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7 Best Korean Fried Chicken Sydney Choices [2023]

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Best Korean Fried Chicken Sydney
Best Korean Fried Chicken Sydney

Korean Fried Chicken Sydney

Korean fried chicken is a dish that originated in Korea. It has become popular all around the world, with many variations now available. If you are looking for Korean fried chicken Sydney then this list will be perfect for you. Each Korean restaurant on this list offers Korean fried chicken that is delicious and unique in its own way!

1. Chicken V

Key ServicesKorean Fried Chicken Sydney
Address345b Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone+61 2 9267 5401
Operating Hours12pm-1am daily

For individuals who simply want to sample a variety of tastes, Chicken V is the way to go. We’re talking about snow flake, honey butter, ridiculous spicy, shallot, curry, seasoned (with typical gochugang-based sweet and spicy sauce), soy seasoned, cream cheese, malatang and onion. You’ll lose some quality by doing that, since you can only get boneless chunks from the tray (pieces on the bone are generally more flavorful and delicate). If you’re after quality rather than novelty, don’t forget about the classic (crisp batter, no sauce).

2. NeNe

Key ServicesKorean Fried Chicken Sydney
AddressShop 3445, Herring Rd &, Waterloo Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia
Phone+61 2 8964 2698
Operating Hours11:30am-8:30pm Sunday to Wednesday, 11am-9:30pm Thursday to Saturday

To give us all the crispy deliciousness we’ve been missing out on for so long, one of South Korea’s most popular fried chicken establishments has gone down under. The Australian franchise of the Korean institution will maintain everything as authentically as possible, with every bit of those delicious sauces coming straight from Korea.

3. Danjee Korean BBQ Restaurant

Key ServicesKorean Fried Chicken Sydney
Address1/7 Albion Place, Sydney CBD
Phone(02) 8084 9041
Operating Hours12pm-2pm and 5pm-9pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm-3pm and 5pm-10pm Friday to Saturday, 12pm-2:30pm and 5pm-9pm Sunday

If you’re looking for some genuine Korean food, this is the place to go. Danjee offers their Korean fried chicken in five different varieties: regular, boneless, sweet and spicy, garlic, and Noonkkot, where the chicken is tossed in a special cheese powder.

4. Chicken Institute

Key ServicesKorean Fried Chicken Sydney
Address80 Campbell St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Phone+61 2 8592 6230
Operating Hours5pm-10pm Wednesday to Monday, 12pm-3pm and 5pm-10pm Friday

Their ‘Damn Good’ fried chicken is a nod to Korean fast food. At Chicken Institute, it’s all about community, which may make sharing after your first bite of their delicate, delicious pieces of chicken a little difficult. You might also pick up some kimchi to go with your chicken, or if you’re feeling daring, try the kimchi poutine; you will not be sorry.

5. Red Pepper Bistro

Key ServicesKorean Fried Chicken Sydney
Phone02 9701 0911
Operating Hours11am-9:30pm Sunday to Thursday, 11am-10pm Friday and Saturday

Red Pepper is a well-known institution in the Korean community, as well as for Strathfieldians and anybody else who is crazy about Korean fried chicken. The Strathfield Sports Club’s charm helps to build part of its mystique, but Red Pepper’s renown is mostly due to its chicken. A 12-hour marinade delivers maximum moisture, while a double-fry policy ensures that the batter stays crisp even after bathing in copious amounts of cinnamon-spiked gangjeong sauce or chilli paste.

6. Flying Tong

Key ServicesKorean Fried Chicken Sydney
Address99 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
Phone+61 2 8056 5985
Operating Hours5pm-9:30pm Monday to Saturday

The Australian-inspired fusion cuisine of Flying Tong takes a different approach. Instead of following the traditional arrangements, it uses four new adaptations, including a sweet and spicy number garnished in peanuts and parsley, a soy-garlic variation with sesame seeds, and an extra-spicy dish toasted after cooking with coriander leaves.

7. Sparrow’s Mill

Key ServicesKorean Fried Chicken Sydney
Address3/116-120 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone02 9805 1260
Operating Hours11am-8:30pm Monday to Sunday, 11am-9:30pm Friday

The Sparrow’s Mill is a relative newcomer to the Korean fried chicken industry in Sydney, and it’s already quite well-known. There are 12 different kinds of Korean fried chicken on the menu, including snow cheese chicken, which is dusted with cheese powder. Sounds strange, but it’s strangely addicting.

Korean Fried Chicken Sydney

Korean fried chicken has become a staple in Sydney, with restaurants popping up all over the place. Whether you’re looking for kimchi fries or katsu curry, there’s something on this list to satisfy your cravings. If you haven’t tried Korean Fried Chicken before and want to find out where the best places are, these 7 establishments should be at the top of your list!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rate of Korean friend chicken in Sydney?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the price of Korean fried chicken can vary depending on the specific restaurant and location. However, a quick search online indicates that the average price for a plate of Korean fried chicken in Sydney is around $15 AUD.

What’s so special about Korean fried chicken ?

Korean fried chicken is a popular dish that is often enjoyed as a snack or meal. The chicken is typically marinated in a variety of spices before being double-fried to create a crispy outer coating. Korean fried chicken is often served with a dipping sauce, such as a gochujang (chili pepper paste) based sauce.

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