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The 15 Best Foods You Must Not Miss When Traveling the World [2023]

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If you’re planning on traveling the world, there are some foods you just can’t miss. From savory dishes to sweet treats, every country has its own unique flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best foods you must try when traveling to different countries around the globe. Whether you’re in Europe, Asia, or South America, there is something for everyone!  So pack your bags and get ready for a culinary adventure!

Don’t miss out – read on to find out more.

1. Sushi – Japan

Prepared with a variety of ingredients, including seafood, vegetables, and occasionally fruits, together with vinegared rice. The ideal accompaniments to sushi are wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce. Daikon radish is a common garnish for this dish. A sushi’s flavor is determined by the kind of fish used. However, the dish’s overall flavor is acidic due to the vinegared rice. When compared to octopus-flavored sushi, tuna, eel, and salmon often have a subtle flavor.

2. Ramen – Japan

You must have heard about Ramen at least once in your life, if not tried it. We are not, however, referring to the packed instant noodles.

Wheat noodles are used to make the Japanese cuisine ramen, which is served in a broth with pork and veggies. Depending on the flavor of the broth, ramen comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from sour to spicy, and in Japan, each region has its own.

The miso ramen, another well-liked dish, originated in Hokkaido, as does tonkotsu, a popular variety of ramen that uses pork bone broth.

3. Kebab – Turkey

Kebabs are a meal that originated in Turkey and are now famous throughout the Middle East. They are prepared on a skewer over a large fire, much like a barbecue on the grill, and often include ground meat or seafood, fruits, and vegetables. It is prepared using a number of supplementary ingredients, including black pepper, vegetable oil, and garlic.

Typically, the traditional meats utilized in kebabs are lamb or mutton. There are also recipes for beef, goat, fish, and chicken. This meal is among the best in the world because it has the ideal balance of flavors, from tangy to spicy.

4. Pho – Vietnam

Pho, or “fuh,” is a delicious Vietnamese cuisine comprised of rice noodles, and meat (often beef or chicken), served in broth, and garnished with herbs. The dish has a wonderful aroma that lingers in the eater’s mind for some time. Pho is a well-liked street cuisine that is flavorful and well-balanced. A wonderful meal for a winter evening. This food and you were designed for each other, without a doubt.

5. Paella – Spain

Valencia, Spain is where paella first appeared. It is an old dish that has been updated for the modern era. Paella can be prepared in a variety of ways. White rice, green beans, meat (often duck or rabbit), butterbeans, snails, and seasonings like rosemary are all ingredients in the original recipe.

During their season, artichokes are also used in the recipe. Artichokes are a typical but seasonal element as well. One of the best dishes in the world, it is prepared in a skillet with olive oil and is full of flavor.

6. Pad Thai – Thailand

In Thailand, Pad Thai, a popular street food meal, is a stir-fried rice dish served with noodles. Noodles are stir-fried with eggs, tofu, and other nutritious ingredients in this recipe. The dish’s distinctive combination of sauces—tamarind pulp, dried shrimp, and fish sauce—as well as the addition of garlic and red pepper flakes enhance the flavor of the food. Along with the entrée, roasted peanuts and lime wedges are provided.

Radishes, bean sprouts, and other vegetables are some of the supplementary ingredients that are offered on the side. In addition, there is a vegetarian variation of pad Thai that uses soy sauce rather than fish sauce and excludes the use of pork.

7. Jianbing – China

In Beijing, you may find this meal at a lot of food stands. The filling of your choosing is inside a very thin crepe. It’s perfect for a supper on the go because it can be folded into a pocket shape that you can hold and consume while walking.

8. Moules Frites – Belgium

In Belgium, mussels and fries are just as popular as hamburgers and fries in the United States. Ordering plain, steamed mussels or adding extra spice, such curry powder, is a straightforward way to get started.

9. Squeaky Cheese – Finland 

Leipäjuusto, often known as Finnish squeaky cheese, is probably only available in Finland. Most frequently, the mild cheese is pan-fried and put beside coffee or as a dessert with cloudberry jam.

10. Chlodnik – Poland

Polish chlodnik is a popular summertime dish and is a cool, pink beet soup. It is a tasty and incredibly healthy lunch that is seasoned with cucumbers, radishes, plain yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs.

11. Bulgogi – South Korea

Although there are many Korean BBQ restaurants in the United States, you must eat it when you are in South Korea. Literally meaning “fire meat,” bulgogi derives its mildly sweet flavor from a marinade made of sugar and soy sauce.

At expensive restaurants or from pan-ready packages sold at nearby markets, you can sample this fresh meat, which should be consumed within a day of butchering.

12. Masala dosa – India

A spicy mixture of mashed potatoes is wrapped in a crisp, rice-based crepe, which is then dipped in pickles, coconut chutney, tomato- and lentil-based sauces, and other condiments. It’s a great breakfast item that will fill you up until lunch, at which point you’ll probably return back for more.

13. Chicken rice – Singapore

This steamed or boiled chicken dish, which is frequently referred to as Singapore’s “national meal,” is served with aromatic oily rice and sliced cucumber as the sole vegetable. Roasted chicken and soy sauce chicken are examples of variations. It’s one of Singapore’s best dishes, no matter how it’s made.

When you’re not actually in Singapore eating chicken rice, the dipping sauces—premium black soy sauce, chili with garlic, and pounded ginger—give it that extra oomph to make you miss it.

14. Tacos – Mexico

An excellent option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a freshly made tortilla loaded with small pieces of grilled beef that have been rubbed in oil and sea salt and then topped with guacamole, salsa, onions, cilantro, or whatever else you choose. Because of this, no traveler ever leaves Mexico lighter than when they arrived.

15. Chili crab – Singapore

You must experience Singapore’s sloppy, meaty, spicy specialty while there. Chili crab continues to be a local favorite despite the fact that there are other ways to prepare crab (with black pepper, salted egg yolk, cheese-baked, etc.).

Also, you need to use miniature mantou buns to mop up the splattering spicy chili-tomato gravy.


There you have it! A list of the best foods you must not miss when traveling the world. While it is impossible to try everything, these are definitely some of the dishes that should be at the top of your list.

So get out there and start exploring all the amazing cuisines the world has to offer!

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