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Best Guidelines For Team Activities [2023]

Team Activities

Recently, many companies have adopted team building activities into their strategy for corporate culture. It’s definitely understandable as to why. Team building activities are able to provide opportunities to develop various soft skills which are incredibly vital. Not only that, they can help to foster better harmony and working relations between employees as well. They help to promote a culture of teamwork within the workplace which improves overall productivity as it is often said, “Two heads are better than one” and employees will be more open towards the idea of working together.

After hearing these benefits, I’m sure all of you are eager to book your very own team building activity right now! However, you must note that a team building activity can go both ways. It can act as a fun touchpoint where employees can mingle around and learn from one another. On the other hand, it can also be something that’s dreaded by most employees. This is because they might see team building activities as a waste of time. So here is a list of 5 quick guidelines that you should take note of when participating in team building activities as a group!

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Best Guidelines For Team Activities

1. Encourage communication

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Communication can be considered as the first step towards better teamwork. It is essential for every team member to communicate in a team building activity. This is because it is only through communicating together that the game objectives can be fulfilled. By communicating with one another, you can not only keep track of the game progress better, but you will also be able to generate more conversations and get to know your colleagues better. One tip on how you can encourage communication amongst your own team is by initiating first. This can be as easy as by being simply the first one to speak out!

2. Establish common target & objectives

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The next guideline to follow when participating in a team building activity with a group is to establish properly a common target and objectives. Every team building game is different, each with its own objectives that are to be fulfilled by the players. So it is extremely important to establish the objectives of the game itself first. This is to ensure that everyone can not only better track their progress but also, helps to guarantee that everyone is headed towards a common direction!

3. Allocate individual roles and responsibilities

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This is the next guideline that you should be following after establishing the objectives of the team activity. By allocating individual roles and responsibilities to every member, it is essentially splitting the workload. This ensures that there is better coordination amongst the team as everyone is playing a part to contribute to achieving the overall objectives. As for how you can properly allocate roles and responsibilities in the game, you can use this example. For example, in an Escape Room, there will be multiple puzzles that need to be solved, you can basically help to allocate each member to a particular puzzle. All you need to do is to ensure that everyone has something to do to contribute!

4. Assign a leader

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Similarly to the CEO of a company, every group needs to have a leader that takes charge of the decision-making. With so many tasks to complete, it is a mandate that you elect someone within your group to act as the team leader. Leaders are the main people who members will look towards to brings the team together. However, do make sure to elect someone who is capable to lead, or else, it can have drastic consequences. However, if you’re looking for a challenge and feel that you have the capabilities, you can even choose to nominate yourself to step up for the team activities!

5. Be open and receptive of suggestions

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The last tip and guideline we have decided to give you are to be open and receptive to the thoughts and opinions of each and every one of your teammates. Be sure to welcome everyone with open arms, and please refrain from forming rebuttals for the suggestions. Everyone feels more appreciated and develops a better sense of belonging when you decide to keep this in mind. It will have a multiplier effect. It leads to your team being more driven to perform as they have been a part of the discussion and decision-making process!

Team Activities

In conclusion, these are just a few of the small yet effective guidelines you should be following to improve your participation in team building activities with a group. If you’re interested in having a more comprehensive guide on how you can have a more effective team building session or more options for team building activities, you can check out the following links below 🙂

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