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7 Best Used Cars in Australia [2023]

Used Cars Australia

Best Used Cars Australia
Best Used Cars Australia

What used car should you buy in Australia? Buying used cars has many advantages. The best part about used cars is that they are less expensive than new vehicles, but may have fewer miles on them. That means that the used car is more reliable and will require less maintenance over time. We have compiled a list of 7 used cars in Australia worth looking into!

1. Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift - Used Cars Australia
Suzuki Swift – Used Cars Australia
Key FeaturesManeuverable and easy to park
Excellent fuel economy
Easy to get spare parts
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Since the 1980s, the Suzuki Swift has been a popular used vehicle in Canada, owing to its excellent fuel efficiency, high level of quality control and safety compliance, low price, and good throttle response. It’s also recognized for its toughness and dependability. Obviously, if you’re tall, this vehicle isn’t going to be your first choice. However, it has enough of space inside for people who are average-sized.

2. Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo - Used Cars Australia
Ford Mondeo – Used Cars Australia
Key FeaturesExtremely reliable
Ample storage space
Good multimedia interface
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The Ford Mondeo isn’t known for being a stunner. It doesn’t need to, given its smooth, dependable operation. The Mondeo, on the other hand, goes about things in a more modest manner than other cars do by using understated design and technology choices. Even though it lacks some creature comforts, it still checks all of the boxes and performs the basics well. The Ford Mondeo has everything you need for a pleasant ride, from a comfortable interior to adequate storage capacity and a contemporary, user-friendly multimedia touchscreen.

3. BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series - Used Cars Australia
BMW 3 Series – Used Cars Australia
Key FeaturesExcellent entertainment system
High-quality engine
Good storage space
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The BMW 3 Series has always been one step ahead of the competition, so it’s no surprise that it takes the top spot in our list of the finest used family sedans in Australia. Its excellent user-friendliness is thanks to its crisp information, speed, and overall ease of use. The 3 Series boasts an engine that has everything you could ask for and more. The 3 Series is quick to react, impressing both at high and low speeds. Its looks are also top-notch, with a sleek — though not showy — interior complemented by plenty of storage space and comfy leather seats.

4. Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok - Used Cars Australia
Volkswagen Amarok – Used Cars Australia
Key FeaturesPermanent all-wheel drive
Gearbox features eight ratios
Good fuel economy and engine
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If you desire a big, no-nonsense truck that’s nimble and powerful, the Volkswagen Amarok is the vehicle for you. First and foremost, the Amarok has the largest tray among its close rivals, which is an advantage for those who transport a lot of cargo on a regular basis. Even with the larger tray, the interior is still very roomy, allowing passengers plenty of head and leg room. On the road, the Amarok provides a very comfortable ride while yet retaining enough power.

5. Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 - Used Cars Australia
Mazda CX-5 – Used Cars Australia
Key FeaturesSmooth transmission
Quiet ride
Superior craftsmanship
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The CX-5 is one of the most versatile vehicles on the market, with strong performance and a comfortable ride. It has all the features you’d expect in a premium SUV, including a superior climate control system and lane-departure warning and high-beam control. All CX-5s come standard with a slew of safety features, including Dynamic Stability Control, ABS brakes, six airbags, Emergency Brake Assist, and Electronic Brake Force Distribution. With fold-down seats, a big boot space, and a low liftgate, the CX-5 answers the call for lots of room.

6. Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser - Used Cars Australia
Toyota Landcruiser – Used Cars Australia
Key FeaturesReliable
Powerful performance
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Toyota is the most popular brand in Australia, which is why it’s the first choice among consumers. One of Toyota’s greatest assets is its dependability. You can run a Toyota down and it will keep on rolling – consider the Hilux! The Landcruiser isn’t an exception. There are a variety of Landcruiser models to choose from, including an SUV with a hardtop, convertible, sedan and cab variant. Landcruisers are known for their dependability and durability – both of which make them an excellent used car option.

7. Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger - Used Cars Australia
Ford Ranger – Used Cars Australia
Key FeaturesEngine and gearbox work well in combination
Upgraded power steering system
Great safety record
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The Ford Ranger is in a category of its own when it comes to dual-cab trucks, considering the stiff competition it faces. It’s easy to see why we picked the Ford Ranger as Australia’s best used dual-cab ute, combining good looks, a fantastic driving experience, and a comprehensive list of features. Adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, and lane-keep assist are all available on certain Rangers.

Used Cars Australia

When it comes to used cars, Australia has a lot of great choices. We’ve outlined seven of the best used cars in Australia for you here, but this is just the beginning. There are plenty of other excellent used car options on the market, so be sure to do your research and find the perfect one for you. Each of these vehicles offers something different, so take your time and consider what’s important to you before making a purchase.

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