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20 Best Bakeries in Sydney [2022]

Bakeries Sydney

Bakeries Sydney
Bakeries Sydney

If you’re looking for some of the best bakeries Sydney, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 20 bakeries Sydney that will tantalize your taste buds. From croissants to pies, these bakeries have got it all! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your bakery crawl today!

1) Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills

Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills - Bakeries Sydney
Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills)
Key ServiceHandmade bread and pastries
Address633 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Phone+61 2 9699 1011
Operating HoursDaily 7AM–6PM

Bourke Street Bakery, one of Sydney’s most renowned foodie icons, is one of the city’s best bakeries. The Bourke Street Bakery offers a variety of sweet and savory dishes as well as some of the finest sourdough around. At Bourke Street Bakery, they care about our community and only serve the freshest breads made with real ingredients from local sources. They believe in taking the time to do things the right way – by hand crafting each item with love.

Key Differentiators:

  • Conducts baking classes
  • Cozy ambience
  • Serves breakfast

Customer’s Review:

Bourke Street Bakery is one of the best places to have breakfast/brunch. A good cozy ambience with very tasty food. Been here twice and got very freshly baked crispy yet soft dishes. I had croissant with jam once and veggie sandwich the other time. Definitely a 10.

Anakin Knight

2) Wholegreen Bakery

Wholegreen Bakery - Bakeries Sydney
Wholegreen Bakery – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Wholegreen Bakery)
Key ServiceGluten-free bakery
Address257 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone02 8197 0002
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday 8am-3pm

Wholegreen Bakery is the perfect place for those who avoiding gluten or prefer a gluten-free diet. The delicious offerings at this bakery and cafe would be difficult for even the most discerning wheat devotees to fault. Owner Cherie Lyden, a qualified nutritionist, was motivated to create a gluten-free offering when her daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Key Differentiators:

  • Delicious, fresh, handmade and 100% gluten-free products
  • Serves a wide range of pastries
  • Vegan pastries and bread

Customer’s Review:

Incredible! The most delicious chocolate cake & eclair I’ve ever had. I have dairy intolerance so I can’t have the standard ones with milk. But this one blew me away.

Iraj Pudasaini

3) Flour And Stone

Flour And Stone - Bakeries Sydney
Flour And Stone – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Flour And Stone)
Key ServiceSpecializes in sourdough and classic pastries
Address53 Riley Street ,woolloomooloo , Sydney, NSW, Australia, New South Wales
Phone+61 2 8068 8818
Operating HoursMon to Sat 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Woolloomooloo’s go-to bakery, Flour and Stone serves up the classics with aplomb. But fresh sourdough and perfectly crisp croissants are not its only offerings. Its fresh take on classic sweet treats like beetroot and seed cake or spelt carrot cake are must-tries. If you’re more of a savoury-tooth then don’t miss out on the zucchini, chilli, and gruyere buns or the lamb, potato, and rosemary pies.

Key Differentiators:

  • Exceptional service
  • Offers a variety of savory pies
  • Cakes are made with fresh and seasonal ingredients

Customer’s Review:

Long wait for take away but the food was delicious. The coffee is not great, probably won’t order it next time. Although the lamington is the most expensive I’ve ever tried, it’s the most moist and we always order it when we come here. The centre is filled with jam and it’s so worth the trip. The ham and cheese sandwich is hella great as well, I think they use Gruyère! Also the brûlée tart reminds me of the one by Bourke Street Bakery, it’s so delicious! We come here once a year!

Jessica Tong

4) Rollers Bakehouse

Rollers Bakehouse - Bakeries Sydney
Rollers Bakehouse – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Rollers Bakehouse)
Key ServiceServes savory pastries
Address19 Rialto Ln, Manly NSW 2095
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday 7am-3pm
Sunday 7:30am-2pm

The design of Roller’s Bakehouse has an edgy, cool-kid feel that matches the kooky croissant dishes. Baker James Sideris is interested in boundary-pushing tastes, such as a truffle ham croissant that combines a truffle goat’s cheese spread with ham, comté cheese, and caramelised onion, and a Middle Eastern-inspired eggplant Hummus, zaatar, and jalapeño mixture.. Rollers diversifies its crazy croissant range with the likes of vegan chocolate and coconut cookies or maple-bacon snails made with smoked maple bacon, maple custard, and roasted almonds. 

Key Differentiators:

  • Creative croissant flavours
  • Offers vegan pastries
  • Cool and edgy-designed bakery

Customer’s Review:

Pastry taken to the next level. I love the selection of savoury pastries, including unexpected creations such as eggplant pastry, spinachella, savoury monkey’s mess. Don’t forget to try home made jam – it is thick and flavoursome, real hit for a takeaway. The coffee is great and both indoor and outdoor sitting areas are cozy and fun. Great fast service with a smile.


5) Oh My Days Vegan Patisserie

Oh My Days Vegan Patisserie - Bakeries Sydney
Oh My Days Vegan Patisserie – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Oh My Days Vegan Patisserie)
Key ServiceFrench-inspired bakery
Address99 Glebe P, t RoadGlebe, NSW 2037
Phone+612 9552 2390
Operating HoursTuesday – Sunday
8:00am – 3:00pm

Oh My Days began life as a charming plant-based cafe, but one game-changing menu item set them on an entirely new course. Sydney’s first completely vegan patisserie, inspired by the success of their perfect vegan croissant (also a Sydney first), has emerged from Oh My Days. Pastries that don’t include butter, eggs, or cream may appear to be challenging, but Oh My Days has produced a little plant-based magic and the results are nothing short of amazing. Whole-wheat stone-ground flours and organic vegan butter from Denmark are used to make croissants with the best “crunch” ratio possible.

Key Differentiators:

  • Sydney’s first fully-vegan patisserie
  • Croissants are made with whole-wheat stone-ground flour
  • Folded with organic vegan butter sourced from Denmark

Customer’s Review:

Oh my days what an amazing vegan cafe! The plum tart has got to be the most delicious pastry I’ve had. The quality of the pastry is excellent, I have to come back to try the other menu items soon.

Celeste Lindner

6) Saga

Saga - Bakeries Sydney
Saga – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Saga)
Key ServiceNew York Italian-style bakery
Address178 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW
Phone(02) 9550 6386
Operating HoursWeds-Sun 9am-3pm

In 2015, David Bowdy shot to the cake stratosphere with his incredible tiered cake towers. It was (quite correctly) insanely popular and one-of-a-kind, and it used to be impossible to get a hold of one because they were (rightly so) insanely popular and totally unique. Now you can get your fix at Bowdy’s Enmore cafe, Saga. You may purchase everything from a tiramisu to takeout, flourless chocolate cakes, and tiny versions of Bowdy’s famous cake tower in the cafe.

Key Differentiators:

  • Cakes are dripping in caramel sauce
  • Tiramisu is available to-go
  • Mini versions of cake towers are available

Customer’s Review:

Saga sandwiches are serious business. They are on the pricier side at $17-18 however they stack them with ingredients so I don’t mind paying the premium. I tried the chicken schnitzel which was a whole breast, really well cooked and tasty melted cheese on top. The spicy salami toastie was also really good, it had honey drizzled over the top which made it really sticky and I’m not a fan of sweet sandwiches. I will probably get no honey next time.

Timmy Taco

7) Flour Shop

Flour Shop - Bakeries Sydney
Flour Shop – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Flour Shop)
Key ServiceBakery and coffee shop
Address16 Princes Street Turramurra, NSW, 2074
Operating HoursThu to Sun 6:30am to 3pm
​Wed 7:30am to 12:30pm or till sold out​

A favorite amongst many, Flour Shop’s Jerusalem bagels are made with a soft focaccia and filled to the brim with chorizo, cheddar, and egg. The shop has also become well-known for its scrumptious cinnamon scrolls. If you’re not feeling either of those options today, no problem! You can enjoy a slice of Pepe Saya’s delicious bread on its own.

Key Differentiators:

  • Rolled and baked fresh daily
  • Serves Little Italy Coffee roasters
  • Hand crafted and naturally leavened bread

Customer’s Review:

Nice staff. Quite busy. But worth the wait as the food is great quality. Coffee is made one at a time so it tastes delicious but be prepared to wait.

Brando Notlastname

8) Tokyo Lamington

Tokyo Lamington - Bakeries Sydney
Tokyo Lamington – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Tokyo Lamington)
Key ServiceAussie sweet treat nostalgia
Address277 Australia Street, Newtown, NSW 2042
Phone+61 404 662 397
Operating HoursEveryday: 7am – 3pm

It’s the delicious celebration of Australian sweet treat nostalgia we’ve all been waiting for: a collaboration between Arnott’s and Tokyo Lamington. This weekend, Tokyo Lamington will release three limited-edition Arnott’s biscuit-inspired lamingtons. The iconic raspberry jam, pink marshmallow, and coconut-dusted Iced Vovo are included in the lamington trio; there’s the legendary peppermint cream-filled Mint Slice, and finally, a Lemon Crisp-inspired lamington with lemon cream and the distinctive salt touch of the biscuit.

Key Differentiators:

  • Collaboration between Arnott’s and Tokyo Lamington
  • Limited edition lamingtons cakes
  • Iced Vovo, Mint Slice, and Lemon Crisp flavors available

Customer’s Review:

Finally got to try these Tokyo Lamington cakes. Loved the light spongy texture of these little cakes. We ordered the Chocolate and the Yuzu Meringue and both were great treat. Will be coming back to try the other flavours.

Razel Navarro

9) Cherry Moon

Cherry Moon - Bakeries Sydney
Cherry Moon – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Cherry Moon)
Key ServiceWood-burning bakery
Address77 Nelson Street, Annandale, NSW, 2038
Operating HoursTuesday -Sunday: 8am-3pm

What can’t Cherry Moon General Store do? Kimmy Gastmeier, a former Rockpool and Tetsuya’s pastry chef, and Aimee Graham, a previous schoolteacher, founded this wood-burning bakery and grocery. With its rustic, eclectic appearance you may easily believe yourself to be miles from busy Parramatta Road and the vibrant metropolis with Cherry Moon. At the core of it all is a hand-crafted woodfire oven known as Apollonia, and if you order the wood-fired sourdough, you won’t be disappointed. The unique flavor of their fig-leaf sourdough is stunning. From burned butter cookies to doughnuts drenched in glacé cherries, if you’re searching for baked goods, there’s something for everybody.

Key Differentiators:

  • Grocery store items are available
  • Hand-crafted woodfire oven
  • Fig-leaf sourdough is a unique flavour

Customer’s Review:

Epic sourdough stonefruit brioche, and a nice fennel and nduja scone though I couldn’t really taste the nduja. They had quite a wide selection and I’ll certainly be going back to try more pastries, and grab a coffee.

Elizabeth Munro-Ginn

10) Lode

Lode - Bakeries Sydney
Lode – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Lode)
Key ServiceLocal Australian-inspired bakery
Address487 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW
Operating HoursWed to Sun 8am- 2pm

Lode Pies & Pastries is a newbie in the area, but it has gathered a devoted following. Everything here is inspired by LuMi chef Frederico Zanellato and chef Lorenzo Librino’s design of viennoiserie, with sweet and savory items available. The process of ‘lamination’ is king here, so you can anticipate lots of stacked sweets with creams, ganache, and seasonal fruit.

Key Differentiators:

  • Flaky and crispy pastries 
  • Showcasing Aussie classics
  • Creative approach to the aesthetic of viennoiserie

Customer’s Review:

I’ve been wanting to go here for a while and finally went recently when we saw there was a vegetarian savoury pastry on the rotating menu. The shop is small, with only a few indoor tables but there were more tables outdoors.

Nara So

11) Tuga Pastries

Tuga Pastries - Bakeries Sydney
Tuga Pastries – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Tuga Pastries)
Key ServicePortuguese-inspired bakery
AddressShop 6/231 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly NSW 2031, Australia
Operating HoursThursday – Monday 7am – 3pm

Tuga Pastries is a small, unassuming bakery that produces some of the best pastries in town. Clovelly’s hidden gem bakes mouthwatering Portuguese tarts, Pao de Deus (coconut brioche), Tart de Feijao (almond and hazelnut tart), carrot cake, pineapple cake, dulce de leche pockets, and loaded Portuguese-style doughnuts. In fact, its almond croissant has been voted number 1 in Sydney! Tuga recently opened up shop in Alexandria for all the inner-city dwellers out there.

Key Differentiators:

  • Has the famous Portuguese tarts
  • Great little bakery with delicious treats
  • Voted number one almond croissant in Sydney

Customer’s Review:

Came here the other day after seeing a video on TikTok. Was not disappointed, well worth the ride out there from the city. I got a custard-filled donut and Portuguese tart and both were extremely delicious. The doughnut was huge, with plenty of filling. The tart was fresh in a delicious pastry, I’m only sorry I couldn’t fit more in! They do coffee and savoury things as well so it’s perfect for something sweet or for lunch if you are nearby. Would definitely visit this place again.

Josh Brown

12) Madame & Yves

Madame & Yves - Bakeries Sydney
Madame & Yves – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Madame & Yves)
Key ServiceCreative and unique desserts
Address343-345 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly NSW 2031, Australia
Phone(02) 7900-8498
Operating HoursDaily 4pm

Madame & Yves comes by way of a true pastry chef. Yves Sherrer has been gracing quaint Clovelly village with his creative treats since 2019, after creating iconic desserts at Melbourne’s Kisume, Sydney’s Sake, Est, and Ananas. The white-tiled walls and pastel pink accents are a nod to the shop which was formerly Clovelly Road’s Sweet Kiss Cake Shop for 30 years. This sweet heritage has made the perfect home for Sherrer’s venture.

Key Differentiators:

  • Pastry Chef-owned and operated
  • Menu features dishes from iconic Sydney restaurants
  • White-tiled walls and pastel pink accents give the bakery a nostalgic feel

Customer’s Review:

Had the lemon meringue, pear frangipane and chocolate eclairs. The chocolate eclairs were absolutely delicious. the lemon meringue had the perfect amount of tartness and the pear frangipane was well balanced with flavour and was not overly sweet.

Riley Lucas

13) Humble Bakery

Humble Bakery - Bakeries Sydney
Humble Bakery – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Humble Bakery)
Key ServiceHome-style bakery
AddressShop 2, 50 Holt Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone02 9435 0801
Operating HoursDaily 7AM–3PM

If you were to ask anyone, they would say that Surry Hills is stuffed with bakeries and coffee shops. But when a venue is as great as Humble, we’re more than happy to make some room. Tucked down the slope of Holt St, right next to sister venue Porteño, Humble consistently has customers spilling onto the pavement at lunchtime.

Key Differentiators:

  • Good coffee
  • Great selection of baked goods
  • Sells fresh, crispy airy baguettes

Customer’s Review:

I came here on the recommendation of a friend and it was well worth the trip! The menu is small with a focus on quality over quantity but the selection does have familiar favorites. Amazing coffee, fantastic sandwiches and the best basque cheesecake that will haunt my dreams forever! It’s a tiny little bakehouse and not the most convenient for a sit-down lunch but you should definitely stop in for a coffee, some bread, and a slice of cake to take home with you.

Charlotte Hudson

14) Iggy’s

Iggy's - Bakeries Sydney
Iggy’s – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Iggy’s)
Key ServiceSpecialise in making fresh sourdough bread
Address56 Connells Point Rd, South Hurstville NSW 2221, Australia
Phone+61 2 9546 3666
Operating HoursMonday 7AM–3PM
Tuesday 6AM–3PM
Wednesday 6AM–3PM
Thursday 6AM–9PM
Friday 6AM–9PM
Saturday 6AM–9PM
Sunday 6AM–12PM

Iggy’s is a world-renowned bakery in Bronte, Australia that is famous for its bread. The owner, Igor Ivanovic, is originally from Yugoslavia, and he knows his bread! When you walk into Iggy’s, you’ll see queues of people waiting to get their hands on one (or more) of these delectable loaves of bread. The interior is very basic and no-frills because frankly, the focus here is on the amazingbread! If you’re lucky enough to catch one early morning before they sell out for the day, make sure to try some classics like green or kalamata olive rolls as well as Parmigiano cheese sprinkled with chili flakes oregano – yum!

Key Differentiators:

  • Super friendly service
  • Bread is made fresh daily
  • Basic, no-frills interior

Customer’s Review:

The best croissant I’ve ever had in my life! And I know my way around a croissant! The line up is justified as is whatever wait time you endure! The service was lovely and the croissants! Seriously, get these into ya!

Cheyne Jones

15) Pioik Bakery

Pioik Bakery - Bakeries Sydney
Pioik Bakery – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Pioik Bakery)
Key ServiceEgyptian-inspired bakery
Address76-178 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Phone0414 336 143
Operating HoursThursday-Sunday 7am-11am

Shady Wasef, the owner and head baker of PiOiK in Pyrmont, combines his Egyptian heritage with modern baking techniques to create fresh and delicious baked goods. Some of his most popular items include black-seed bread and ciabatta studded with whole halves of onions, flatbread pizzas with Mediterranean ingredients, spice-twist scrolls, and Egyptian semolina cake.

Key Differentiators:

  • Little family-run bakery
  • Handmade croissants
  • Using organic, market-fresh seasonal ingredients 

Customer’s Review:

This gets me up in the morning: kimchi, provolone, chili croissant ($12 each – quite pricey but it’s different and so tasty). My colleague is raving about their almond croissant too – will try later. Coffee has been good and consistent since the first days they opened up shops. They also sell really good sourdough bread and some other interesting things on their menu.

Ryana Rachmat

16) Brickfields

Brickfields - Bakeries Sydney
Brickfields – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Brickfields)
Key ServiceBakery with all-day menu
Address206 Cleveland St, Chippendale NSW 2008
Phone0467 813 997
Operating HoursMon-Fri 7am-3pm, Sat-Sun 8am-3pm

If you’re looking for a delicious and photogenic meal in Sydney, look no further than Brickfields’ OG Cleveland Street cafe. The 35-square metre space is eye-catching and inviting, but good luck tryna get a seat! Don’t worry though, pastries are available to go. Also known as one of the best places for Toasties in all of Sydney–The bacon sandwich comes with manchego cheese, pickles, lemon aioli & streaky bacon on seeded ciabatta bread.

Key Differentiators:

  • Stylish and Instagrammable interior
  • Menu changes seasonally
  • Coffee is excellent

Customer’s Review:

It’s a sandwich with a lot of contents. You can enjoy various flavors. My recommendation is a sandwich that starts with bacon. I had a good meal. I haven’t tried sandwiches in many places, but I can recommend them right away. It was a good meal. Thank you.

Alice K

17) Oregano Bakery

Oregano Bakery - Bakeries Sydney
Oregano Bakery – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Oregano Bakery)
Key ServiceAwesome breakfast variety
AddressSouth Hurstville, 56 Connells Point Rd, South Hurstville, NSW 2221
Phone+61 2 9546 3666
Operating HoursMonday — Saturday 6 AM — 3 PM
Sunday 6 AM — 12 PM

Oregano Bakery’s undisputed bestseller are their cinnamon scrolls. Sydney locals even travel from other areas just to buy a box or two of these baked goods made with butter, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla essence. Other delicious scroll flavors on the menu include fairy bread, fig and almond, as well as tahini and pistachio. Even though sweets may be this bakery’s forte’, they also offer savory Lebanese-style pizzas and pides—and boy are they good! With traditional recipes passed down through generations, you can taste the excellence in every bite of perfectly doughy crust rimmed with crispy edges filled to the brim with vibrant Levantine flavors .

Key Differentiators:

  • Huge portions
  • Sells Lebanese-style pizzas and pides
  • Generational recipes

Customer’s Review:

Great people and awesome breakfast variety. Huge portions and mini scrolls to suit both the hungry and weight checkers.

Adrian Xu

18) Breadfern

Breadfern - Bakeries Sydney
Breadfern – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Breadfern)
Key ServiceTradition-inspired bakery
Address306 – 308 Chalmers Street, Redfern, NSW
Phone02 8065 3959
Operating HoursMon – Sun: 06:00am – 03:00pm

Since it opened in 2017, Breadfern has quickly become a favourite among Redfern locals. The reason? The no-frills bakery focuses on delivering amazing loaves of bread instead of worrying about bells and whistles. When you walk into the bakery, you’re met with colorful cubby holes filled with fresh bread. And if that wasn’t enough to get your mouth watering, the smell from their kitchen will definitely do the trick! They open at 6am daily so it’s worth getting up early to snag a loaf while it’s still warm from the oven. From plain sourdough to fruit and olive loaves – they’ve got all the classics covered.

Key Differentiators:

  • Finest artisan organic sourdough breads
  • Sophisticated coffee using Toby’s Estate beans
  • Seasonally inspired patisserie

Customer’s Review:

Always love the pastries and bread here – their French roots influence is clearly seen in their products. Croissants here are buttery and flakey with nice layers inside. Their special danishes are always a delight to try!

Greg Wong

19) Supreme Bakery

Supreme Bakery - Bakeries Sydney
Supreme Bakery – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Supreme Bakery)
Key ServiceTraditional balkan bakery
AddressThe Burek Guy – Shop 1/166 Macquarie St, Liverpool, NSW 2170
Phone02 9734 8500
Operating HoursMon – Fri 7:00 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

The Macedonian burek is the preserve of Supreme Bakery Liverpool. If you asked Mark Delevski, Supreme Bakery’s owner and head chef, he would describe the burek as an art form rather than a cuisine. We don’t disagree with that assessment. The much-beloved pastry, composed of delicate layers of filo dough stuffed with fillings such as ground lamb or ricotta and fetta, is deserving of the adoration it gets.

Key Differentiators:

  • Authentic homemade food from the Balkan regions
  • Baked goods from the countries of Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Croatia 
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff

Customer’s Review:

A friend recommended me to go here I’m glad I did, The lady in the shop was friendly and the Burek was another level!! The best I have had and I have been eating it for more than 15 years. They were very generous on the fillings in the Burek, that’s the secret to a top product. My wife and I have found we go shopping thank you for the beautiful food.

Michael Trpcevski

20) Banksia Bakehouse

Banksia Bakehouse - Bakeries Sydney
Banksia Bakehouse – Bakeries Sydney (Credit: Banksia Bakehouse)
Key ServiceAesthetic cakes
AddressGrosvenor Place, T4/225 George St., Sydney, 2000
Phone0432 227 509
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
7:30am – 3:30pm
8:00am – 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed

The city’s bustle may be the last place you’d expect to find a cake store, but that is exactly what Banksia Bakehouse set out to accomplish when it opened in late 2020. Chris Sheldrick, Hannah Kim-Sheldrick, Josh Kim, Aileen Zhang, and the rest of the all-star team will try their best not to fall for the beautiful cakes and pastries on display. The hero of the menu is a glossy green apple slice that is actually a deconstructed apple pie with Biscoff and lemon-meringue croissants serving as supporting characters.

Key Differentiators:

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Fourth-generation baker
  • Locally sourced ingredients

Customer’s Review:

A great place for takeaway desserts, cakes and savoury treats. The staff is very nice, they serve coffee as well. I highly recommend their signature dessert Apple Delight – it’s the perfect combination of mousse, crunchy base and spiced apple! I also recommend getting there before 1pm if you are after the dessert, they do sell out fast!

Bogusław S

Bakeries Sydney

Bakeries are a mainstay in the Sydney food scene, and with good reason – they offer an amazing variety of breakfast options, delicious pastries, and mouth-watering desserts. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Balkan bakery or an aesthetic cake store, there’s something for everyone at one of many bakeries Sydney. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start – but that’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best bakeries in Sydney, so you can rest assured that you’ll find something amazing no matter where you go. Thanks for reading, and bon appétit!

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