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4 Tips To Throw The Perfect 1st Birthday Party For Your Baby [2023]

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1st Birthday Party

1st birthday party

It is 1st Birthday party season Singapore! Parents are scrambling to find the perfect 1st birthday cake, 1st Birthday invitations, 1st Birthday decorations- all of which can be difficult. Thankfully, we have compiled 4 tips that will help you throw the perfect 1st birthday party for your baby.

1. Select A Theme for Your First Birthday Party

You don’t have to stick to a theme, but it’s sometimes easier to concentrate on the colors, decorations, and other party elements if you choose one. Consider these suggestions:

Farm Themed

Make a nativity scene with hay bales as seats, dress your child in overalls, serve a farm-themed cake, give party favors in metal buckets (to resemble milking pails), and play Duck Duck Goose with the older kids.

Circus Party

Do a circus theme and include big top tents, balloons in bright colors, clowns (with painted faces), juggling balls for the kids to play with, and 1st birthday invitations that feature an elephant or other circus-themed character.

Ocean Party

Buy 1st birthday decorations featuring fish and sea creatures like starfish and octopus. 1st birthday invitations could feature a cartoon fish, and the cake should be decorated with seashells or waves.

If you don’t want to pick one of these themes, consider classic 1st birthday party ideas like Peter Pan (the boy who never wants to grow up), The Very Hungry Caterpillar (because it’s about celebrating getting bigger and 1st birthday party favors and 1st birthday invitations could feature popular caterpillar characters), or The Very Quiet Cricket (who can make a chirping noise, which is considered good luck).

2. Invitation and gifts

When it comes to 1st birthday party invitations, 1st birthday invitations can be made at home by sticking 1st birthday party invitation templates (available online) on cardstock paper and coloring the design in. 1st birthday party favors are another tricky 1st birthday party issue because you want them to be personalized but not too expensive. 1st birthday party favors should be designed with 1st birthday theme in mind (for example, for a farm-themed 1st birthday party, you could give cows made out of modeling clay as 1st birthday party favors).

3. Food for Your 1st Birthday Party

Good 1st birthday food should also reflect the 1st birthday theme. For example, include 1st birthday party decorations that feature 1st birthday cake designs of farm animals, 1st birthday food ideas like chicken sandwiches and chocolate milk served in baby bottles, or 1st year candles on the 1st birthday cake. In terms of 1st birthday drinks , include one bottle per child filled with a non-alcoholic “grown up” 1st birthday drink like sparkling cider, 1st year candles on the 1st birthday cake and a straw for each child.

Cake for 1st Birthday Party

No 1st birthday party is complete without the 1st birthday cake! The most popular 1st year cakes are shaped like a number one, but you can also go with farm-themed 1st birthday cakes featuring cows or barns. You could even have different kinds of themed 1st birthday cake ideas on display so guests can pick and choose which 1st birthday cake they want.

Don’t forget to include 1st year candles on the 1st birthday cake as well as a number one candle (and remember, never leave children unattended with lit candles).

4. Games & Activities for 1st Birthday Party

Don’t forget 1st birthday party games to keep the kids busy! 1st birthday party activities can include 1st year photo booth ideas with props, 1st birthday coloring pages, and 1 st year crafts that are themed. You could even have a separate area where older guests can play pin-the-tail on the donkey or 1st birthday board games while the little ones are occupied with 1st year coloring pages.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to throw the perfect 1st birthday party for your baby!

1st Birthday party

1st birthday parties are a 1st year milestone and should be celebrated with 1st birthday party games, 1st year photo booth ideas, 1st birthdays cake designs all themed to the baby’s favorite things. If you want help planning your perfect 1st birthday party for your child, let us know! Our team of experts would love to partner with you in creating an awesome event that will make the day one they’ll never forget. Which of these 1st birthday themes do you think is most popular? Share any other tips on how to throw the best 1st birthday party below – we’re listening!

If you want to learn more about organizing the most epic birthday party, contact The Fun Empire’s professionals. We would be delighted to put together the best birthday party for you!

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