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Ultimate Hen Party Guide [2023]

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Hen Party

Are you in charge of planning the Hen’s Night for your best friend? If so, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to throw the best Hen’s Night party ever! From choosing the right location to selecting the perfect menu, we have everything you need to know to help make your party planning easy and stress-free.

So get ready to celebrate in style with your closest friends!

1. Prepare a guest list

Call the bride once you have the guest list to gather their information. Create a spreadsheet with a list of attendees and each person’s contact details. 

You can update the spreadsheet with updated information about guests as you plan the hen party. Just two such entries would be the status of the guest’s payments and their availability for particular days.

2. Plan within the budget

Prior to making any purchases, ascertain your accessible funds. When planning for the hen party, consider where everybody will stay, what they’ll do, what they’ll eat, and how they’ll get there and back. Remember that every hen party is different, so you might need to consider other variables not included in this blog post.

Create a new spreadsheet to aid in tracking your finances. List all the expenses you anticipate incurring in writing. You can start contacting stag do service providers once you’ve decided what kind of services you’ll require.

Write down price quotes as you receive them in your spreadsheet. Using the quotes you have obtained, you may next decide what to reserve.

3. Call reservation for places

After choosing a day and deciding how many guests to invite, you may start making plans for the hen party. Determine what you all need to reserve by gathering the other hen party planners. There should already be a list of everything that needs to be reserved.

Create a schedule and organize your activities around it. This will stop you from making too many appointments at once.

4. Get creative with decorations

If you truly want to exert the most effort possible, do this! By crafting some or all of the party materials and decorations yourself, you may give the hen do your own unique spin. In addition, a lot of shops now offer amusing custom hen party décor.

If you want to be creative at the party, check out some favorite customized DIY ideas for a hen party. This easy-to-follow hen party balloon guide will wow your guests. Did you experience a mental block? Invitations, goody bags, and activities like passing the parcel can all be customized for hen parties, just give us a call here at FunEmpire and we will help you with this. You see what I mean.

5. Make the playlist

Play your best friend’s favorite songs to get the party going. Definitely ask your visitors to recommend music for the occasion. In this manner, you can be sure that everyone at your party will enjoy the music. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the music together, the playlist should be created at least a week before the hen party. Keep in mind that it can take longer to make than you thought.

6. Have an RSVP

We suggest sending an email to all of your invitees as a final reminder due to the overwhelming amount of material. This message is to confirm the time and location and to inquire about any special precautions that might be required. You might reiterate the location and any other important information.

Give your hen party attendees your phone number so they can call you if they need help. It’s time to start the celebration by letting everyone know that you look forward to seeing each and every one of your guests. If the hen party is a secret, you should remind them. The last-minute reveal shouldn’t ruin the surprise.

7. Plan ahead of time

If you’re wondering how long in advance you should organize a hen do, my advice is to give yourself lots of time. Here, being overly enthusiastic is never a good idea.

People’s schedules quickly fill up, so you should lock in the date as soon as possible. When I organized my sister’s hen party, I immediately scheduled the weekend for the hen as soon as she knew the date of her wedding!

Planning the hen party took me about a year, maybe a little longer since I wanted to give myself lots of time and allow everyone to pay in three installments over the course of the year. Spreading the payments out was incredibly beneficial.

8. Plan an introductory ice-breaker

A conversation starter will get everyone chatting. Ask each guest to bring a photo of themselves with the bride-to-be and to tell a personal tale about the bride, for instance. This will make everyone aware of who is who and encourage interaction.

9. Make sure everyone is having a good time

The bride is the queen of the hour, but since you’re the host, don’t forget to pamper the guests as well. There are frequently some guests who are arriving alone, even though many of the guests may know each other and be closest friends.

There is nothing worse than thinking that everyone at the party is a friend when you don’t know anyone, so make an effort to strike up a conversation with each attendee and assist those shy women. This also applies to mothers and senior visitors.

Hen’s Night

So there you have it, everything you need to know to throw the best hen’s night ever! Just remember to keep things fun and stress-free, and you’re sure to have a night that everyone will remember. And don’t forget, the most important part of any hen’s night is the company, so make sure to invite your closest friends and family.

With a little planning and a lot of enthusiasm, you’re guaranteed to have a hen’s night that nobody will forget!

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