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5 Tips On Caring For A Terrarium

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Terrarium Caring Tips

Terrarium are a great way to add life and color to any space. They come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that is perfect for your home.

Terrarium Singapore are notorious for requiring very little upkeep. But that doesn’t give us a free pass for total disregard. Every now and again, they deserve a little attention.

This blog post will give you 7 tips on caring for terrariums! Book a terrarium workshop experience with us for the best experience!

1. Humidity

It’s generally known (but frequently forgotten) that houseplants require regular watering. However, terrariums are unique in that you don’t usually need to water them very often. Humidity is the most reliable indicator of whether your plants are getting enough water. It’s the end result of having a lot of water in the system.

You can assess humidity by measuring the amount of condensation on the glass. You should also look for wilting, dried-out leaves, and a slew of other warning indicators if it’s always foggy up. It will be influenced by what you’re growing in your terrarium, but if it’s constantly hazy, you’ve over watered it.

2. Remove dead plants early

Terrariums can’t exactly mimic a natural environment in the same way as a real one can. They lack the variety of species needed to break down organic matter effectively. Any dead plant material will just decompose if left unchecked. We would advise removing plants if they begin to rot or die. It will assist in keeping the equilibrium and lowering the likelihood of a catastrophic rot spreading throughout your plants.

3. Prevent direct sunlight

A terrarium requires sunshine, but don’t forget that they’re essentially a greenhouse. It’s easy to burn your plants in direct sunlight. Simply keep an eye on where you’re placing your terrariums and what sort of light your plants require. You can choose to go for low-light plants since they’re much more flexible in terms of where you may put them in your home. If they require additional light, you may always use a tiny grow lamp.

4. Be vigilant for mould

Mould is the hidden adversary that lurks in the corners of all terrariums. It’s mildew and dust, but terrariums are a little different from any other plants in your home. They’re enclosed and have high humidity, which encourages mould growth. You can find a slew of terrarium care products that claim to be safe for terrariums, which will kill mould without damaging plants.

5. Clean your jar

Dirty terrarium jars not only looks bad (and half the charm of terrariums is being able to view them), but it also prevents the plants from obtaining adequate light. To remove any fibers from the glass, clean it using a lint-free cloth and warm purified water.

Terrarium Caring Tips

Terrarium require very little upkeep, but every now and again they deserve some attention. Follow these tips on caring for terrariums-humidity, removing dead plants early, preventing direct sunlight, being vigilant for mould, clean your jar-and you’ll be well on your way towards maintaining an attractive terrarium that also thrives!

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