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10 Best Tattoo Parlours in Australia [2023]

Tattoo Parlour Australia

Best Tattoo Parlour Australia
Best Tattoo Parlour Australia

We all know that tattooing is not just about getting inked. It’s more than an art form, it’s a way of life. Tattoos have always been a significant part of cultures around the world and they are becoming increasingly popular among Australians as well. Check out our list of the 10 best tattoo parlours in Australia to see which tattoo shop has earned a spot on your bucket list!

1. Man’s Ruin Tattoo

Man’s Ruin Tattoo - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Man’s Ruin Tattoo – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesTraditional tattoo, cover-ups
Phone03 9534 9260
Operating Hours11am-6pm Monday to Sunday, closed every Thursday

At Man’s Ruin Tattoo, keep it clean and basic, or go completely wild. Whatever your preference, these individuals have you covered. You may acquire a beautiful piece of work from a wide range of artists, whether it be traditional or cover-ups. Bring your ideas and leave with a beautiful design created with care and accuracy. This St Kilda parlor is the place to go for a one-of-a-kind tattoo that is custom made for you.

2. Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Little Tokyo – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesJapanese style tattoo
AddressSuite 505, 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia, 2010
Phone(02) 9211 4023
Operating Hours10am-7pm daily

A treasure trove of art, mementos, and tattoo relics from throughout the world is crammed into shelves and corners at this hidden tattoo shop overlooking Central Station. This Sydney tattoo shop, as the name suggests, has a passion for Japanese tattooing, but it boasts a capable team that can execute any tattoo style. The best way to visit this temple of art is with an appointment, but if you can’t wait to get inked, the staff at Little Tokyo will do their utmost to accommodate walk-ins.

3. The Black Mark

The Black Mark - Tattoo Parlour Australia
The Black Mark – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesDifferent styles of tattooing from illustrative colour, to black and grey realism, to black illustrative dot work, to oriental and full colour realism
AddressLevel 1/57 High St, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia
Operating Hours11am-6pm Monday to Saturday

The Black Mark is a firm that takes their job seriously and strives to provide the finest outcomes possible for their customers. The Black Mark tattoo studio will only take appointments, not accepting walk-ins because they want to devote time and attention to one client’s work at a time.

Their tattoo artists are versatile and can work with anything from a tiny tattoo to your complete backpiece, sleeve, body suit, or cover-up. Each artist is dedicated to collaborating with you and your thoughts in order to create them, come alive, and exceed your expectations.

4. Authentink

Authentink - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Authentink – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesTraditional Japanese style tattoo, black and grey realism, geometric, neo-traditional, ethnographic tattoos
AddressSuite 306 4-14 Buckingham St Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010
Phone+61 2 8399 1973
Operating Hours11am-7pm daily

Founder and Japanese Irezumi master Kian “Horisumi” Forreal’s 25-year global trek and dedication culminated in his creation of this Surry Hills tattoo parlor. Authentink is unquestionably a firm of skilled traditionalist Japanese tattoo artists, but they’re not just a one-trick ponies. From black and grey realism to dotwork and geometric, neo-traditional and ethnographic tattoos, Authentink offers a wide range of genuine tattooing styles that are suited to all tastes.

5. Lighthouse Tattoo

Lighthouse Tattoo - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Lighthouse Tattoo – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesWide variety of tattooing styles
Address1 Pemberton Street, Botany, Sydney NSW 2019
Phone+61 2 9316 4565
Operating Hours9am-5pm Monday to Saturday

Lighthouse Tattoo is a team of twelve artists, each a specialist in their own unique area of tattoo style, based in Botany, South-Eastern Sydney. Lighthouse Tattoo sticks with their custom pieces and take what’s on your mind and take you to their artists that can make your idea come to life and become a permanent piece of art. Whether you’re looking for a classic Japanese tattoo, realistic portrait work, cartoonish designs, traditional or script lettering, the staff at Lighthouse Tattoo will provide you with a piece that is distinct and one-of-a-kind.

6. Third Eye Tattoo

Third Eye Tattoo - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Third Eye Tattoo – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesTraditional Japanese, portrait & realism, script, geometry, sacred art tattoo styles, cover-ups
Address700 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068, Australia
Phone+61 3 9486 1333
Operating Hours11am-6pm daily

The third Eye Tattoo specializes in a wide range of styles, including traditional Japanese, portrait and realism, script, geometry, and sacred art. They are also well-known for their cover-up tattoos.

The designers at this studio are all nice, very creative, and have a flair for innovation, collaborating closely with their clients to guarantee that the desired outcome is achieved. You may book a consultation to work with the artists at this location to create custom pieces, or you may simply walk in and take a look at the current designs if you prefer.

7. Hibernia

Hibernia - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Hibernia – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesCustom any style tattoos, cover-ups
AddressUnit 201/342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia
Operating HoursBy appointment

This Sydney-based studio may be ideal for you if you’re looking for a variety of artistic techniques to assist you in determining what sort of tattoo to get. Hibernia has seven artists who all have their own distinct style and are willing to spend as much or little time as necessary to make stunning masterpieces that you’ll enjoy forever. They go by appointment only, which is ideal for when you’re thinking about purchasing bigger pieces that may require many sessions.

8. Chapel Tattoo

Chapel Tattoo - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Chapel Tattoo – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesTraditional, Japanese, tribal design style
Address155 Chapel Street, Windsor 3181, Victoria, Australia
Phone+61 3 9521 1202
Operating Hours11am-6pm Monday to Saturday

Chapel Tattoo is a legendary tattoo parlor. They are one of the most trusted traditional tattoo shops, specializing in Japanese, traditional, and tribal designs. They provide a broad selection of high-quality components and work collaboratively with you to create the ideal one-of-a-kind masterpiece, using single needle applications for all designs. Chapel Tattoo does not regard any task to be too big or little; if you need something fixed or removed, they can also perform laser removal.

9. Valley Ink

Valley Ink - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Valley Ink – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesLine style, black and white realism style tattoos
AddressBrunswick Street Entrance, 4/421 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia
Phone+61 411 351 174
Operating Hours10am-6pm Monday to Saturday

Valley Ink is highly regarded in Brisbane since to a variety of factors. The current team of six at Valley Ink has a wonderful eye for line work, as well as black and white realism. Although they generally prefer appointments, walk-ins are welcome, making it even better when you’re in the mood for a quick burst of inspiration. The facility is located right in the middle of Brisbane’s recreational center, conveniently serving as a bar, allowing you to unwind or take a break at any time.

10. Liquid Silver Tattoo

Liquid Silver Tattoo - Tattoo Parlour Australia
Liquid Silver Tattoo – Tattoo Parlour Australia
Key ServicesCustom tattoos, piercing
Address58 Hoddle St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia
Phone+61 3 9417 6669
Operating Hours11am-7pm Tuesday to Sunday

Look no further than Liquid Silver Tattoo for a one-of-a-kind tattoo and piercing experience. You may unwind and watch your preferred TV show or film while waiting for your application to be completed in our spacious, private bays. They provide pain-relieving treatments before the tattoo to help you forget about your worries and concentrate on getting an excellent tattoo.

The quality of the works is superb, with looks that are both contemporary and traditional. You can discover the appropriate artist to execute your idea because their artists are recognized for their distinctive and varied styles.

Tattoo Parlour Australia

The tattoo parlours in Australia are widely recognized for their quality and variety of styles. You can find one that suits your taste, whether you’re looking for traditional, Japanese, tribal design style tattoos or if you want to go with a more contemporary look. What is your favorite tattoo parlor? Let us know what drew you there so we may do our best to create an experience like it!

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How to choose the best tattoo parlour?

-The tattoo artist’s experience and portfoliou003cbru003e-The shop’s cleanliness and sterilisation proceduresu003cbru003e-The price of the tattoou003cbru003e-The location of the tattoo studiou003cbru003e-Your comfort level with the tattoo artist and the shop staffu003cbru003eu003cbru003eKeep these factors in mind when narrowing down your search for the best tattoo studio for you. Once you’ve found a few tattoo studios that meet your criteria, take the time to visit each one and talk to the tattoo artist. Ask about their experience, prices, and get a feel for the shop and the artist’s personality.

What is the price of doing a tattoo?

The price of tattooing depends on the tattoo design, the tattoo artist’s experience and expertise, the shop’s overhead costs, and other factors. Generally speaking, tattoo prices start at around $50 and can go up to several hundred dollars. Some tattoo shops charge by the hour, while others charge by the tattoo design. It’s important to ask about pricing before getting tattooed, so there are no surprises.

What are the different types of tattoos?

There are many different types of tattoos, but the most popular tattoo styles are black and grey, realism, Japanese style tattoo, new school tattooing, fine line tattoo, old school tattooing, traditional styles, tribal tattooing, and watercolour tattooing.

How long does it take to get a tattoo?

The time it takes to complete a tattoo depends on the tattoo design, the tattoo artist’s experience, and the client’s pain tolerance. Smaller tattoos can take as little as 30 minutes to complete, while larger tattoos can take several hours.