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7 Best Podiatrists in Australia [2023]

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Best Podiatrist Australia
Best Podiatrist Australia

Podiatrist Australia

Are you struggling with foot pain? If so, it’s time to find a podiatrist. Podiatrists are experts in the medical field who specialize in podiatric medicine. They are able to diagnose and treat all sorts of foot-related problems. In this blog post, we will list 7 podiatrists that are located in Australia and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to check out the table below for more information about these podiatrists!

1. Dr. Angelo Velho – Mount Lawley Physiotherapy & Podiatry Clinic

Key ServicesRoutine Foot Care, Diabetic care, Inflammatory conditions, Heel Pain, Common Foot Conditions
Address1/687 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6050
Phone(08) 9271 8805
Operating Hours8am-7pm Monday and Friday, 7am-7pm Tuesday to Thursday, 8am-1pm Saturday

Dr. Angelo Velho earned his Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine from the University of Western Australia after studying podiatry in Brazil and Germany. While a student, he worked with notable footwear retailers in Perth and gained insight and knowledge about current shoe trends. Dr. Velho has a wide range of expertise in all areas of podiatry, but he is especially interested in pediatrics and sports-related injuries. He can also help people find out more about diabetes foot care and offer advice on all nail issues.

2. Joanne Byster-Bowles – The Foot and Balance Centre

Key ServicesGeneral nail care, Ingrown toenails and surgery, Orthoses and arch supports, Shoewear advice for children, workers, and diabetics, Sports-related injuries, Plantar fasciitis treatment, Heel pain, Pediatric related foot-care
Address1/419 Golden Four Dr, Tugun QLD 4224
Phone(07) 5534 7879
Operating Hours8am-5pm Monday to Friday

Joanne Byster-Bowles, a podiatrist, runs and owns the Foot and Balance Centre. The facility was originally founded in 1986 as a single-specialist practice before evolving into the multi-disciplinary organization it is now. The office, which contains three treatment rooms, is well equipped for little surgical procedures like ingrown toe nail removal or warts. Custom orthotics and soft insoles may also be produced and moulded on-site using foot balance machines and scanners to analyze pressure patterns.

3. Dr. Anna Morgan – Podantics Podiatry

Key ServicesGeneral Podiatry, Heel Pain Centre, Children’s Podiatry, Skin & Nail Care, Cracked Heels, Diabetic Podiatry, Biomechanics & Orthotics, Nail Surgery, Foot & Ankle Injuries
Address5/348 Unley Rd, Hyde Park SA 5061
Phone(08) 8272 8755
Operating Hours9am-3pm Monday, 9am-6pm Tuesday, 9am-5pm Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30am-1pm Friday

After graduating from University of South Australia in 2006, Dr. Anna Morgan spent the better part of her first year as a podiatrist at Mawson Medical Centre and Adelaide Crows Club Rooms, where she worked in their sports medicine clinic. During this period, she discovered a new interest in heel discomfort and child’s feet.

4. Elouise Carmichael – The Podiatry Practice

Key ServicesIngrown toenail surgery, Orthotic solutions for Chronic Leg and Foot Conditions
Address11/40 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Phone(07) 3391 3900
Operating Hours7am-7pm Monday, 8:30am-7pm Tuesday and Thursday, 7:20am-5pm Wednesday, 8:30am-4pm Friday

Elouise Carmichael is a podiatrist who graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 1994 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry) degree. She previously practiced in Launceston and Townsville before establishing the practice with Anthony Short in 1996.

Elouise is a diabetes educator and foot care practitioner who has contributed to Commonwealth-funded diabetes initiatives run by the Brisbane Inner South & Southside Central Divisions of General Practice, providing education and foot care to persons with diabetes in order to avoid limb-threatening infections or amputations.

5. Jess Steinberg – PridePlus Health

Key ServicesOrthotic treatment of foot and ankle injuries including plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bunions and foot pain, nail and skin care, ingrown toenail surgery, corns and callus
Address4/52 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone(03) 9975 4133
Operating Hours8am-7pm Monday to Friday

Jess Steinberg has proven her skills in podiatry and orthotic therapy after graduating from La Trobe University with a Master’s in Podiatric Practice. Jess combines working clinically in Collins St where she shines with treatment of injuries like plantar fasciitis, arch pain, corns and callus; and her time using 3D modelling to design and print orthotics for podiatrists all over Australia. Not many practicing podiatrists could claim to have had as big an impact on so many different feet in the last 12 months.

6. Dr. Narelle Wyndow – Foot Systems Podiatry

Key ServicesKnee, Foot & Ankle Osteoarthritis, Sports & Exercise Podiatry, Paediatric Podiatry
Address17 Campbell St, Hobart TAS 7000
Phone(03) 6234 4055
Operating Hours8:30am-5:30pm Monday to Thursday, 8:30am-4pm Friday

Dr. Narelle Wyndow has worked as a podiatrist for over 25 years, as well as conducting part-time research for 15 years. She holds a PhD in Sports Medicine and a Graduate Diploma in Human Movement Science. Her doctoral dissertation focused on how shoes and foot orthotics may assist people with kneecap arthritis discomfort.

7. Dr. Louise Buchtmann – Barefeet Podiatry

Key ServicesBunions Treatments, Hip Pain & Ankle Pain, Foot Problems, Ankle Problems, Toe Walking, Flat Feet, Leg Pain, High Arches, Achilles Pain/Problems, Collapsed Feet/Arches, Arch Pain, Lower Back Pain, Calf Pain/Problems, Foot and Leg Alignment, Foot Pain, Rolling in Feet, Ball of the Foot Pain, Shin Splints, Heel Pain, Turf Toe
AddressSuite 802/83 Mount St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone+61 2 9922 3771
Operating HoursBy Appointment

Dr. Louise Buchtmann is the founder and director of Barefeet Podiatry, a clinic that has been treating foot issues since 2008. Louise’s vast experience and understanding are focused on adult and child’s foot pain/ailments. Before 2008, Louise was a Conference Lecturer in Podiatry in London. Louise taught Post Graduate Podiatrists lower limb biomechanics and foot pain and problems at Anglia Ruskin University as a Lecturer.

Podiatrist Australia

In the podiatry industry, there are many podiatrists that specialize in different areas of foot care. The podiatrist you choose should depend on your needs and what type of treatment they offer. If you have a specific problem or pain point, make sure to ask questions about their specialty before making an appointment with them for consultation!

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What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist is a health professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the feet and lower limbs.

What kinds of problems do Podiatrists treat?

Podiatrists can help with a wide range of problems, including:u003cbru003e- foot painu003cbru003e- heel painu003cbru003e- ankle painu003cbru003e- bunionsu003cbru003e- corns and callusesu003cbru003e- ingrown toenailsu003cbru003e- toe deformitiesu003cbru003e- flat feetu003cbru003e- high archesu003cbru003e- heel spursu003cbru003e- Achilles tendonitisu003cbru003e- shin splintsu003cbru003eu003cbru003ePodiatrists use a variety of treatment methods, including:u003cbru003e- manual therapies (such as massage and manipulation)u003cbru003e- exercise programsu003cbru003e- orthotic devices (such as insoles and arch supports)u003cbru003e- footwear adviceu003cbru003e- surgical interventions

How much does it cost to see a Podiatrist in Australia?

The cost of seeing a Podiatrist in Australia can vary depending on the type of treatment you need and your health insurance coverage. Many health insurance policies will cover at least part of the cost of seeing a Podiatrist, so it is always worth checking with your insurer before making an appointment.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you do not have health insurance, or if your policy does not cover Podiatry services, you can expect to pay around $60-$100 for a consultation with a Podiatrist. Prices for other services, such as orthotic devices and surgery, will vary depending on the individual practitioner.

When should I see a Podiatrist?

If you are experiencing any problems with your feet or lower limbs, it is always best to consult a Podiatrist. Podiatrists can help to diagnose and treat conditions that may be causing pain or discomfort, and can also provide advice on how to prevent further problems from developing.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you are unsure whether you need to see a Podiatrist, you can always contact your GP for advice. Your GP may refer you to a Podiatrist if they think it is necessary, or they may be able to provide treatment themselves.

What are the benefits of seeing a Podiatrist?

There are many benefits to seeing a Podiatrist, including:u003cbru003e- Relief from foot and lower limb painu003cbru003e- Improved mobilityu003cbru003e- Increased confidenceu003cbru003e- prevention of further problems from developingu003cbru003ePodiatrists can also provide advice on how to manage conditions that cannot be cured, such as diabetes and arthritis.

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