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18 Best Seafood Melbourne Has To Offer [2024]

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Seafood Restaurants Melbourne

Best Seafood Restaurants Melbourne
Best Seafood Restaurants Melbourne

If you’re looking for some of the best and freshest seafood in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will be highlighting 11 of the best seafood restaurant in Melbourne that offer exquisite dining experience. These restaurants offer a wide variety of delicious seafood dishes that will surely satisfy your lunch or dinner cravings. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Entrecôte

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address142—144 Greville Street, Prahran, 3181
Phone03 9804 5468
Operating Hours12pm-11pm Sunday to Thursday, 12pm-12am Friday and Saturday

A seafood platter is a very easy option, we believe! The dinner of the Entrecôte’s dish was designed for the greatest sea king, and it comes with spanner crab, scampi, prawns, freshly shucked oysters, seashells, and sea urchin. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

2. Bacash

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address175 Domain Road, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Phone+613 9866 3566
Operating Hours12pm-3pm and 6pm-8pm Tuesday to Friday, 6pm-8pm Saturday

Melbourne’s reigning seafood maven Bacash is well-versed in seasonality, species, and the best cooking methods. Inquire about the most recent catch and a must-eat fresh fish, and Bacash will take care of the rest. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

3. Miss Katie’s Crab Shack

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address325 Smith Street Fitzroy, 3065 VIC
Phone03 9419 4780
Operating Hours12pm-9pm Tuesday to Sunday, 3pm-9pm Monday

For years, Katie’s other self has traveled around in a mobile crab shack. It’s docked in North Melbourne, Brunswick, and several other spots throughout the city—but it now appears to have found a permanent home in Fitzroy. Pop on your bib and indulge to work cracking a new South Australian blue swimmer crab with a mallet or some claw crackers. On the side, chase it down with a Bloody Mary Shooter, fresh oysters, or maybe some spiced rum-glazed chicken ribs. Their vegetable, chilli cheese fries are to the side. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

4. The Atlantic

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006 Australia
Phone+61 3 9698 8888
Operating Hours12pm-3pm and 6pm-10pm Wednesday to Sunday

The Atlantic is located within the centre of Crown Melbourne, and you can expect a dining experience unlike any other at this Southbank restaurant. Enjoy a leisurely lunch with views of Southbank from their modern-classic eatery or choose one of their more intimate private dining areas for your next social gathering. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

5. Claypots Evening Star

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address101-103 Cecil Street – South Melbourne, 3205 VIC
Phone03 9645 5779
Operating Hours11am-11pm Tuesday to Sunday

Claypots Evening Star, a street food style restaurant with delectable fresh seafood in the midst of the bustle of the South Melbourne Market, is on Abbotsford Road. Basking outside under colored lights on a hot night is as relaxing as it gets. Every night, live music is performed in this seafood restaurant. The current cuisine is shown on a chalkboard menu, and it’s updated every day. Claypot Evening Star is no doubt one of the best seafood restaurants in Melbourne! This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

6. Pinchy’s

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
AddressL1/200 Bourke St, Melbourne 3000
Phone0420 783 719
Operating Hours5pm-11:45pm Wednesday, 12pm-11:45pm Thursday to Sunday

Pinchy’s is much more than just a favorite roof-top bar. In an open-air balcony, enjoy a glass of champagne and their seafood dishes, which are inspired by the sea. Pinchy’s is committed to making your seafood taste wonderful and ethically sourced. You may now indulge in guilt-free shellfish!

Dishes are small so you can savor every bite. The Pinchy’s lobster roll is a customer favorite- people come back to enjoy it again and again. Apart from lobster rolls, there’s an entire menu of fishy dishes to enjoy, such as kingfish ceviche, king crab taco, and ocean trout cornette. There’s also a “madefreindlier” menu with vegan and gluten-free options like jasmine silken tofu and smoked capsicum cappuccino. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

7. Dear Liza

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address181 St Kilda Road St Kilda, 3182 VIC
Phone03 9534 5492
Operating Hours8:30am-2:30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm Saturday and Sunday

You wouldn’t expect to find some of Melbourne’s finest seafood on the ground level of a chunky apartment complex, but this is Dear Liza’s restaurant. Frustratingly, there is a thicket that appears to be in the way of your access to Morton Bay bugs with chilli, parsley, lemon, and crusty bread, or pop corn salt and pepper calamari—keep looking for Dear Liza; she’s well worth the wait. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

8. Sweet Salt

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address296 High St, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia
Phone+61 3 9482 7158
Operating Hours5pm-9pm Tuesday and Thursday, 3pm-9pm Wednesday, 3pm-10pm Friday, 2pm-10pm Saturday, 2pm-9pm Sunday

Sweet Salt is a shop dedicated to making sustainability its focus. Locally sourced fish is used, because it isn’t your typical greasy fish ‘n’ chips restaurant. Sweet Salt has all of the seafood you’d expect, as well as soft shell crab buns, barramundi, and prawn spring rolls. Take a seat at the polished wooden bar or one of the strappy stools, and enjoy Sweet Salt’s bright and refreshing menu. The perforated whitewashed walls and exposed concrete floor add to the welcoming atmosphere. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

9. Richmond Oysters

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address437 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia
Phone03 9428 5121
Operating Hours8am-5pm Monday and Tuesday, 8am-10pm Wednesday, 8am-11pm Thursday to Sunday

Richmond oysters are some of the best oysters in Melbourne, so don’t skimp on the seafood platter! There are creamy risottos and spiced pastas available too, but as any seafood lover knows, nothing beats fresh seafood. Perfectly cooked scallops and mornay lobster await you; if you’re going to share with someone, make sure it’s with a fellow seafood enthusiast who doesn’t feast much. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

10. Box Seafood Restaurant

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address189 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone+61 3 9663 0411
Operating Hours11:30am-9pm Wednesday, 12pm-9pm Thursday to Saturday, 11:30am-6pm Sundays

Craving fresh seafood? You’ll want to visit Box Seafood Restaurant in Melbourne! They use only the finest Australian produce, ensuring that each dish is perfect. Plus, its central location makes it easy to get to. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or something more luxurious, Box Seafood Restaurant will take care of you. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

11. RST Seafood Restaurant

Key ServicesSeafood Restaurant Melbourne
Address5 Rae St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068, Australia
Phone+61 3 9489 1974
Operating Hours12pm-3pm and 6pm-9pm Tuesday to Friday, 6pm-9pm Saturday

RST Seafood Restaurant is always coming up with fresh new ideas to appeal to Melbourne’s seafood fans. Whether you’re looking for an intimate restaurant setting, a premium function space, or just a chic bar and garden area where you can enjoy some racing events or themed days, this place has it all. This is because they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

12. Sakura Kaiten

Key ServicesClassic Japanese Street Bites, Conveyor Belt Delivery, Sushi, Sashimi
Address282 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone+61 3 9077 1167
Operating Hours11:30AM – 10PM Mondays – Fridays, 12PM – 10PM Saturdays, 12PM – 9PM Sundays

Sakura Kaiten Sushi aspires to achieve the same level of popularity as the cherry blossom it is named for. The restaurant is darkly lit, and the white cherry blossom patterns on the sleek black walls give it a futuristic appearance. The space is confined, and almost every seat places you in front of the sushi train. Any seat has a clear view of the kitchen, where you can see the chefs meticulously chopping and assembling each dish before setting it on a carriage plate with a color-coded pricing label. This is why they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Affordable
  • All you can eat
  • The train has a clear view of the kitchen.

Customer Testimonial:

“Very good food and customers service, more space than the Collin one.”

Kwun Hei Lee

13. Suzuran

Key ServicesTakeaway Sushi & Sashimi, Specialty Japanese Grocery Shop, Serves Alcohol, Sake, Vegetarian Friendly
Address1025-1027 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124, Australia
Phone+61 3 9882 2349
Operating Hours10AM – 6PM Tuesdays – Saturdays, 10AM – 3:30PM Sundays

Suzuran is the premier Japanese grocery and sushi and sashimi takeout vendor in Melbourne. Whether you’re making a Japanese banquet or just cooking for yourself, you’ll find an extensive selection of Japanese products, as well as snacks, drink, beers, and sake. The sushi bar in Suzuran delivers only the freshest fish and finest ingredients. Their highly devoted chefs take great pride in serving the finest sushi and sashimi in Melbourne. Suzuran has the largest assortment of Japanese culinary products in Victoria. There is something for everyone at Suzuran, whether for regular cooking, a quick snack, or a special occasion. This is why they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Extensive Japanese product selection
  • Fresh sushi and sashimi
  • Pride in serving the finest sushi and sashimi in Melbourne.

Customer Testimonial:

“Excellent little Japanese supermarket and takeaway sushi bar in one. Great selection, including large pieces of sashimi grade fish that you can slice yourself. Great prices for takeaway sushi, nigiri and sashimi.”

Aaron Luo

14. Saké Restaurant & Bar

Key ServicesFine Contemporary Japanese Dining, Sake Bar, Cocktails, Creative Banquet Menus, Artful Sushi, Delicate Sashimi, Saké’s Signature Soundtrack
Address100 St Kilda Rd, Southbank VIC 3004, Australia
Phone+61 3 9119 4799
Operating Hours5:30PM – 8:30PM Wednesdays – Thursdays, 12PM – 3PM, 5:30PM – 10PM Fridays – Saturdays, 12PM – 3PM, 5:30PM – 8:30PM Sundays

Enjoy non-traditional, exquisite Japanese food. Splurge on ultra-fresh, sustainable seafood like Bluefin Tuna, Hiramasa King fish, and Glacier 51 Toothfish, or indulge in luxurious small dishes such as smoked robata meats, hand-crafted sushi and sashimi, and signature maki rolls. Japanese influences dominate the beverage menu, from house-infused cocktails to whiskey, gin, shochu, umeshu, craft brews, and over 30 varieties of sake from the Land of the Rising Sun. Open kitchens and sushi bars take center stage, with a dash of drama accompanying each dish. While seated at the counter, watch the sushi chefs prepare exquisite sashimi and sushi. This is why they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Non-traditional Japanese food
  • Sustainable seafood
  • Exquisite sushi and sashimi

Customer Testimonial:

“Great Japanese fine dining restaurant! ‘Take no Hana’ menu was awesome! Will definitely visit the restaurant again sometime soon.”

Roshan Arjun Ananda

15. Nobu

Key ServicesDine At the Bar, Reservations Recommended, Notable Chef, Japanese
AddressCrown Riverwalk, Crown Melbourne, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
Phone+61 3 9292 5777
Operating Hours3PM – 10PM Wednesdays, 12PM – 10PM Thursdays, Sundays, 12PM – 11PM Fridays – Saturdays

A globally renowned restaurant chain specializing in innovative new-style Japanese cuisine. Nobu in Crown delivers the finest Japanese cuisine in Melbourne. Nobu’s renown is unparalleled, and his restaurants are located all over the globe. This three-story eatery provides the atmosphere of a nightclub, with wood furnishings, mood lighting, and tables without linens. Begin with a cocktail on the first floor, then make your way upstairs to a table for exquisite sushi and sashimi, baby tiger prawn tempura, or beef tenderloin with wasabi salsa. Indulge in exquisite Japanese cuisine served in a picturesque environment. This is why they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Innovative new-style Japanese cuisine
  • Exquisite sushi and sashimi
  • Mood lighting

Customer Testimonial:

“Excellent sushi, sashimi and cocktails. The costs do add up but it’s well worth the money! Can’t recommend enough.”

Abhilash Balakrishnan

16. Tokui Sushi

Key ServicesSmall Sushi Bar, Freshly Handmade In-store, Hot Green Tea on Tap, Biggest Sushi Rolls
Address260 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone+61 3 9663 9966
Operating Hours9AM – 6:30PM Mondays – Fridays, 9AM–6PM Saturdays – Sundays

Many people use this restaurant after seeing Curtin House. Try Tokui Sushi’s Japanese cuisine as opposed to other selections. Come here for properly prepared nigiri, smoked salmon, and eel if you’re hungry. There is excellent wine among the available drinks. Guests visit this perfect location to enjoy wonderful tea. Because meals can be purchased for takeaway, this establishment is convenient for those on the move. The well-trained staff works diligently, is content, and contributes to the development of this business. This restaurant’s outstanding service is a major feature. Your meals will be provided at a modest cost. This is why they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Superior sushi
  • Friendly staff
  • Reasonably priced

Customer Testimonial:

“Best sushi rolls in Melbourne! I’ve been coming here in the past 10 years. The owners are always very kind. The Egg (Tamago) sushi is mouth watering tasty. The prawn and salmon sushi are very fresh. Simply the best. Such an iconic eatery in Melbourne.”

Annie Sun

17. Kenzan

Key ServicesTraditional Sushi and Sashimi, Sukiyaki, Japanese Aesthetics, Shabu Shabu, Chirashi, unagi
AddressCollins Place, 45 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone+61 3 9654 8933
Operating Hours12PM – 2:30PM, 6PM – 10PM Mondays – Fridays, 5:30PM – 10PM Saturdays

Since its opening in 1981, Kenzan, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Melbourne’s central business district, has been acclaimed as an institution and a cornerstone of the city’s culinary scene. Kenzan Japanese Restaurant serve authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine and has a sushi bar with 12 seats, a private room, and the main dining area. The menu includes sushi/sashimi, banquets, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, and à la carte options. It is situated on the lower level of the Collins Place food court and is not very upscale, but as soon as you enter, you’ll forget where you are. This is why they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine
  • Sushi bar with 12 seats
  • Private room
  • Main dining area

Customer Testimonial:

“Love the food and the place, have never seen so many Japanese in a restaurant. The staffs wear the traditional clothes give the authentic Japanese vibes. Grilled eel is the best. I really should know this place earlier! Hopefully I can dine in the private room next time, looks fantastic”

Silu Chen

18. Tsukiji Restaurant

Key ServicesJapanese Grocer, Tiny Sashimi Counter, Pick, Pay and Slice Set Up, Japanese Food, Full Bar Available
Address237 High St, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia
Phone+61 3 9510 2318
Operating Hours12PM – 4PM, 6PM – 9PM Mondays – Tuesdays, Thursdays – Sundays

If you find yourself near Chapel Street, you may visit this restaurant. Everyone will like the Japanese cuisine. The restaurant Tsukiji provides exquisitely cooked tuna sashimi, octopus, and tuna. A quality beer will improve the taste of your meal, and you will certainly return. When visiting this area, it is a requirement that you try the delicious coffee. This takeout restaurant is great for individuals who like eating on the go. Choose your sashimi from the refrigerator, and it will be sliced for you to take home or consume on the premises. This is why they offer some of the finest seafood Melbourne has to offer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Tuna sashimi
  • Octopus
  • Coffee

Customer Testimonial:

“Had udon in store and sashimi takeaway. Udon was nice and warm, sashimi was well cut decorated and packed. They would put ice in the bag to keep sashimi fresh. Scollop was so sweet and fresh”

Charlotte Zhou

Seafood Restaurants Melbourne

Seafood lovers rejoice, as Melbourne is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the country. Whether you’re looking for a casual seafood eatery or a more upscale seafood restaurants, we’ve got you covered. Our list includes some of the best seafood restaurants in Melbourne, so be sure to check them out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the popular or famous seafood dishes in Melbourne?

The most popular seafood dishes in Melbourne vary depending on the restaurant, but typically include fish and chips, salmon, prawns, and crab. Some restaurants also offer vegetarian options.

Are seafood restaurants in Melbourne affordable?

The answer to this question depends on the restaurant. Some seafood restaurants in Melbourne are more affordable than others.

Where does Melbourne get their fresh seafoods?

The seafood in Melbourne is sourced from a variety of locations, including the Pacific Ocean, Tasmania, and New Zealand. This ensures that locals and visitors have access to some of the freshest seafood around.

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