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7 Corporate Wellness Ideas That Will Strengthen Your Team [2023]

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Corporate Wellness

Stressed-out employees lead to a stressed-out company. It’s no secret that Corporate Wellness Programs have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to combat rising healthcare costs and improve employee productivity.

Furthermore, corporate wellness is more important now than ever before. With the rise of technology, more and more employees are working from home or on the go. This can lead to a number of health problems, including obesity, heart disease, and stress. That’s why it’s important for businesses to invest in Corporate Wellness Programs.

But what are some creative ideas for Corporate Wellness Programs that will actually engage your team? In this blog post, we will explore five Corporate Wellness Ideas That Will Strengthen Your Team!

1. Stock up with healthy office snacks

Our culture of munching is growing. Recent statistics show that 91% of people snack often during the day. In fact, we eat about half of our meals as snacks.

Unfortunately, the majority of businesses provide the standard, subpar snacks found in vending machines, such as candy, soda, and other foods high in sugar, saturated fat, and toxins. These are the kinds of snacks that not only cause energy dumps that hinder productivity but also have a negative long-term effect on staff health.

What better approach to influence your team’s overall nutrition — and, consequently, wellness — than by making healthier snack options readily available throughout the workday? It’s quite simple to give your staff access to nutritious snacks. Your crew will have the energy boost they need to finish the job thanks to the brand’s carefully packed boxes of healthier options (without those unfortunate sugar crashes).

2. Attend Yoga classes together

Once a week, you can offer yoga courses to your employees. If the weather permits, the classes are held on the company’s rooftop, which affords breathtaking views. The location to practice yoga is the most critical prerequisite, and many businesses use their conference or break rooms to offer yoga courses to team members during the workday.

Stress reduction with yoga and meditation is quite helpful. Team members at startups or PR firms frequently have to work long hours and under pressure. Yoga is a useful tool for integrating self-care into the workplace so that team members won’t feel bad about taking time off.

3. Go on team outings

One great way to do this is to go on team outings. This could be anything from a day at the beach to a weekend camping trip. It’s also important to find activities that everyone will enjoy. For example, Fun Empire offers ninja tag and bullet ball – two games that are sure to get your team’s heart pumping. 

4. Practice gratefulness

Keep in mind that wellness includes your team’s mental health as well as your physical health. Being appreciative on a regular basis has been shown to improve sleep, reduce appetite, and lessen depression.

Try this at your workplace: Make a shared document where team members from all throughout the company list one thing they are thankful for each day. Give your team a three-week challenge to complete it. Have your team evaluate their attitude and output at the end of the three weeks.

5. Try something new

Giving employees the freedom to select their preferred method of stress relief is the best way to encourage employee wellness. You can allow your staff members free time to engage in interests or talents that they might find too time-consuming during a standard workweek.

6. Have a “Bring your pet to work” day

Greater efficiency, improved teamwork, and lessened stress; no, these are not the outcomes of a brand-new wonder medicine or the newest productivity software; rather, they are more productivity, greater collaboration, and lower stress. It’s a result of letting our four-legged, furry companions have full run of the workplace.

7. Unleash your creativity

There are many art workshops where your team can unleash their creativity and hidden talents with colors, prints, and drawings. This will not only de-stress them but also improve and awaken their creative skill sets, which will be beneficial to the team in the long run. When employees are not afraid to be creative and are encouraged to do so, they could easily come up with ideas and innovations that help the growth of the company.

Do FunEmpire’s art jamming, clay workshops, and terrarium workshops as a starter, and venture out from there!

Corporate Wellness

Implementing a corporate wellness program can be a great way to boost morale and strengthen your team. There are many different ways to approach corporate wellness, so it’s important to find an approach that fits your company’s culture and needs. Some popular corporate wellness ideas include offering discounts on gym memberships, organizing group fitness classes, and hosting health fairs.

By taking steps to promote health and well-being among your employees, you can create a stronger, more productive team.

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