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10 Best Jaw Surgery Services in Sydney [2024]

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Jaw Surgery Sydney

Best Jaw Surgery Sydney
Best Jaw Surgery Sydney

Looking for jaw surgery Sydney services? Look no further! We have compiled a list of Sydney’s 10 best jaw surgery Sydney services. We have you covered whether you are looking for a general dentist or a specialist. Read on to learn more about each jaw surgery Sydney service and find the one that is right for you!

1) Dr Adit Bahl

Key ServiceProvide integrated, end-to-end patient care 
AddressSuite 602/28, Clarke Street
Crows Nest
NSW 2065
Phone02 9906 2844

Dr Adit Bahl is committed to his profession and ensures that he is abreast of the latest developments through continuous education & training. He is passionate about teaching and is available to update practices on innovations in his specialty & opportunities for improved patient care. He may work with your doctor, as well as other Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons or specialists, to convey his knowledge and ensure that the most appropriate patient care and treatment is provided.

Key Differentiators:

  • Collaborate with other general practitioners & specialists
  • Provide integrated, end-to-end patient care 
  • Seamless service

Customer’s Review:

When you want to see the best of the best. Dr Adit Bahl is the Doctor to see.

Dr Aodhan Docherty

2) TMJ & Jaw Surgery Clinic

Key ServiceLeading TMJ specialist
AddressLevel 2, 402-410 Chapel Rd
Bankstown NSW 2200
Phone1300 123 865
Operating HoursMon to Fri 9AM–5PM

They at TMJ Clinic believe in multi-disciplinary treatment for your medical issues. The dentist focuses on muscular aspects of TMJ disorders. Patients with muscular jaw and neck pain are treated by physiotherapists. Dr Samuel Kim is their lead doctor. Dr. Kim is particularly interested in the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder, which frequently necessitates specialized and multidisciplinary care. TMD is a specialist area of therapy.

Key Differentiators:

  • Specialised and multidisciplinary care
  • Leading TMJ specialist
  • Provide a full range of other oral surgery services

Customer’s Review:

Dr Samuel Kim is a wizard at TMJ replacement! He replaced my jaw joint and released me from my arthritic pain. Forever grateful for the full movement I have regained. Can not thank him enough.

Stephanie petreski

3) Sydney Maxillofacial Surgery

Key ServiceProfessional & soothing atmosphere
Phone(02) 9264 1505
Operating HoursMon to Fri 9AM–5PM

With locations across Sydney, they provide the most up-to-date and extensive array of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery treatments. At Sydney Maxillofacial Surgery, they want to provide a soothing and professional atmosphere with individualized patient care as the primary goal. Dr Tristan Madden is the principal Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and Specialist.

Key Differentiators:

  • Most extensive array of oral & maxillofacial surgery treatments
  • Professional & soothing atmosphere
  • Individualized patient care

Customer’s Review:

Dr Madden is a very caring and thorough surgeon, I had corrective jaw surgery Sydney with brilliant results, he always reassured me and took the time to make sure I understood everything, highly recommended, thank you again!

Jessica Abela

4) Dr Maryam Seyedabadi

Key ServiceSpecialized training in orthognathic and facial plastic surgery
AddressEdgecliff Practice Suite 609,
180 Ocean Street
Edgecliff NSW 2027
Phone1300 157 200

Because of the enormous amount of training and expertise required to correct a jaw problem, it’s unusual for a single surgeon to have it all. Dr Maryam Seyedabadi, on the other hand, is a plastic surgeon with both a medical and dental education as well as substantial aesthetic surgery training. She is one of the few specialists in Sydney who has received specialized training in orthognathic and facial plastic surgery. Her experience enables her to achieve aesthetic success while fixing jaw anomalies.

Key Differentiators:

  • One of the few specialists in Sydney
  • Specialized training in orthognathic and facial plastic surgery
  • Achieves aesthetic success while fixing jaw anomalies

5) Profilo Surgical

Key ServiceInformative & confident staff
AddressGround Floor, 33 Albion
Street Surry Hills NSW 2000
Phone1300 323 822
Operating HoursMon to Fri 8AM–5PM

Profilo Surgical’s oral and maxillofacial surgeons work together to ensure that every stage of your surgical procedure is handled by someone who is familiar with and experienced with it. From your initial consultation through after care, they ensure that you are informed and confident in the hands of their professional and caring staff.

Key Differentiators:

  • Experienced oral & maxillofacial surgeons
  • Informative & confident staff
  • Gives excellent support the initial consultation to aftercare

Customer’s Review:

Getting jaw surgery with profilo has been nothing but a positive experience. At every step of the way I was in good hands with Dr Coceancig, the hospital nursing staff, and the staff at profilo. I am very pleased with my result -in terms of both function and aesthetics- but this wasn’t surprising given the meticulous planning done.

Anthony Newman

6) Oral Facial & Implant Surgery (OFIS)

Key ServiceHighly educated & trained experts
AddressSuite 8, Level 4, Sydney Southwest Private Hospital, Bigge St, Liverpool.
Phone02 9601 5111
Operating HoursMon to Fri 8:30AM–5PM

Oral Facial and Implant Surgery (OFIS) is a team of surgical specialists that specialize in oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, and jaw surgery. They are made up of both oral and maxillofacial surgeons. OFIS specialists are highly educated and trained experts in their own areas. They have gone through advanced formal education and training in their specialized fields, giving them a level of knowledge and expertise that no one else can match. You may sleep well at night knowing you’re being treated by an expert in your field.

Key Differentiators:

  • Team of specialists
  • Highly educated & trained experts
  • Advanced formal education & training
  • You’re treated by an expert in your field

Customer’s Review:

Dr Lau and her assistant were just so warming and welcoming, absolutly loved every minute I was in there with them. They both made me feel so comfortable.

Amanda Swami

7) Asian Plastic Surgery

Key ServiceFully trained Australian-based expert plastic surgeons
Phone(02) 4607 2750

Asian Plastic Surgery takes great pleasure in treating each patient with the greatest care, skill, and courtesy. Their fully trained Australian-based expert plastic surgeons feel that Asian individuals deserve cosmetic surgery that is tailored to their particular requirements and objectives. Whether you want to improve your face or body, the Asian Plastic Surgery team is eager to assist you in achieving balance and harmony.

Key Differentiators:

  • Fully trained Australian-based expert plastic surgeons
  • Tailored cosmetic surgery for Asian individuals
  • Establish a comprehensive surgical plan 

Customer’s Review:

Dr Choy had performed an Asian Eyelid surgery on me 6 weeks ago, and I’ve been extremely happy with the recovery and results. Dr Choy’s team took great care of me from the initial consultation to the post-op and examinations. I’d highly recommend Dr Choy and his team.

Jennifer Hay

8) Ortho3

Key ServiceDeliver high-quality orthodontic care
AddressSuite 5, Level 9, 229 Macquarie St Sydney NSW 2000
Phone02 9389 0980
Operating HoursThursday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Ortho3 strives to deliver high-quality orthodontic care that exceeds the expectations of their patients, parents, and referring specialists in a warm and personable atmosphere. Their approach to treatment combines orthopedic, orthodontic, and orthognathic methods to restore dental malocclusion (bites), as well as facial development (orthognathia). The goal of a skin resurfacing treatment is to rejuvenate your appearance and remove fine lines, wrinkles and pigment irregularities. Treatments are extremely personalized in order to innovate and enhance your experience.

Key Differentiators:

  • Deliver high-quality orthodontic care
  • Offers skin resurfacing treatment
  • Very personalized treatments

9) Sydney Oral & Facial Surgery

Key ServiceUses cutting-edge surgical techniques
AddressSuite 6, Level 2
6 McIntosh Street
Chatswood NSW 2067
Phone(02) 99046866
Operating HoursMonday to Friday
8.30 am to 5.00 pm

Drs Lim and Rix of Sydney Oral & Facial Surgery are specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The removal of impacted wisdom teeth and complex dental extractions, the display of unerupted teeth, the treatment of oral illnesses, oral pathology, dental trauma, and jaw fractures are all part of endodontics. They employ cutting-edge surgical techniques based on strong scientific evidence. They recognize that surgery may be a traumatic experience for their patients, and they work hard to minimize anxiety by taking an empathetic and gentle approach.

Key Differentiators:

  • Specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Uses cutting-edge surgical techniques
  • Recognize that surgery may be a traumatic experience
  • Empathetic and gentle approach

Customer’s Review:

I am halfway through the treatment and I can say Dr Lim and her team are truly amazing. I look forward to seeing the end result.

Mate Farac

10) Dr Kristian van Mourik

Key ServiceExtensive knowledge of oral, facial, dental, and neck diseases
Address104/568 Oxford St
Bondi Junction 2022, NSW
Phone(02) 9416 4809
Operating HoursMonday – Friday 8.30am to 5pm

Dr Kristian van Mourik is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with extensive knowledge of oral, facial, dental, and neck diseases. He has extensive training and abilities in oral surgery, having received a surgeon, doctor, and dentist degree. Dr van Mourik’s 16 years of study and training have been complemented by over 10 years of surgical experience. He is a skilled surgeon with an excellent reputation for delivering precise surgery. His meticulous findings are frequently presented as case studies in hospital training sessions.

Key Differentiators:

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
  • Extensive knowledge of oral, facial, dental, and neck diseases
  • Skilled surgeon with an excellent reputation

Customer’s Review:

Dr Kristian van Mourik and his team are highly professional and dedicated to caring their patients throughout the treatment journey.

Crystal Zeng

Jaw Surgery Sydney

Jaw surgery Sydney is a complex and delicate process that should only be performed by a qualified professional. We have provided you with a list of the best jaw surgery services in Sydney so that you can find the right provider for your needs. All of the providers on our list are fully trained and experienced in providing high-quality jaw surgery Sydney services. So, whether you are looking for cosmetic or medical jaw surgery, we have got you covered.

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