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5 Different Types of Team Members You’ll Meet [2023]

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Team Members

Team Members
Team Members

Workplace diversity is prevalent in every office, and is no exception even when working in teams. Read below to find out more about the common types of team players.

1. The Innovator

The Innovator is the creative of the team. They are the ones who constantly churn out new ideas and innovations when the rest have hit a wall and cannot proceed. At times, their ideas and innovations are unconventional and out-of-the box, and as such, may be difficult to understand especially if not communicated clearly. Focus on communication to foster team building between the Innovator and the rest of the team!

2. The Coordinator

The most traditional team role, Coordinators tend to be listeners and try to ensure that the activities and duties of the team are fulfilled as closely as possible to meeting the team’s goals.

While they may seem to organize the team’s tasks and keep everyone on track, they may also be somewhat manipulative when trying to do so. But keep in mind that they do so in the spirit of team work and their intentions are good at heart!

Team building may help them interact with others in a less manipulative and more objective manner.

3. The Implementer

These are the ones who give the team structure and organization! They breathe life into decisions and strategies, turning them into manageable tasks for the rest of the team.

They are also hardworking and disciplined, ensuring that problems are solved in a systematic manner – efficiency in teamwork with this one! Sometimes, it may be difficult to understand exactly what they want when they delegate tasks, so do look into some team building activities to foster better communication skills!

4. The Critical Thinker

Critical Thinkers have a meticulous and careful nature. Their decisions are not impulsive in the slightest; rather, they take to analysing every single aspect of the choices at hand before making one.

This approach to drawing conclusions and picking out flaws allows the Critical Thinker to often stop the team from making misguided decisions! They are definitely an important asset to the team and make sure that the efforts from teamwork are put to the best possible outcome.

However, they may sometimes be slow to come to a decision due to their careful nature, so perhaps team building activities such as laser tag or paintball, which require fast reflexes, may get them to react faster under pressure!

5. The Expert

You’ll be astounded by the amount of information The Specialist team member can give you! These are the ones who are on a totally different level – their depth of knowledge and skills about a specific topic knows no bounds. Having them on your team will definitely improve the efficiency of your teamwork because it is like having a walking encyclopaedia.

But if you feel too overwhelmed with information or technicalities, do engage in team building activities to get to know them better – this can help in understanding them!

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