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10 Best Kids Scooters in Australia [2023]

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Best Kids Scooter Australia
Best Kids Scooter Australia

Kids Scooter Australia

Kids scooters are one of the best kids toys out there. They have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with kids wanting to get outside and enjoy some fresh air on their own. When it comes to kids scooters, Australia has a lot of options for you. We have compiled 10 of the best kids scooters that are currently available in this country so that you can pick which is right for your child!

1. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Key FeaturesLarge wheels allow for a smoother ride, even over cracks and crevices
The lightest Razor scooter option for older kids and teens
Four colour choices
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The handlebars on the Razor A5 Lux may be adjusted much higher than other Razor scooters, making it ideal for 10-year-olds and especially tall children. Some youngsters as young as 8 would benefit from this option. If they’re already scooting and don’t require a soft or plastic deck, this might be a fantastic alternative. It’s available in four distinct color options, so it’ll suit any kid.

2. Mookie Scootie Bug Bumble Bee Scooter

Key FeaturesThree wheels for added stability
Lean to steer technology
Fold down handlebar for easy transport and storage
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The Mookie Scootie Bug Bumble Bee is a fantastic first scooter for kids aged two to six years old. The bright-coloured bumblebee scooter has three broad wheels for additional stability, soft grips on an adjustable handlebar to grow with your child, and non-scratching wheels so that they can ride indoors and outside without damaging your flooring.

3. Lascoota Dual Suspension

Key FeaturesComes with a carry strap to make it super easy to carry
Handlebars fold with an easy push button system
Non-slip, weight absorbing, and extra wide deck that ensures a secure footing and comfortable ride
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Lascoota Dual Suspension is a lightweight and robust scooter with a front suspension and high-quality PU wheels for shock absorption and smooth riding. This two-wheeled vehicle can carry children as well as adults weighing up to 100 kg. The handlebars may be adjusted to four different heights, and the scooter comes in a variety of vibrant hues with a convenient shoulder strap for when it’s folded up.

4. Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter

Key FeaturesLightweight alloy deck
Full-coverage MaxGrip on the alloy deck and steel brake
100 mm high impact wheels and durable ABEC-7 bearings to provide smooth non-slip riding
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The Mongoose Rise 100 is the best scooter for 8-year-olds and up who are just getting started with scooting. It’s a fantastic choice for first-time scooterers who don’t want to spend a lot of money so you can see whether or not your kid likes it before investing in a more expensive model. The Maxgrip material on the whole deck, as well as the brakes, ensures that children can scoot swiftly and comfortably. The one-piece “T bar” style handlebars provide excellent strength while the soft grip makes it quite pleasant to scoot for longer periods of time.

5. Scoot & Ride Highwaybaby+

Key FeaturesTransform from a Balance Bike to a Scooter within seconds with a simple push button
2 rear wheels which allow it to stand on its own
Injected frame with steel fork and handle-bar
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The simple push-button makes Scoot & Ride Highwaybaby+ convertable from a balance bike to a scooter and back again in seconds. There are no tools necessary, and toddlers can even do it themselves because there are no fiddly screws or clamps to mess with.

The Highwaybaby+ is extremely lightweight at just over 3kg, making it easy for parents to drag or carry when their children become bored. It has a big rear wheel brake pad, and the two color choices ensure that it isn’t only the greatest scooter for boys but also one of the finest girls scooters on the market.

6. Bloodyrippa Foldable Kick Scooter

Key FeaturesAdjustable-height handle
20cm diameter wheels is made of tough and durable PU materials
Rear fender brake for emergency and safety stops
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The Bloodyrippa Foldable Kick Scooter has a weight restriction of 100 kg and a rear brake as well as a mudguard to protect you from puddles. The scooter’s body is composed of durable carbon steel, while the footboard is made out of a strong aluminium alloy. It can be folded or easily carried, and the handlebars may be adjusted for height to accommodate riders of all ages. If you’re looking for the best scooter for 8-year-olds and up, it might be worth a second look.

7. Eurotrike Xero 12 BMX Scooter

Key FeaturesSuitable from 3+ years
12″ Steel wheels with pump up tyres
Adjustable handlebars with crossbar and safety pad set
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The Eurotrike Xero is a fantastic scooting option for those who live in remote areas or expect their youngster to move about on grassy areas frequently. The huge 12 inches, pump up tires absorb impact well and provide for a considerably smoother ride over grassed or rough terrain.

8. Little Archer & Co Three Wheel Toddler/Child Scooter

Key FeaturesAdjustable handlebars (four different heights)
3 wheels and large deck for standing
Lean and steer technology
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This scooter from Archer and Co is a great choice for those on a budget. This one includes an adjustable handlebar to adapt to your child’s growth and a huge, sturdy deck to assist them locate their food. Lean and steer technology is used in its construction, ensuring maximum stability.

9. Zoomy Leisure 2-in-1 Mini Scooter with Removable Seat

Key FeaturesRemovable seat and height adjustable handlebars
LED wheels that light up while moving
Lean and steer mechanism
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The Zoomy Leisure 2-in-1 is the ideal first scooter for toddlers, thanks to its vast adaptability and potential to develop with your child. The seat allows youngsters as young as 18 months old to push along in a safe manner. The larger front wheels on this scooter absorb shock over rough surfaces well and the large deck sits low to the ground, providing a stable ride. The handlebars are cushioned with a soft grip coating, making steering with the flexible lean and steer system quite simple.

10. Micro Sprite Kids Scooter

Key FeaturesAdjustable handlebars
Easy to fold and carry on public transport
Stands up on it’s own
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It’s simple to fold, and it’s lightweight enough to transport around. It’s comparable to many of the other choices on the market. The greatest thing about the Micro Sprite, though, is its immense handlebar adjustment range of 30 cm, which is significantly more than any other scooter on this list.

Kids Scooter Australia

Australia has a huge selection of kids scooters to choose from. If you’re looking for the best kids scooter, it’s worth considering all your options carefully and doing some research on each before making a decision. We hope this article was helpful in guiding you towards finding the perfect kids scooter!

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