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Group Development: How To Bring Fun Back To Work Post-Pandemic [2023]

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Group Development

The pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down, but for those that are still operational, the challenge now is how to keep employees engaged and motivated. After all, work can’t be all doom and gloom – at least not if you want to retain your best talent!

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to create a fun and productive work environment in the wake of the pandemic. Group development activities can be a great way to promote team building and help employees feel more connected to one another.

Stay tuned for more tips!

1. Slowly but surely build team bonds

There is no “I” in team. Work-life balance has been very focused on the “I” since the epidemic began. To turn things around, emphasize the value of a team — and all of the jokes, fun, efficiency, and fulfillment it provides.

Remember, though, that you can’t have a team without connection, and video meetings might be tough. So, look for methods to include collaboration and play into your routine as much as possible.

For example, organize team-building activities such as Laser Tag or Hybrid Amazing Race to get everyone back on track, or establish tasks for your teams to compete against one another. Interconnectivity and involvement are critical.

2. Happy hour

Many of us, no doubt, miss the days when you could go out for lunch or a drink with your coworkers after work. A time to take off your working hat and have fun with your friends while being real with one another.

Even if team-building exercises and parties can help bring back some of the joy, part of what made these parts of our job lives so pleasant and beneficial is how common they were. It was included into regular or weekly routines as something to anticipate.

3. Encourage wellness time

Aside from the enjoyment of parties and events, there are a variety of methods to support your staff in remaining as calm and centered as possible. Live or self-led well-being activities such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, or movement may be an excellent approach for your team to socialize and recharge.

Because many people still tend to stay at home a lot these days, provide your staff the opportunity to share their domestic routines, recipes, and traditions with the team. You may also arrange competitions for them to continue their health regimen outside of work for additional excitement and engagement.

4. Pet day

Encourage your workers to bring their pet to the workplace as a way to ease back into things. It might be a one-time visit or an open invitation that is always welcome.

Pets at work offer a number of advantages. In addition to aiding in the transition to work, the presence of pets may help reduce anxiety about the unknown. Doggos and Cattos can also assist you in breaking the ice with other members of your team that you may know well.

5. Host a theme week

Consider organizing a theme week for your recently returned staff. The themes might differ greatly, and they may include anything from athletic to artistic pursuits.

A theme week is a great way to celebrate and promote your company’s culture. It allows your employees to get close. At the conclusion of the week, your team should feel more enthusiastic, inspired, and linked with one another. There should also be more laughter and less tension in the workplace.

6. Karaoke party

Who doesn’t like a good karaoke session? Karaoke is a fun and inexpensive method to get to know one another. It creates camaraderie and encourages employees to help and support each other while belting out your favorite songs, a win-win situation, right?

Find participants, allow them to choose their songs, and locate the music on YouTube to conduct your karaoke session.

7. Open mic poetry happy hour

Others will come for the alcohol, while others will come for the classics. Organize an open mic poetry session in which visitors can share their favorite poems. This sort of occasion encourages and applauds innovative ideas.

8.  Encourage sensitivity and empathy

Employees are burned out from juggling remote work, supervising children’s remote learning, recovering from sickness or caring for others, shopping for quarantined loved ones, and so forth.

Demonstrate to your workers that you understand they may be suffering and don’t expect things to return to normal. If necessary, listen actively and connect them with mental health or other resources.

9.  Book food trucks

Reopening a cafeteria safely necessitates a more involved strategy, because cafeteria employees must collaborate, and the area practically compels them to socialize.

You may still use the cafeteria for dining, but instead of reopening the kitchen, hire a rotating lineup of food trucks to serve morning coffee and bagels, daily lunches, or afternoon smoothies. Many food trucks allow you to order and pay online with no cost.

10. Plan exciting welcome back activities

The necessary social distance, isolation, mask-wearing, and hand sanitizing have made us all a little weary while following all of the safety precautions.

Employees need more than ever to be able to reconnect and build relationships. What’s the best way to do it than planning welcome back activities like Poolball, Neon Archery Tag, Amazing Race, Terrarium Workshops, and other creative workshops!

Group Development

As we are now beginning to tackle the new normal of the situations, work has become a lot more serious for many people. We all miss the days of laughter and camaraderie at the office which are now replaced by long hours and tense silences. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

In this blog post, we have discussed how Group Development can help bring fun back to work post-pandemic. Stay tuned for more great tips that will help you create a more enjoyable work environment!

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