContentBeauty, product reviews
Instagram Followers1.2 million

Lauren Curtis, a 26-year-old Australian YouTuber and beauty blogger, produces beauty videos on everything from all things beauty and makeup lessons to haircare tips and product reviews. Lauren also blogs about her everyday life in personal vlogs and live streams. She definitely is one of the top instagram influencers out there!

2. Helen Janneson Bense

ContentTravel, Inspirational blogs
Instagram Followers743.8k

Over 15 years, Helen Janneson Bense was a medical naturopath and healer. She currently lives in Western Australia, where she uses her travel, style, and inspirational blog Gypsy Lovin’ Light as a loving haven for people to share, inspire, and be inspired.

3. Calum Von Moger

ContentBodybuilding, fitness
Instagram Followers3.2 million

The bodybuilding niche is extremely lucrative on Instagram, with fitness enthusiasts providing their expertise and results to a devoted following. Calum von Moger is the leading figure in bodybuilding in Australia. His 3.2 million followers adore his incredible physique and similar features to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who holds the title of Mr. Universe three times. However, he has branched out into the world of on-screen entertainment, appearing in blockbuster films such as Bigger and Generation Iron 2. After his success in bodybuilding, von Moger became the first bodybuilder to be featured in a modeling campaign for Gucci.

4. Wengie

ContentBeauty and lifestyle
Instagram Followers13.9 million

Wendy Ayche is an Australian YouTuber who runs the popular Wengie YouTube channel. Her vlog channel, WengieVlogs, allows her viewers to peek into her daily life with challenges, tours, confessionals, Q&A’s, and more. She definitely is one of the top instagram influencers out there!

5. Elise Strachan

ContentDesserts and sweets
Instagram Followers3.09 million

“Life Is Sweet,” according to Elise Strachan, may always be made sweeter with dessert. Her YouTube channel, MyCupcakeAddiction, was her first step toward celebrity status. She now cohosts the popular Food Network program Sweet Smarts in addition to her own channel.

6. Chris Hemsworth

ContentLifestyle, career, travel
Instagram Followers51.8 million

Chris Hemsworth began his career as a child actor, moving between Melbourne and Darwin. When he was young, he got his big break in the business when he won a long-term part on Aussie soap opera Home and Away.  In the early 2010s, Hemsworth made the transition to Hollywood and became a bona fide worldwide star when he was cast as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Hemsworth’s 51-million Instagram followers make him easily the most popular Australian Instagram star, alongside seven-figure endorsement contracts with TAG Heuer and Hugo Boss.

7. Jessica Stein

ContentTravel, fasion
Instagram Followers2.1 million

According to Jessica’s travel and fashion Instagram account Tuulavintage, seeing the world is how you can discover what you love. “Tuula”, which means “wind” in Finnish, perfectly describes her journey as she goes with the wind. Her stunning content has attracted a raft of travel and fashion brands looking to join forces.

8. Kayla Itsines

Instagram Followers13.6 million

Kayla Itsines is an Instagram and YouTube fitness expert from Australia who has created body-sculpting Bikini Body Guides exercise routines. Her Sweat with Kayla meal-planning and exercise app has helped her followers achieve the bodies of their dreams.

9. Nicole Warne

Instagram Followers1.9 million

29-year-old Warne, one of the country’s first fashion bloggers, has developed a reputation as a prominent style force and now collaborates with some of the world’s major luxury brands, including Chanel, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Armani. She’s been named on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list of influential people, and her main source of income is as a creative director, brand consultant, and ambassador for high-end brands.

10. Chloe Morello

ContentBeauty, fashion, lifestyle
Instagram Followers2.66 million

Chole Morello, an Australian vlogger with a self-titled YouTube channel, shares her beauty and fashion looks as well as day-to-day inspiration and makeup and beauty products advice on her online platform. Every week, she uploads fresh videos to her self-titled YouTube channel.

11. Tammy Hembrow

ContentFitness and beauty
Instagram Followers15.8 million

Tammy Hembrow is an Australian social media star and fitness model with a range of sponsorships, including endorsements with Teami Blends and Protein World. She also has her own successful app, TammyFit, which provides guides on fitness and nutrition. In addition, Tammy has her own clothing brand called Saski Collection.

Tammy Hembrow became a household name when she was associated with Khloé Kardashian. She rose to stardom by being the face of Khloé’s denim brand, Good America. Now with over 15 million Instagram followers, Hembrow has set about building her own empire.

Influencers Australia

The influencers listed above are some of the top Australian influencers today. From fashion to fitness industry, these Australian influencers have amassed millions of followers and all seem to be on a path for success as they continue their journeys. Who’s your favorite influencer?

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