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5 Most Classic Team Building Games [2023]

Classic Team Building Games

Classic Team Building Games
Classic Team Building Games

Ever felt that you’re going to work for the sake of earning money? You don’t really forge friendships and neither do you get to know your colleagues. All you know is to get your work done and leave the office when it’s time. That’s not how it’s supposed to be!

A successful company consists of a team of employees that work well together. Before doing that, you need to get to know your colleagues first. How’s that done? This is when team building games come into the picture! It’s there to help you form some kind of bond, trust, and potential friendships among the people in the office. Thus, this creates a better environment for you to work in with healthy relationships formed.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 team building games that will help you achieve the ideal relationship among your colleagues!

1. What’s your personality like

Break yourselves into groups of 10 and sit in a circle. Grab your smartphones too! Treat this as a session where you get to know their personalities and find out if it clashes with yours.

Your smartphones are not there for you to keep yourselves busy on social media. It’s for you to do a personality test online. Choose a simple test where everyone is able to understand. For example, 16 personalities is a website that offers free and useful personality test.

After completing the test, share with your colleagues your type of personality and find out who’s similar to you. Then you would understand how your colleagues work. Recognise their strengths, weaknesses, what motivates and demotivates them. This is a powerful tool for you to use in order to succeed in work. It could also be a conversation starter since you have something in common!

2. Scavenger Hunt

You’re not allowed to choose whom you would like to team up with. The organiser will be in charge of splitting everyone into equal sized groups. Basically, there will be items hidden at the ground level of your office. The items could be anything you see on a daily basis such as hair ties, shoes, paper clips etc. To spice things up, you can include in a few riddles and make the teams complete them. The fastest team to return with all items and answers is the winner!

What’s so good about this game? A scavenger hunt forces you to work as a team and get creative. It’s a team effort so you can’t possibly do everything yourself. You’ll also realise that you’ve made a new friend by the end of the game!

3. Jenga with a twist

Get some wooden blocks or the normal jenga game to label them according to the hierarchies in the company. You can create your own the giant sized jenga blocks made of styrofoam. Certain shaped blocks can be marked as “manager” and block shapes as “staff members”. The amount of labelled blocks should tally with the composition of your office. Say 20% of the office is made up of sales team, there should be 20% dedicated to that department.

Separate yourselves into teams and collect the correctly labelled blocks and the right amount. You can either build a specific structure if told, or get creative with the blocks and build as how you would please. When that’s done, each person has to try and remove one block at a time without destroying what you built. A time limit of 5 minutes is given!

This game shows how each member in the team is relevant. Without one person, everything will collapse!

4. The Egg Drop

A classic game that’s worth the mess is the egg drop. Organise yourselves into two large groups and brainstorm on how you would package the egg. Materials such as newspaper, double-sided tape, chopsticks etc will be provided for. The key to this game is to still have the eggshell intact after being thrown from a height!

After packaging the egg, each team will do a 30 seconds promotion of their product and tell your colleagues what’s unique about it. Throw your product 3 storeys above the ground and checkout the aftermath. Will your eggshell still be intact or will the yolk be out? That’ll determine whether your product packaging worked.

Through this game, they would have learnt that communication is key and having the same goal in mind would bring them to places!

5. Watch where you’re going

Prepare a bunch of masking tape because you’re about to create art on the floor. Form large polygonal shapes with the masking tape about 12 feet long and 6 feet wide. Mark the starting and ending point of this game.

Make the shapes slightly more complicated for more fun in the game. There will be papers marked X to represent the mines and they will be placed at random. To unfreeze those who stepped on the mines, one of their team members must step on a squeaky toy that’s also found in some of the shapes. The ones playing will have to challenge themselves to get to the other end.

The tricky part would be to cross the path two at a time and blindfolded. All you can do is to hear instructions given by some of your colleagues standing outside of the shape. It will teach you how to trust each other and learn how to give advice at appropriate timings.

Classic Team Building Games

Try these simple yet fulfilling team building games! Let us know if it worked the same for you. If you have already tried these, check out our top 5 unusual team building activities.

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