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13 Virtual Team Building Workshops To Explore Your Creative Side [2023]

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Virtual Team Building Workshops Australia

Virtual Team Building Workshops Australia
Virtual Team Building Workshops Australia

It’s safe to say that the workplace has changed drastically in recent years. Virtual team building is on the rise, and some companies are even starting to use it as a primary form of communication. Virtual team building is an excellent way for employees to grow their skillset while still remaining productive at work. Virtual conferences can help you learn more about your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, which will make for an effective collaboration when working together again later on.

1. Virtual Terrarium Making Workshop

The Fun Empire has a virtual workshop called Virtual Terrarium Making. Participants may create their own terrarium over video chat using these virtual group building challenges.

The decrease of social contact, especially face-to-face interaction, is among the most significant issues that we all must consider. This encourages people to get along, which is clearly essential right now. Having a session like this would be quite beneficial because we have less contact with friends and coworkers. It’s also possible to conduct an online team building session in which participants may keep their creation after the quarantine is lifted.

2. Virtual SaberFit

Are you looking for exercises to keep yourself healthy while working from home? SaberFit is a fun virtual team building activity that mixes combat sabers, saber striking methods, and powerful workouts into a game.

The SaberFit workout is a 45-minute circuit that targets your entire body. It also develops different parts of your body while burning up to 600 calories in a single session. What are you waiting for? To stay fit with your friends and inspire one another, schedule a virtual SaberFit session!

3. Virtual Food Quest

As one of the most enjoyable virtual team building activities, you and your pals will journey across a number of mini-games while sampling cuisines from numerous countries. To become the greatest foodie, collaboration and communication are necessary in this game.

4. Virtual Clay Workshop

The Virtual Clay Workshop allows you to let your imagination run wild. A clay kit will be sent to you ahead of time, and the trained instructors will make sure that your time with them is worth it. This hands-on experience gives you the chance to create your own clay figure as one of Australia’s most unique virtual team building experiences. This is an excellent activity to do with your family, friends, and coworkers in general.

5. Virtual Art Jamming

Another great thing to do at home is a quiet, soothing, and gratifying painting session. Release your creativity and produce a masterpiece that you may exhibit in your house or workplace. No experience is necessary. All supplies, including acrylic paints, canvas or tote bags, pencils, erasers, and other items are provided. Painting in either the Canvas or Tote Bag session is waiting for you.

Your virtual session will be guided by us, our professional facilitators through basic color mixing theory as well as assistance throughout it. There will also be a debriefing and storytelling section at the end of each event if requested. What are you waiting for? Perhaps you’d want to try this game or one of the other team-building activities in Australia!

6. Virtual Leather Making

Another of our virtual team-building ideas gives you the opportunity to learn a new talent. Virtual Leather Making was made by The Fun Empire, an activity in which you can learn a new craft. DIY Kits would be distributed to each household before the live session began. At the end of the online team-building session, participants will be able to produce two leather goods. This may be a nice way for remote teams who work from home to relax.

7. Virtual Travel Experience

The Virtual Travel Experience is one of the most local virtual team-building activities. You may explore Singapore from the comfort of your own home. Solving riddles along the way will take you to a variety of famous buildings. If you’ve never been to Singapore before, this is an excellent chance to learn more about its history and culture!

8. Virtual Amazing Race

Are you excited for Australia’s first and only virtual amazing race experience? If you said yes, this virtual incredible race should be on your list of virtual team-building activities. Your team will be immersed in a journey around the world, solving problems and overcoming challenges.

9. Virtual Game Show

The Virtual Game Show is a fun virtual team building game for those who enjoy game shows. Teams from all over the world will compete against one another in the Virtual Game Show to complete a variety of objectives, including determining which letters are needed to create the proper word. The primary goal of each team is to earn the most money in this exciting virtual game.

10. Virtual Book Club

Create a virtual book club by creating a group of your pals or coworkers and reading a book in your blanket together. This would be one of the greatest virtual team building exercises for remote teams. Put away your negative feelings about the book of the week. If you don’t like the conclusion, think about writing a fan-made epilogue to fulfill your wish for a flawless ending!

11. Virtual Coffee + Tea Tasting Class

Have you always desired to be able to appreciate coffee or tea more? Or have you ever been intrigued about the anatomy of coffee/tea? This is an excellent opportunity to learn more! Participate in a virtual cup of coffee and tea tasting. Understand more about what goes into your daily cup of coffee and learn to value it more. If you go with a group of coworkers to this session, it would make for an excellent online team-building activity!

Virtual Team Building Workshops Australia

Virtual team building Australia workshops are a great way to explore your creative side and expand the potential for creativity in your workplace or at home. Brainstorming sessions can be as simple as just sitting around with friends, but we know that many of you prefer more interactive games and exercises. Virtual events allow you to take part from anywhere!

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