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7 Epic Virtual Party Games to Play That Will Guarantee a Fun Time [2023]

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Virtual Party Games

Virtual Party Games

We all know that virtual parties are the best way to connect with friends and family when you can’t be in the same place. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because – there is always an occasion for celebration! And what better way to celebrate than with games? There are plenty of fun games out there for playing online with your friends. But which ones will give you the competitive edge? Check out our list of 7 epic virtual games below!

1. Virtual Escape Room

This online escape room is a great way to get into the competitive spirit! You and your friends will have 60 minutes to find clues, complete challenges, and solve puzzles in order to break out of virtual rooms. Virtual Escape Room is an exciting game where you can work together with your friends or against each other – depending on how competitive you are feeling! Virtual Escape Room is a great choice for those who want to host a party where everyone can participate, as Virtual Escape Rooms require no special equipment.

2. 20 Questions

Play 20 Questions on your Zoom calls with your friends and family to get to know each other even better in the months ahead. This classic game is as easy as it appears: Each member of your group is asked 20 interesting questions. There will undoubtedly be a few shocks no matter how well you know one another.

3. Name, Place, Animal, Thing

This game is super fun and will get you thinking on your feet! Name, Place, Animal, Thing has four different rounds that test how well you know one another. Each round consists of a different category: name, place, animal or thing – depending what the group wants to play with at the time. This Virtual Party Game encourages plenty of laughter and friendly competition. Name, Place, Animal or Thing is great for Virtual Party Games because it can be played with small or large groups of people – making everyone feel involved! This game also encourages players to think quickly on their feet, which is a skill that will help anyone in life amicably.

4. Virtual Pictionary

For those Virtual Party Games that require some drawing skills, Pictionary is a great game to play. This game can be played with 2-8 players (or teams) and will involve illustrated clues – which the other team must try to guess! All you need is paper and some pens or crayons. It’s easy for Virtual Parties because all the boards are virtual – so there’s no need to worry about where to put your pictures on the wall! Pictionary keeps Virtual Party Games exciting, as it keeps you on your toes guessing what the clue artists are drawing you. There are plenty of rounds for everyone, so nobody has time to get bored.

5. Charades

Charades Virtual Party Games are always a hit with the young and old! This Virtual Party game is great for small or large groups of people, as you can choose how many rounds to play. Similar to Pictionary, Charades requires players to act out words in order for their teammates to guess what they’re trying to say. Virtual Party Games like this are always super fun because they get everyone involved and laughing – no matter what age you’re at!

6. Trivia Virtual Party Games

If Virtual Party Games are more your speed, why not host a Virtual Trivia Game? Virtual Trivia can be played on Zoom with friends and family using any internet-connected device. This game is great for large groups of people as there will always be enough questions to go around! The best part about Virtual Trivia is that it doesn’t take much time to set up – Virtual Party Games like this are quick and easy, making them great for any Virtual Event.

7. Bingo

This Virtual Party game is great for large or small groups of people. Virtual Bingo can be played with the use of any internet-connected device, tablet or smartphone – making it super easy to access! The Virtual Bingo Board will appear on your computer screen and you’ll need an app like bingo card maker in order to play Virtual Bingo. Virtual Party Games like this are always a hit because there is plenty of time for each round, making it easy to ensure that everyone has enough opportunities to win!

8. Virtual Party Mania

For Virtual Parties that are looking for Virtual Party Games to play with everyone, Virtual Party Mania is perfect. Virtual party games like this involve trivia questions and fun activities – making them great for groups of all ages! This game can be played on Zoom by anyone who has an internet-connected device so it’s easy to play without worrying about who’s bringing what Virtual Party Games will keep everyone entertained – no matter how many people are in your Virtual Party.

Virtual Party Games

Virtual party games are a great way to keep Virtual Parties interesting and exciting. From trivia Virtual Party Games that encourage knowledge competition, to Virtual Pictionary or Charades Virtual Party Games – there is always something for everyone at a Virtual Event! All you need is an internet-connected device and the right app in order to play any of these virtual games with your friends on Zoom. If you’re searching for more ways to spice up your next Virtual Party, get in touch with us and our specialists will ensure that everything runs as planned from beginning to end!

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