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7 Best Protein Bars in Australia [2023]

Protein Bar Australia

Best Protein Bars Australia
Best Protein Bars Australia

If you’re looking for the best protein bars in Australia, look no further! In this blog post, we will list 7 of the best protein bars that are currently available in Australia. These protein bars are all high-quality, and they offer a variety of different benefits. So whether you’re looking for a protein bar that is low in sugar or one that is high in antioxidants, we have you covered!

1. Smart Diet Protein Bars

Smart Diet Protein Bars - Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Pinterest)
Smart Diet Protein Bars – Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Pinterest)
Key FeaturesCompletely natural ingredients
A powerful dose of fibre
High quality fats
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The Smart Diet Protein Bars are a quick way to get your protein dose, but they’re also an all-around healthy, natural pick-me-up that doesn’t include any artificial colors, tastes, preservatives or sweeteners. That is followed by the fact that these protein bars are gluten-free, soy-free, GMO free, and have no added sugar or sugar alcohol. With 20g of protein per bar, these bars provide approximately 166 calories and are excellent for those on a diet.

2. Musashi

Musashi - Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Musashi)
Musashi – Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Musashi)
Key FeaturesHigh in protein
Low in sugar
Delicious caramel layer
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Musashi protein bars are high-protein energy balls that are packed with nutrients, fuel performance and enhance recovery. Whether you’re looking for a protein boost post-workout or a hearty nutritious snack on the go, Musashi protein bars are an excellent nutritious option.

3. Warrior Protein Bars

Warrior Protein Bars - Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Warrior)
Warrior Protein Bars – Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Warrior)
Key FeaturesEach crunch bar contains less than 3g of impact carbs
Less than 3g of sugar
Made with crunchy crispy pieces covered in a triple layer of chocolate
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With 20 grams of protein in each bar, Warrior Protein Bars are ideal for people who want to enjoy all their favorite tastes without compromising their health and fitness. The extremely low sugar content and high protein combined with the great taste would guarantee that you become a ‘Team Warrior’ supporter after eating just one of these bars. There are seven Crunch bars in every box, each with flaky delights and seven varieties of Raw flapjack packed with taste. There’s a Warrior Protein Bar you’ll like regardless of which variety you choose.

4. BSc High Protein Low Carb Bar

BSc High Protein Low Carb Bar - Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Body Science)
BSc High Protein Low Carb Bar – Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Body Science)
Key FeaturesHigh Protein
Low Carb
Naturally Stevia sweetened
Where to Buy

BSc High Protein Low Carb Bar is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate bar with over 30% protein and less than 4g of carbs per bar. These bars are free of artificial flavors and are jam-packed with fiber to keep you fuller for longer. You are certain to discover a flavor that appeals to your tastebuds with these 7 mouth-watering varieties.

5. Atkins

Atkins - Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Amazon)
Atkins – Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Amazon)
Key Features10 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber per bar
Keto friendly
2 grams of sugar and 4 grams of net carbs per serving
Where to BuyClick here

Atkins protein bars are an excellent substitute for people on a low carb diet who wish to utilize their bars. Atkins has a range of protein bar flavors, including plant-based and dairy-free, made with the highest quality ingredients that will help you satisfy your appetite.

6. Universal Nutrition Hi Protein Bar

Universal Nutrition Hi Protein Bar - Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Ebay)
Universal Nutrition Hi Protein Bar – Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Ebay)
Key FeaturesHas a good blend of vitamins and minerals
Excellent protein content
Low sugar and carb content
Where to BuyClick here

The Universal Nutrition Hi Protein Bars are low in carbohydrates and sugar, which is a nice change from other protein bars. With high-quality components, you can expect great recuperation times following intense exercises and between sets. It offers a decent amount of protein (33 grams), calories (295), and carbs (30 grams) for your body to consume, yet it has just 1 gram of sugar.

7. Chief Protein Bars

Chief Protein Bars - Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Natural Chemist)
Chief Protein Bars – Protein Bar Australia (Credit: Natural Chemist)
Key FeaturesPaleo, Keto, Gluten Free, Raw and Dairy Free
15g protein per serve
Enriched with Grass Fed Collagen
Where to BuyClick here

The Chief protein bars are a line of all-natural, low-sugar, gluten-free goods that are devoted to your health. The Chief crew is passionate about environmental responsibility and incorporates all good things into each bar! With a variety of sweet and savory protein snacks, Chief bars are an excellent meal-replacement or snack before or after your workout to assist you tide over until supper time!

Protein Bar Australia

These protein bars are a great option for those looking to get protein on the go, whether you’re an athlete or someone who likes to eat healthy. The protein content and low sugar and carb levels in these protein bars make them ideal for people with diabetes or anyone else trying to maintain their weight. If you’ve been searching all over town but can’t find the perfect protein bar that caters to your needs, look no further than Australia’s best selection of protein bars!

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