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A Start To Cultivating People-Plant Relationships [2023]

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Plant Activities
Plant Activities

Yes, I’m not joking here. There is such a thing called ‘People-Plant Relationship’, and at a time when we are constantly looking down at our phones and staring at the computer screens, it is more important now than ever. We have been taught from young that greenery is not only good for improving our eyesight, but also health in general. Their therapeutic benefits have resulted in many people placing plants in their offices and homes to enrich their everyday lives. While you can get plants from stores, they’re usually fake if you’re not wanting to pay such a hefty price. And where is the benefit in that? As such, I have provided you with 2 ways on how to get your hands on plants that will not only increase your well-being and create that people-plant relationship we all desperately need in our existence, but as their workshops, also provide an opportunity for you to learn in a relaxing environment and to form friendships and closer bonds with the other participants.

1. Terrarium-Making

Terrariums have been gaining popularity around the world, and for obvious reasons. They’re incredibly easy to maintain and require minimal to zero care. Hence, if you’re someone who has a busy workload and might not have the time everyday to pay attention to your plants, terrarium might be the option for you. They’re simply a glass container filled with plants and soil, and are commonly used for decorative and ornamental purposes. Our terrarium workshop uses real plants, and provide other unique items such as coloured sands, rocks and figurines which will no doubt incite the creative side in you. You can design the terrarium in any way you prefer, and once you’re done, bring it back and display proudly in your office or home. Terrariums carry a plethora of benefits, and considering that you acquire plenty knowledge after attending our professionally-facilitated workshops, it’s a win-win.

2. Flower Arrangements

Contrary to popular belief, flowers aren’t just meant for girls. Due to their bright colours and fascinating details, flowers have been regularly used in interior designs to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment, which in turn, boosts productivity levels and promote happiness either in the workplace or home. You would be taught and assisted by professional florists in a slow-paced and comforting environment surrounded by enthralling and sweet-smelling flowers. Properly organising and designing the flowers could also enable you to be more imaginative in your ideas. As such, the people-plant relationship would be strongly-cultivated, and not just through health reasons.

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