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4 Differences between Physical and Online Escape Room [2023]

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Online Escape Room

Online Escape Room

Escape rooms are a recent trend, and the online escape room is just as popular. They offer players an online interactive puzzle game where they can compete against each other for bragging rights. But what are the differences between online and physical escape rooms? Let’s take a look at four of them below!

Many people claim that physical escape rooms are superior since they include challenging puzzles. Physical escapes allow players to touch the walls and crouch beneath tables as they search for hidden secrets, unlike online escapes. Because they will be immersed in a room designed to match the theme, physical escape rooms are more technically realistic than online ones. What are some of the advantages of playing a virtual escape room?

You’ll be able to play a digital escape room in the comfort of your own home for this virtual escape room game. The same level of cooperation will be required to finish the virtual escape room experience as our physical escape room. In place of the epidemic, this is really great since there will be no limits on how many people can participate.

1) Location

The participants of online escape games will engage in them from their homes using video conferencing platforms, as opposed to physical escape room games which will be held at a specific place. Online escape rooms are particularly popular for virtual team building since they are easy and don’t require any transportation issues from work to the escape room.

Participants must also be scheduled for physical escape rooms since each room can only be used by one group at once. Online escape games will function much quicker since all the groups will be able to participate at the same time.

2) Pricing

The cost of an escape room varies depending on the location, number of participants, and number of hours required to finish it. Because they need upkeep and use of the area, escape rooms in a physical setting are most often more expensive than online ones. Although the cost difference for each employee may not appear to be significant, for a firm arranging for hundreds of people, this price difference might be a deciding factor.

3) Limitations on number of players

You may create a group of up to four or six players for both physical and online escape rooms. However, only a specific number of teams will be able to play at once because of the space limitation in a physical escape room. For online escape room, there is no limit on the number of groups that can play simultaneously in online escape rooms!

4) Bond with colleagues or friends across the globe

Physical escape rooms can’t match virtual team building opportunities that virtual escape rooms provide, especially for multinational enterprises. Participants from all across the world may play online escape rooms via video conferencing platforms, as long as they have stable wifi. Such virtual team building exercises are extremely beneficial and can help employees bond regardless of location or physical distance.

Online Escape Room

The online escape room has many advantages over the physical one. The online version of an escape game can be played in your own home, and you don’t need to worry about scheduling problems or location limitations that come with a physical escape room. You’ll also save on costs because online versions are less expensive than their offline counterparts and may even allow for more players at once due to space constraints. There is no limit to how many groups can play simultaneously in virtual games, which means multinational corporations will find this platform beneficial when it comes to international team building exercises or company-wide competitions.

If you want to learn more about organising a virtual escape room experience for your group that is appropriate for any occasion, contact our staff at The Fun Empire. We’d be delighted to create the escape game of your dreams!

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