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10 Best Influencers in Sydney [2023]

Influencer Sydney

Best Influencer Sydney
Best Influencer Sydney

Sydney is a city that is constantly buzzing with energy. There are always events happening, new restaurants and bars to try, and interesting people to meet. It’s no wonder that Sydney has become a hub for influencers Sydney. There are influencers in Sydney for every niche, from fashion to food to travel. If you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to follow someone who’s living their best life, check out our list of the ten best influencers in Sydney. If you’re looking for some inspiration, or just want to know who the top influencers Sydney right now, keep on reading!

1) The Inspired Unemployed

The Inspired Unemployed - Influencers Sydney
The Inspired Unemployed – Influencer Sydney (Credit: The Inspired Unemployed via Facebook)
Followers1.1 Million followers

Matt and Stu Are Electric, the creators of The Inspired Unemployed, are a pair of tradesmen. Who have swiftly amassed millions of followers on Instagram as one of the most popular duos. Now they’ve taken the fashion world by storm, signing deals with some of the industry’s biggest names. The boys from The Inspired Unemployed are a great example of influencers who have managed to cross over into the fashion world. Their unique sense of style has caught the attention of some of the biggest names in fashion. If you’re looking for inspiration, then these two are definitely worth following!

2) MyCupcakeAddiction

MyCupcakeAddiction - Influencers Sydney
MyCupcakeAddiction – Influencer Sydney (Credit: MyCupcakeAddiction)
ContentFood, Culinary
Followers995K followers

Elise Strachan feels that food Instagram influencer and can always be made sweeter with dessert. The cost of an Instagram influencer is estimated on the basis of the following criteria: 995K followers, 0.12 percent engagement rate, and 1.1K average likes. Her popular YouTube channel, MyCupcakeAddiction, was the gateway to stardom for her. She now cohosts the Food Network’s hit show Sweet Smarts, in addition to maintaining her successful YouTube program.

3) Reynold Poernomo

Reynold Poernomo - Influencers Sydney
Reynold Poernomo – Influencer Sydney (Credit: Reynold Poernomo via Facebook)
ContentFood, Drinks
Followers775K followers

Reynold Poernomo was a food influencer on Instagram in Sydney and a joy to watch in the 7th season of Masterchef Australia in 2015. Although he didn’t win the title, he remains one of the most beloved contestants. Reynold Poernomo earned the title of “king of desserts” for his appearance on MasterChef. He’s announced his return to Masterchef, and this time he wants to show that he can do more than just make sweets.

4) Howtocookthat

Howtocookthat - Influencers Sydney
Howtocookthat – Influencers Sydney (Credit: Howtocookthat)
Followers191K Followers

The ultimate destination for bakers and pastry chefs is How To Cook That’s food Instagram influencer, Anna Reardon. True, many artists create imaginative masterpieces that may be recognized by trademark characters, incredible shapes, wacky things, and fun thoughts from sugary products.

5) Lauren Curtis 

Lauren Curtis - Influencers Sydney
Lauren Curtis – Influencer Sydney (Credit: Lauren Curtis via Facebook)
ContentBeauty, product reviews
Followers1.2 million

Lauren Curtis, a 26-year-old YouTuber from Australia, produces beauty tutorials on everything from makeup courses to haircare recommendations and product evaluations. Lauren also documents her regular life in personal vlogs and live streams on YouTube. She blogs about all things beauty, including makeup tutorials, hairstyle instructions, and product evaluations.

6) Chloe Morello 

Chloe Morello - Influencers Sydney
Chloe Morello – Influencer Sydney (Credit: Chloe Morello via Facebook)
ContentMake up, Skin care
Followers1.2 Million followers

Chole Morello is an Australian vlogger with her own YouTube channel who recently launched a new video series on her online platform called “MyLifeAsQueen”. Her self-titled YouTube channel uploads fresh videos every week. Chloe also features the newest trends in her lookbooks and haul on her YouTube channel frequently.

7) Ozzy Man Reviews

Ozzy Man Reviews - Influencers Sydney
Ozzy Man Reviews – Influencer Sydney (Credit: Ozzy Man Reviews via Facebook)
ContentPop culture, Sports, Nature, etc.
Followers1.7 Million followers

An Instagram influencer named Ethan of Ozzy Man Reviews has the most hilarious and candid takes on everything in pop culture, including film, television, and YouTube. Ethan has a wide range of interests, including literature. He may comment on anything from pop culture to daily life, nature, sports, and other popular subjects.

8) Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein - Influencers Sydney
Jessica Stein – Influencer Sydney (Credit: Jessica Stein via Facebook)
ContentTravel, fashion
Followers2.1 million

Tuulavintage is an Instagram celebrity who promotes wanderlust and fashion. Tuulavintage thinks that seeing the world is the best method to discover what you enjoy. Tuula, Finnish for “wind,” is a nature lover who goes with the wind.

9) Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr - Influencers Sydney
Miranda Kerr – Influencer Sydney (Credit: Miranda Kerr via Facebook)
ContentBeauty, Fashion
Followers12.7 Million followers

Influencer Cost Estimation on Instagram: Kora Organics founder & CEO, home furnishings brand, and fashion model in Sydney Australia. Miranda also runs Kora Organics, an organic cosmetic firm with quartz energy-infused products. Her parameters for determining the cost of an influencers Sydney on Instagram are as follows: 12.7 Million followers 0.71% Engagement 89K Average Likes.

10) Kayla Itsines 

Kayla Itsines  - Influencers Sydney
Kayla Itsines – Influencer Sydney (Credit: Kayla Itsines)
ContentLifestyle, Fitness
Followers13.2 Million followers

A fitness Instagrammer popular for her body-sculpting Bikini Body Guides workout routines in Australia. Sweat with Kayla, a meal-planning and exercise program she created, has helped her followers achieve their bodily goals. The 13.2 million followers, 0.28 percent engagement, and 37.4K average likes are some of the factors that influence the cost of an Instagram influencer.

Influencer Sydney

As you can see, there are a variety of influencers Sydney with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Whether you’re looking for a food influencer, beauty influencer, or someone to talk about the latest movies and TV shows, there’s an influencers Sydney out there that will fit your needs. Keep this list handy when you’re looking for someone to follow on social media in Sydney. Who knows, you may just find your new favorite influencers Sydney! Thanks for reading.

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