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7 Best Umbrellas in Australia [2023]

Umbrella Australia

Best Umbrella Australia
Best Umbrella Australia

The umbrella is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any Australian. It provides protection from rain and sun, can be used as a walking stick, and even comes in handy to keep your drink cool on a hot day. For these reasons, it’s important that you choose an umbrella that suits your needs and preferences. In this blog post we’re going to talk about the 7 best umbrellas available in Australia!

1. Kingsman + London Undercover Umbrella

Kingsman + London Undercover Umbrella - Umbrella Australia
Kingsman + London Undercover Umbrella – Umbrella Australia
Key FeaturesMulticoloured twill
Chestnut wood shaft and handle
Snap fastening
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This lovely umbrella, which may be recognized by fans of the Kingsman: The Secret Service film, is one of the many beautiful props stars used throughout filming. This is perhaps the most elegant of the lot, as it’s an official line of umbrellas and a London Undercover English brand. It’s the ideal rain accessory for the discerning fashion set, with a straightforward check print and chestnut wood handle and shaft.

2. G4free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

G4free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella - Umbrella Australia
G4free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella – Umbrella Australia
Key Features68 Inch canopy and heavy duty design
Ultra water resistant 210T pongee fabric
Double-canopy design and fiber glasses frame 
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The G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella is available in three sizes: 54″, 62″ and 68″. It may be stored on a golf cart or in most standard trolly umbrella holders and fits into most mid-sized cars. A double canopy design, as well as an easy to use one-button mechanism, provide protection from wind gusts. The canopy also provides UV protection, which is ideal for unpredictable weather situations. There are also 12 distinct color choices to suit your equipment.

3. Blunt XS Metro

Blunt XS Metro - Umbrella Australia
Blunt XS Metro – Umbrella Australia
Key FeaturesIncredibly strong
No sharp points
Aerodynamic canopy
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The Blunt XS Metro’s unique appearance is mostly thanks to the rounded securely tips, so you’ll feel like nothing terrible can happen while on your daily commute. Its aerodynamic handling is gratifying, and it also feels well-made in the hand. The high tension canopy is the ideal size — it keeps you totally dry while not being overly cumbersome. By pressing a single button, it opens and closes instantly.

4. Fulton Stormshield

Fulton Stormshield - Umbrella Australia
Fulton Stormshield – Umbrella Australia
Key FeaturesDependable name
Large, vented design
Non-conductive fibreglass shaft
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The company’s Birdcage brolly has been used by the Queen and others. The Stormshield is a large vented golf umbrella that should withstand the most severe winds without letting you down. A ‘simple guide’ manually operating and closing mechanism is built into the umbrella.

The shaft is composed of non-conductive fibreglass, so you won’t have to worry about being struck by lightning while out on the golf course when the weather turns bad or during a storm when you’re in an exposed area. The canopy is 104 cm wide, which strikes a nice balance between a standard-size golf umbrella and one that may still be used in a crowd.

5. Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella - Umbrella Australia
Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella – Umbrella Australia
Key FeaturesAuto open close function
9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs and a vented double canopy
Waterproof, weatherproof and instantly dry
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The Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella features nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs to resist strong winds. This indicates that it has received a lot of positive feedback from Amazon customers. A double vented canopy and sturdy construction aid in preventing the wind from flipping it inside out. If it inverts during a strong gust, it will quickly and firmly return to its normal position.

6. Newdora Windproof Travel Umbrella

Newdora Windproof Travel Umbrella - Umbrella Australia
Newdora Windproof Travel Umbrella – Umbrella Australia
Key FeaturesGood size canopy for a travel umbrella
Quality absorbent casing
Designed with a three-fold chrome plated black metal shaft, and strong metal frame
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The Newdora Windproof Travel Umbrella comes pre-attached to a storage bag with an absorbent lining that will quickly dry the canopy. This means you won’t have to worry about your handbag or backpack getting wet if you need to store it while traveling. It’s a one-handed, slip-proof knob that has a simple one-button opening and closing mechanism. It has a high-quality polyester taffeta shell that is both durable and waterproof. It also comes in numerous colors and designs to suit your unique taste.

7. Samsonite Windguard Auto Open

Samsonite Windguard Auto Open - Umbrella Australia
Samsonite Windguard Auto Open – Umbrella Australia
Key FeaturesGreat in strong winds
Reliable in heavy rain
Automatic open and close umbrella with Teflon-coated wind-guard canopy
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This could be the umbrella for you if strong winds are your nemesis on a rainy day. The Samsonite Windguard features extra steel ribs to resist high wind force, so you won’t have to deal with an inside-out umbrella in the next storm. The durable Samsonite has a double canopy and just enough space to accommodate two people beneath. It’s somewhat bigger than other suitcases on the market, but it’s still small enough to take with you when traveling.

Umbrella Australia

If you’re looking for a dependable umbrella in Australia, take a look at our list of the best umbrellas around. We’ve compiled the top 7 umbrellas in Australia and included key features to help you make an informed decision about which umbrella is right for your needs.

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