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22 Best Virtual Team Building Activities For Online Teams in Australia [2024]

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Virtual Team Building Activities Australia

Best Virtual Team Building Activities Australia
Best Virtual Team Building Activities Australia

In this blog post, we will take a look at 22 virtual team building activities for online teams in 2021. Virtual teams are becoming more and more popular as people start to realize that they can get the same work done without having to be in an office all day. However, virtual teams have their own unique challenges when it comes to things like communication and collaboration. In order for your virtual team building activities to be successful, you need a strategy!

This blog is going over some of the best virtual team building activities in order to help improve your virtual team’s productivity and efficiency while also fostering positive relationships between members.

1. Virtual Leather Making

This is another one of our virtual team building ideas that offers a chance to learn a new skill. The Fun Empire created Virtual Leather Making, an activity in which you can learn a new art. Before the live session, DIY Kits would be given to each household. At the conclusion of the online team building exercise, participants would be able to make two leather goods. This may be a fun way for remote teams working from home to unwind.

2. Virtual Party Mania

The Virtual Party Mania is a game created by the Fun Empire to combine two party games! The aim of the virtual team building experience is for teams to come together and participate in a virtual team-building activity. There are currently few online team building sessions available for remote workers to have online team building sessions together.

As a result, being a part of this Virtual Party Mania would be a completely new and enjoyable experience for you. Participants engage in games such as “Guess the Song,” “Scavenger Hunt,” and a secret game that is jam-packed with enjoyment throughout this activity! You may even have fun together over the weekends by creating a session!

3. Virtual Escape Room

Have you ever attempted to solve an escape room virtually? Virtual Escape Room Australia was created by the Fun Empire in order to add it to your virtual team building checklist right now! Designed for remote teams wanting to do some online team building activities. Solve a variety of riddles to find the werewolf who would attack that night. The clock is ticking, so work together with the team to solve these problems.

4. Virtual Art Jamming (Canvas)

For remote teams, the Fun Empire has developed a collection of Virtual team building games to allow them to have an online team-building experience. One of their exercises is the virtual Art Jamming on canvas. On the day of the virtual session, goods for the virtual workshop will be sent directly to each participant’s home.

On the day of the session, the objective is for everyone to collaborate and combine their canvases to make a collaborative painting. As a result, they’ll need to operate as a team and choose someone to be in charge. The chosen one will then have to divide up the main painting’s major components that everyone is responsible for.

5. Virtual Nightfall

When playing virtual team building games like the Virtual Nightfall, use your head (or heighten your senses)! Work as a group and discover which members of the team are the killers each day. There will be people with special talents to watch out for, and you’ll need to protect them. Participants from distant locations who want to participate in this online team-building activity will undoubtedly leave with a lot of wonderful memories.

6. Virtual Food Quest

You and your pals will travel through a variety of mini-games and taste the cuisines from different nations as one of the most soothing virtual team building activities. In order to become the best foodie, cooperation and communication are required in this game.

7. Virtual Terrarium Making Workshop

The Fun Empire also hosts a virtual workshop called Virtual Terrarium Making. Participants can gather together and create their own terrarium over a video chat using these virtual group building activities. This encourages individuals to get along, which is obviously critical right now. As a result of our reduced contact with friends and coworkers, having a session like this would be quite beneficial. It’s also possible to have an online team building session where participants may take home their creation after the quarantine is lifted.

8. Virtual Game Show

The Virtual Game Show is one of the more amusing virtual team building exercises, especially for game-show enthusiasts. In the Virtual Game Show, teams from all over the world will compete against one another to complete a variety of challenges such as figuring out what letters they need to assemble the correct phrase. The main aim of each group is to win the most money in the thrilling competition.

9. Virtual SaberFit Challenge

Are you seeking for excersies to stay healthy while working from home? SaberFit is a workout that incorporates combat sabers, saber striking techniques, and strong exercises as part of a fun virtual team building activity.

The SaberFit workout is a 45-minute circuit that targets your entire body. It also develops different parts of your body while burning up to 600 calories in a single session. What are you waiting for? To stay fit with your friends and inspire one another, schedule a virtual SaberFit session!

10. Virtual Art Jamming (Tote Bag)

The Tote Bag is one form of the Virtual Art Jamming team building event provided by The Fun Empire. Get in contact with the team through a video call and talk about what you’ll paint on your own tote bag! At the end of the day, share your ideas and show off your hidden talents with everyone! Have fun together!

11. Virtual Amazing Race

Are you looking forward to Singapore’s first and only virtual amazing race experience? If you answered yes, this virtual amazing race should be on your list of virtual team-building exercises. Your team will be immersed in a tour around the world, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

12. Virtual Travel Experience

The Virtual Travel Experience is one of the virtual team-building activities with the most local vibes. You may explore Singapore from the comfort of your own home. You will visit many famous structures while solving puzzles along the route. This is an excellent opportunity for you to discover more about Singapore’s history and culture if you have never been there before!

13. Virtual Clay Workshop

The Virtual Clay Workshop allows you to let your creativity fly. Before the session, a clay kit will be sent to you, and the trained instructors will make sure that your time with them is worthwhile. You’ll get the hands-on opportunity to create your own clay figurine as one of Singapore’s most unique virtual team building experiences. This is a fantastic activity to do with your family, friends, and coworkers in general.

14. Virtual Time Travel

Are you up for a challenge? Do you enjoy fiction? If that’s the case, you won’t want to miss out on the Virtual Time Travel. The Virtual Time Travel is a difficult virtual team-building experience in Singapore. To save the planet, you and your crew will visit various eras to solve mysteries and riddles! There will be trained facilitators along the way to assist you.

15. Virtual Dance Party

If singing isn’t your thing, why not give a virtual dance party as one of your virtual team building activities to get rid of those stiff muscles you’ve been sitting on all day? Get rid of that stiffness in your limbs. Take advantage of this opportunity to cut loose and have some fun with your buddies! If you attempt, it’s one of the great online team-building exercises. Have a go at it with your coworkers; perhaps you’ll get an idea for a TikTok video.

16. Virtual Karaoke

Singing is a fantastic method to bring people together. As a result, virtual Karaoke would make for a great addition to your list of virtual team-building activities. Video chat with one another, scream out the lyrics, and have fun while you’re working in remote teams.

17. Virtual Workout

Do you work from home and want to stay in shape? There are tons of exercise routines available for free online. Take this chance to transform it into virtual team building exercises by getting your friends together to sweat it out during this time. Working in remote teams may be difficult, but working out together with a shared objective is really beneficial.

18. Virtual Encouragement Wall

Create a note of encouragement for your remote team by coming together over a video conference. Plan a video call now and do it in one of the most interactive methods on this list of virtual team building activities. Lift each other’s spirits and let them know that you’ll all make it through this challenging time. Encourage and bring a smile to one another!

19. Virtual Coffee + Tea Tasting Class

Have you always wanted to be able to appreciate coffee or tea more? Or have you always been curious about the anatomy of coffee/tea? This is the ideal time to learn more! Take part in a virtual coffee and tea tasting session. Have a better understanding of what goes into your morning cup of coffee and learn to appreciate it more. If you get together with a group of coworkers to go to this workshop, it would be an excellent online team-building exercise!

20. Virtual Campfire

Make a campfire in your living room by placing a candle, chocolate, and/or marshmallows on the table. Organize a video chat with your participants or members in your remote teams to begin your own campfire. This is a fantastic and out-of-the-box team building exercise. You may either sing to campfire songs or converse over the tiny campfire you’ve made!

21. Virtual Book Club

Create a group of your closest friends and enjoy reading a book together in your blanket for your Virtual Book Club. This would be one of the best virtual team building activities for remote teams. Put down your feelings about the book of the week. If you don’t like the ending, consider drafting a fan-made epilogue to fulfill that wish for a perfect ending!

22. Typing Speed Race

Have you ever noticed that there’s usually someone in the office who appears to be typing rapidly and loudly? Gather these individuals, and this is a wonderful chance to use their talents as a team-building game. This is especially appropriate during a time when everyone is working from home.

Gather your coworkers and split them up into teams. To compete within the team, go to and participate in the team competition. This virtual team building exercise would be a fantastic means to get together and have a good chuckle as well!

Virtual Escape Room Australia

An excellent way to build your team bonding, Virtual Escape Room Australia offers an engaging and fun time for you and your team! Our Escape Rooms are one of our most popular teaming building activities. Join us now at Virtual Escape Room Australia!

Virtual Team Building Activities Australia

Virtual team building Australia activities are a great way to build relationships and foster creativity among remote teams. In order to make your virtual team-building activities more effective, it’s important that you consider the importance of feedback in these exercises. Feedback can be anything from an informal chat about what went well during the virtual session or a formal assessment with forms for participants to fill out after each event. The type of feedback will depend on why you’re holding this virtual meeting and what kind of results you want at the end of it!

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