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10 Best Washing Machines in Australia [2023]

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Washing Machine Australia

Best Washing Machine Australia
Best Washing Machine Australia

The washing machine is one of the most important appliances in any home, and appliance companies are constantly releasing new models that promise better washing performance. The washing machine market has become so competitive that it can be hard to know which washing machines are worth your money. With this blog post, we have compiled a list of 10 washing machines available for sale in Australia today.

1. Fisher & Paykel WashSmart 8kg

The Fisher & Paykel WashSmart delivers on its name with a rapid wash feature for clean clothing in less than an hour. The Vortex Wash function ensures a 30-minute Quick cycle without sacrificing garment care. From Heavy to Delicate, the machine has nine distinct washing cycles. SmartDrive Technology is a smart electrical technology and a direct drive motor that detects the load to deliver superior washing with less water and power. This 8kg washer uses minimal water and electricity.

Key Differentiators:

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Spin cycle leaves fabrics almost dry
  • WashSmart 30-minute cycle
  • 2-year warranty

2. Kogan 9kg Inverter

An inverter washing machine allows the motor to run at speeds suited for the load within it. This Kogan 9 series is a great washer for families. It’s reliable, simple to use, and has dual-layer door that keeps the heat in and a smart-pausing option to add garments mid-cycle. Child lock and anti-flooding are two of its fantastic security functions.

Key Differentiators:

  • Increased stability and low vibration
  • Low noise and energy-efficient
  • Self-cleaning and smart-pausing modes
  • Two-year warranty

3. Speed Queen 8.5kg Top Load Washing Machine AWNA62 BLACK

The Speed Queen AWNA62 BLACK is an all-purpose, single-speed electric washer with a stainless-steel tub, steel base, and heavy-duty springs. Speed Queen maintains 10,400 cycles on its machines to ensure that they are in peak working order for up to 25 years of use in the home.

A 5-year warranty on all parts, as well as in-home labour and a lifetime guarantee on the outside drain tub and stainless steel wash basket, backs up its boasts of durability. In terms of controls, everything is labeled and straightforward to use. A typical wash takes 37 minutes, but other cycles include a permanent press, delicate cycle, rinse and spin cycle, and spin only.

Key Differentiators:

  • Long-lasting and ultra-durable design
  • Perfect Wash System
  • Solid mount suspension system
  • Laundry settings to suit your load

4. Haier 7.5kg Washer

The Haier 7.5kg Washer is ideal for individuals who live alone or for a modest family of four. It includes 16 distinct wash cycles, including Delicates and Hand Wash, which is ideal for silk and delicate care items, while the Sports cycle will get rid of dirt effectively. It has a Speed Up wash function to allow you to clean your car quickly without sacrificing cleaning effectiveness.

Key Differentiators:

  • 16 wash cycles
  • Speed wash option
  • Child lock
  • 2-year warranty

5. Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart 10kg Top Load Washing Machine WA1068P1

The Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart features 12 different wash programs to match all of your laundry demands. Sports gear, as well as allergy-friendly washes, are among the options available in these settings. WA1068P1’s maximum spin rate is 1,100 rpm and has an Energy Rating of 4 stars. The agitator features flexible fins to ensure a smooth wash, while Fisher & Paykel’s SmartDrive technology keeps noise and vibration levels low.

Key Differentiators:

  • Large Capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Soft-close lid
  • Cares for clothes
  • Quick drying

6. LG WTG9020V 9kg Top Load Washer

The LG WTG9020V is one of the most popular top-loader washing machines on the market. This model is equipped with a 4-star Energy Rating and a user-friendly design, yet it has a large capacity. This top-loader has enough capacity to handle big family loads, with a 9kg capacity. There is no agitator in this model, but instead it features an inverter control motor that drives one main pulsator as well as three tiny pulsators. These rotate the water around the tub to simulate hand washing.

Key Differentiators:

  • 9kg Capacity
  • Turbo Drum
  • Inverter Technology
  • Child Lock Function
  • Stainless Steel Finish

7. Fisher & Paykel 7.5 kg WashSmart Top Load Washing Machine WA7560E1

The WashSmart is a washing machine with a focus on efficiency, simplicity, and quietness. It has a 4-star Energy Efficiency Rating and a 3.5-star Water Efficient Rating, and it is powered by Fisher & Paykel’s SmartDrive technology to minimize vibration and noise. There are six wash cycle options to select from, and the touch controls make programming your machine a breeze.

Key Differentiators:

  • Wool Program
  • Delicate Wash
  • SmartDrive technology
  • Eco-Active Wash

8. Samsung 8.5kg AddWash

The Samsung AddWash‘s advantage is that you may add forgotten items or fabric softener while the washing is in progress. Push the pause button, open the Add Door, and place your things inside. This is a beautiful washing machine with several innovative features that make doing laundry considerably more convenient. With the SuperSpeed Cycle, you may wash a load of clothes in less than an hour.

  • Hygiene Steam Cycle
  • Auto Load Sensor
  • Drum-Clean function
  • 11-year parts warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor

9. Bosch 10kg Front Loader

The Bosch 10kg Front Loader has a large capacity and numerous wash options to help you breeze through several washes without much effort. The machine is powered by an EcoSilence motor that ensures that it runs quietly and smoothly. The machine’s numerous wash programs cater to a variety of laundry requirements, such as AllergiePlus and Sportswear. This machine also measures the size of the load and adjusts the amount of water consumed automatically. It includes a Reload option, which allows you to temporarily stop the wash program by adding a forgotten article of clothing.

Key Differentiators:

  • Quiet operation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Reload function
  • 10-year warranty on the motor

10. Simpson SWT6055TMWA 6kg EZI Set Top Load Washer

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want a top-loader, look no further than this 6kg Simpson model. It’s simple to operate and has a no-fuss design. The Simpson features 11 wash programs, ranging from a 45-minute wash for normal loads to a 20-minute setting for rapid washes. Other settings are available for things like delicates, sportswear, and heavy-duty laundry.

The EZI Set controls are straightforward to comprehend and identify, with large dials on the left that you should start with and move through to the right. The simple motion of washing care is provided by the gentle agitation action. Thousands of holes are present in the washing drum to improve water flow and ensure that detergent dissolves rapidly.

Key Differentiators:

  • EZI Set controls
  • 11 wash programs
  • Gentle agitator wash action

Washing Machine Australia

Washing machines are an essential part of modern life. They’ve evolved over time to be more energy-efficient, quieter, and easier to use than ever before. The washing machine you choose will depend on your budget and laundry requirements – some models can handle delicates or heavy duty loads with ease while others focus on efficiency or eco-friendly washing settings. We hope this article has given you a sense for the best washing machines in Australia so that you may find one that suits your needs!

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