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8 Best Osteopath Melbourne Has To Offer [2024]

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Osteopath Melbourne

Best Osteopath Melbourne
Best Osteopath Melbourne

Osteopathy is a gentle, hands-on method of treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. The goal of osteopathic treatment is to find the source of your problems. Following therapy, you should have less symptomatic pain and discomfort. This can have a significant impact on your overall health and lifestyle. Osteopaths recognize the linked nature of the human body and strive to cure the underlying cause of your issue. Keeping this in mind, you should be aware of the best osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

1. City Osteopathy

Key ServicesOsteopathy, Clinic Pilates, Remedial Massage, Ergonomic Assessment, Corporate Health Services, Running Coaching and Sports Injuries Treatment
Address504/131 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone+61 3 9663 5450
Operating Hours8AM – 7PM Mondays – Fridays

City Osteopathy is a premier osteopathic practice located in Melbourne’s CBD. Dr. Shane Heslop and Dr. Rohan Armstrong, the two clinics’ chief osteopaths and proprietors, each have over 25 years of expertise. The osteopathic team consists of independent contractor osteopaths who consult in both clinics and are genuinely committed to assisting their patients in understanding, managing, and finding relief from pain and suffering. They are ideally situated to give you a full wellbeing center thanks to their group of experienced, independent contractor, and highly certified osteopaths, their state-of-the-art pilates studio, myotherapy, massage treatment, and exercise rehabilitation talents. This is why they are regarded as one of the top osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • 25 years of experience
  • State-of-the-art facilities

Customer Testimonial:

“Shane Heslop is an absolutely brilliant Osteopath. My whole family have been going to Shane for many years. Highly skilled, very caring and very experienced. I could not recommend Shane more highly.”

Hayden Mai

2. Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic

Key ServicesOsteopathy, Myotherapy, Clinical Exercise Rehabilitiation, Massage Therapy, Assessment of Condition, Postural Analysis, Specific Orthopedic Tests.
AddressSuite 4, Level 5/131 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone+61 3 9663 4460
Operating Hours8:30AM – 7PM Mondays – Fridays

Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic, located in the Melbourne CBD and Docklands, has been serving the broader Melbourne region for over 15 years. Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic, being a fully multidisciplinary clinic, also employs Melbourne qualified Myotherapists, Remedial Massage Therapists, and Podiatrists. Each of Their practitioners lives up to their high standards for a patient-centered approach to treatment. Their staff collaborates to provide the greatest results for you, their clients. You can anticipate a complete evaluation with hands-on treatment and guidance, as well as a rehabilitation program suited to your unique injury needs. This is why they are regarded as one of the top osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • 15 years of experience
  • Fully multidisciplinary

Customer Testimonial:

“I would highly recommend Luke Gallo for nerve and muscular injuries. Luke effectively treated neck and upper back pain due to an injury sustained playing football. Luke was professional, knowledgeable and holistic in his treatment plan. The issue is now resolved and I am back playing pain-free.”

James Sama

3. Body & Health Creation

Key ServicesTrusted Osteopath and Remedial Massage, Massage, Dry Needling, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Pediatric, Sports Massage, Cupping Therapy, Pregnancy Massage
AddressSuite 7, Level 1/33 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia
Phone+61 3 9329 9889
Operating Hours8:30AM – 7PM Mondays – Fridays | 9AM – 1PM Saturdays

Melbourne-based Osteopath Robert Amato was certain there was a better alternative than assessing each patient case according to industry practice. Seeing things differently than the industry usual, Robert founded Body & Health Creation in mid-2014 to provide the finest client experience possible. He opened the clinic in North Melbourne in June 2014, providing a one-of-a-kind boutique modern relaxing vibe, full of natural lighting, stunning genuine plants, and so much more. When you step into Body & Health Creation, we strive to provide the best client experience possible. This is why they are regarded as one of the top osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Boutique modern relaxing vibe
  • Dedicated to providing the best client experience

Customer Testimonial:

“Rob is a fabulous Osteo. He has helped me recover quickly from shoulder & lower back injuries and I always feel amazing after my treatments. I also appreciate that Rob is always punctual and manages his time well. I’m super happy that I’ve found a great Osteopath, who also happens to be a great guy! Highly recommended.”

Joanne Borg

4. Muscular Myotherapy

Key ServicesMuscular Myotherapy Services, specialized intra-muscular and neuro-muscular approach, release muscular-caused pains of the back, neck & joints
AddressClinic Suite 1.1, 229 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161, Australia
Phone+61 412 159 881
Operating Hours10AM – 8PM Mondays – Thursdays | 10AM – 5PM Fridays

The Muscular Myotherapy Facility is an award-winning and comprehensive health clinic. It was formed on a vision to assist in achieving and then maintaining realistic pain-free, varied ranging motions required by many of its clients’ specific lives, day to day, from diverse walks of life. This was accomplished through their specific intra-muscular and neuro-muscular methods. Their expertise is in relieving muscle problems in the back, neck, and joints, freeing physical motions, and pushing the mind’s limitations. This distinction is made from a position of practical clarity and honesty. This is why they are regarded as one of the top osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Award-winning
  • Comprehensive health clinic

Customer Testimonial:

“I am so fortunate to have found Ilya after suffering from constant back pain and tightness. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after a session with him and always look forward to my next visit. Ilya is professional and friendly and I highly recommend him and his amazing services.”

Kristine Ortiz

5. South Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic

Key ServicesAcute or Chronic Muscular Pain, Headaches & Migraines, Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, Sports Injuries, Postural Problems, Asthma, Pregnancy related pains
Address179 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park VIC 3206, Australia
Phone+61 3 9537 2494
Operating Hours8:30AM – 7PM Mondays – Fridays | 8AM – 2PM Saturdays

South Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic’s concept is simple: each client is unique, thus each treatment is unique. Their approach is professional, kind, thorough, and effective, and they deliver a diagnosis, treatment, and pain relief on your first visit. Their approach includes pain and injury treatment and management, as well as techniques for preventing future occurrences. The objective is to restore your health as rapidly and effectively as possible. They are devoted and capable of bringing you quick relief and excellent rehabilitation whether it be a recent injury or discomfort, or a long-term condition that has resisted past treatments. This is why they are regarded as one of the top osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Personalized approach
  • First visit relief

Customer Testimonial:

“I stopped going to this clinic several years ago because he fixed a lower back pain I had seen multiple specialists about for thirty years. Now my partner is receiving the most wondrous care from a true expert – cannot recommend highly enough.”

Tony Plunkett

6. Elite Osteopathy

Key Servicessporting, occupational, postural pain, muscle pain, joint pain and misalignment, massage, manipulation, cracking, dry needling, stretching and rehab exercises
AddressInside The Good Life Clinic, 70 Commercial Rd, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia
Phone+61 3 8807 4770
Operating Hours12PM – 8PM Mondays – Thursdays | 10AM – 3PM Fridays | 9AM – 2PM Saturdays

Elite Osteopathy is housed at The Good Life Clinic in Prahran. They are opposite Officeworks and are positioned between Chapel Street and Punt Road. Their Osteos are devoted to achieving the greatest results in the fewest amount of treatments feasible by combining experience, caring, and honesty. They accomplish this by continually listening to the patient and creating a treatment plan to their specific needs. Their Osteopaths are at the cutting edge of current research and provide a service that is based on professionalism and results. This is why they are regarded as one of the top osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Positioned between Chapel Street and Punt Road
  • Listens to the patient
  • Ongoing research

Customer Testimonial:

“Just went to see Anthony today. I was 15mins late due to the traffic but lucky I still got to see him. He’s professional and easy going. The session went really well and even now I feel much better. Looking forward to my next appointment with him next week!”

Ben Ren

7. Healthy Living Osteopathy

Key ServicesMuscle, Joint or Spinal Pain, Sports Injuries, Chronic Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Sciatica, Or Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Knee, Ankle Problems
Address49 Wyong St, Keilor East VIC 3033, Australia
Phone+61 3 9336 7230
Operating Hours8AM – 8PM Fridays | 9AM – 5PM Saturdays

They are concerned. They are meticulous. They will locate the source of the problem. They are dedicated to offering the greatest customised strategy to relieving your pain and getting you back to feeling better, stronger, and enjoying your favorite activity. Their thorough and holistic approach means that they will assist you in addressing other problems such as stress, lack of quality sleep, work postures, home tasks, exercise, and food, as well as including some truly useful tactics to provide you with long-term relief. This is why they are regarded as one of the top osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Thorough and holistic
  • Dedicated to offering the greatest relief

Customer Testimonial:

“I cannot recommend Healthy Living Osteopathy enough. I see Kerry for chronic neck pain and she has improved my quality of life. Kerry is goal orientated, professional and insightful in the carrying out of her treatment. I especially appreciate her diligent commitment to client centred care.”


8. East St Kilda Sports & Spinal Clinic

Key Servicesrelieve, manage and prevent muscle and joint pain, osteopathy, remedial massage, exercise physiology and Pilates, treat muscle and joint pain including back pain, sports injuries, headaches, migraines, postural related pain, pregnancy related pain, chronic conditions and diseases, stress
AddressShop 2/486 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127, Australia
Phone+61 3 9830 7044
Operating Hours7:30AM – 8PM Mondays – Thursdays | 7:30AM – 6PM Fridays | 7:30AM – 1PM Saturdays

Their osteopathic clinic is on Dandenong Road, which is only a 5-minute drive from St Kilda, Prahran, Caulfield, Malvern, Armadale, and South Yarra. They are skilled pilates practitioners who are up to speed with current research regarding spinal stability for safe training and injury treatment at East St Kilda Sports & Spinal Clinic. Their osteopathy expertise provides us with excellent abilities in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and movement dysfunction treatment. They are known as holistic therapists because they consider the broad picture and treat the issues that may have contributed to the initial injury. This is why they are regarded as one of the top osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Skilled pilates practitioners
  • Up to speed with current research
  • Holistic therapists

Customer Testimonial:

“Rodney and Luke have helped me immensely through my recovery process. They have helped reduce my chronic migraines and back pains to be almost non existent. They are extremely friendly and helpful. I could not recommend them any higher! Definitely go here!”

Ben Glazer

Osteopath Melbourne

Osteopaths are recognized as primary health care practitioners after completing at least five years of postsecondary study. This education and experience means you’re in good hands and can be certain that your osteopath is looking at your whole health and knows the consequences of your problem. Osteopathic therapy seeks to restore your body’s movement and mobility while also restoring your health. We hope this information assists you in locating the best osteopath Melbourne has to offer.

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