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10 Best Pull Up Bars in Sydney [2023]

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Pull Up Bar Sydney

Best Pullup Bar Sydney
Best Pullup Bar Sydney

Looking for the best pull up bars in Sydney? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best options available to you. We’ll go over the different features that each pull up bar Sydney has to offer, as well as some of the pros and cons of each one. So whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something more luxurious, we have you covered!

1) AmazeFan Pull Up Bar Doorway with Ergonomic Grip

Key FeatureHas 2 detachable buffer plastic pads
Where to BuyClick here

The AmazeFan is a look at what could’ve been a basic simple design, fine-tuning it for the ideal in-home exercise. A dipping eyelet allows you to attach a punching bag to this bar, ensuring that you’ll never have to visit the gym again. It has everything you need for a safer, more efficient session. It also comes with two wrist wraps for optimum protection.

Key Differentiators:

  • Ready for immediate use
  • Solid steel construction for maximum stability
  • Has 2 detachable buffer plastic pads

2) GoFit Elevated 91cm Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups/Push-Ups/Sit-Ups Portable Fitness Bar Red

Key FeatureCushioned tubing for comfort
Where to BuyClick here

The Elevated Chin Up Station takes chin ups to a new level—literally. Our multi-purpose Chin Up Station has a new patent-pending design that elevates you above the door frame, giving you greater clearance and full range of motion for a better workout. Wrap-around armrest and cup holders for optimum comfort. The cushioned tubing where the unit contacts with the door frame is padded.

Key Differentiators:

  • Chin ups are elevated above the door frame
  • Cushioned tubing for comfort
  • Has wrap-around armrest and cup holders

3) VUP Pull Up Bar for Doorway Chin Up Bar

Key Feature3 levels of adjustability
Where to BuyClick here

The VUP pull up bar is a slim, solid product that doesn’t skimp on features. It’s affordably priced and offers multiple grip options to suit your preference. The grips are all made from seamless steel measuring 2.0 mm in thickness, and the bars come in several sizes. With no bend and no danger of fracture, this sturdy steel beam can support a weight of up to 440 pounds / 200 kg without losing any strength. It’s also an attractive metalwork regardless of appearance.

Key Differentiators:

  • Easy to install
  • 2.0 mm thickness seamless steel, solid strength up to 440lb load without any bend and no risk of break
  • 3 levels of adjustability for walls of different thickness within 4.7 – 11.8 inches

Customer’s Review:

Tried another one that said it would fit when it did not. Put this one together and it fit perfectly, I even have a decent gap to wrap towels to protect my wall. The thickness of my door frame is 6.75inches and the top part of door frame where this will rest is 5.75 inches. If you’re having a hard time finding one that will fit your door frame then this one is it.

Paul E

4) Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Key Feature400lbs weight capacity
Where to BuyClick here

The Men’s Health power tower is a massive, impressive structure with a sturdy frame and three different handles that enable multiple types of workouts. It has a weight capacity of 400lbs, so you can do dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises and more. It’ll take a little more effort to get started than just putting up a bar, and make sure you have a solid, flat surface to place it on. However, once you’ve got it in there should be very little you can’t do with it.

Key Differentiators:

  • 400lbs weight capacity
  • Multiple handles for different types of workouts
  • Some assembly required

Customer’s Review:

Decent pull up bar. I’ve owned this and another popular model and found the other one a bit more sturdy and better designed. This got the job done though.


5) Yes4All Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Key FeatureFoam-wrapped multi-grip design
Where to BuyClick here

The Yes4All is a wall-mounted bar, which means you’ll need to screw it directly into the surface you’re mounting it on. If you’re a renter, this implies making sure whatever you’re putting it on is sturdy enough to support the 300lbs /140kg of weight that this 16-24″ solid steel structure can bear. The foam-wrapped multi-grip design allows you to work every area of your upper body without worrying about slippage.

Key Differentiators:

  • 16-24″ solid steel structure
  • Foam-wrapped multi-grip design
  • Can support up to 300lbs /140kg

Customer’s Review:

I have had this pull up bar for about a month now and it is great. It was very easy to install, the directions were clear, and all of the hardware was included. I would definitely recommend this pull up bar to anyone looking for a good quality, affordable option.

John H

6) Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar

Key FeatureHeavy-duty pull-up bar
Where to BuyClick here

The Titan Fitness is a no-nonsense, heavy-duty pull-up bar that screws right into your wall. It’s there to help you get strong–nothing more, nothing less. It won’t make you a latte or cook your breakfast, but it’ll let you do it yourself. Its simple dimensions ensure that it will fit around or inside the spaces you want it to.

Key Differentiators:

  • Heavy-duty pull-up bar
  • Simple design
  • Fits around or inside spaces

Customer’s Review:

Very sturdy! Great quality! Grip is a bit thicker than I’m used to but I’ll get used to it.


7) Adidas Door Gym

Key FeatureThree grip positions
Where to BuyClick here

The Adidas Door Gym is a cost-effective, space-saving, and adaptable piece of home exercise equipment. Pull-up bars on the door have a lower (110 kg) maximum load capacity, but because they are linked to the door frame, they can support up to 200 kg. The Door Gym has three gripping positions, and it is also height adjustable, allowing you to adapt to the available door space.

Key Differentiators:

  • Foam padded door protectors
  • Three grip positions
  • Unique structure for optimal performance

8) Gronk Fitness – Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

$ 194.99

Key FeaturePowder coated to prevent rust
Where to BuyClick here

The appropriately named Gronk Fitness Ceiling Chin Up Bar takes away the risk of leverage failing or ripping parts out of a wall by opposing your downward pressure. It lets you stack the weight on with a capacity of 800 pounds / 350kg by connecting directly to the ceiling. It also allows you to get crazy with your bodyweight training and start incorporating reverse crunches, kip ups, or skinning the cat into your workouts since it provides stability and security for the ceiling mount.

Key Differentiators:

  • Powder coated to prevent rust
  • Solid fixture that will take any weight up to 800lb
  • Reversible frame to adjust to your space

9) Dip Tower Knee Raise Chin Up Push Up Gym Station

Key FeatureDouble tier dumbbell rack
Where to BuyClick here

The Dip Power Tower is a comprehensive and professional fitness training device that works different parts of the body. Compared to other single-purpose fitness equipment, it gives you a better workout. The most significant advantage of continuing to do pull-ups is that your body, including the muscles that men typically yearn for, will become stronger.

Key Differentiators:

  • Thick, heavy – duty cushions
  • Double tier dumbbell rack
  • Dip station, VKR station for leg and knee raises and targeted ab crunches

10) Xin Multi-Function Pull Up Bar

Key FeatureAdjustable leg holder (length & height) 
Where to BuyClick here

Knee extensions and pull ups are excellent ways to increase upper body strength, tone your muscles, and improve muscular endurance. This Xin Multi-Function Pull Up Bar machine allows you to train these muscle groups while also improving natural upper-body strength and resistance simultaneously. It can handle people up to 120kg. It has to be the right equipment for your home exercise.

Key Differentiators:

  • Heavy-duty steel tubing in white finish 
  • Thick padding for comfort 
  • Adjustable leg holder (length & height) 

Pull Up Bar Sydney

There are many different pull up bar Sydney on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. We’ve listed 10 of the best pull up bar Sydney, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty pull up bar Sydney that will stand up to any weight or a space-saving option that fits inside or around doorways, we have something for everyone. So don’t wait any longer – start shopping today!

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