The 7 Best Tips in Organizing A Class Reunion

Class Reunion

It's been a few years since your class graduated and you've all gone your separate ways. You've thought about having a class reunion, but you're not sure where to start.

Class Reunion (Image Credit: Pexels)
Class Reunion (Image Credit: Pexels)

Don't worry, we're here to help!

In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of organizing a class reunion. We'll give you tips on everything from finding a venue to sending out invitations. So read on, and get ready to reunite with your classmates!

1. Form a committee

Yes, you can organize a reunion by yourself, and if your class had only 10 members, for example, go for it. But putting up a significant event like this might quickly wear down even the most ambitious planners. As a general guideline, there should be one member on a planning committee for every 25 projected attendees.

Anyone who is prepared to put in the time and effort to further the cause should be taken into consideration, but traditionally, class officers and homecoming kings and queens are excellent committee members.

To guarantee that many viewpoints are presented, a varied committee is advised.

2. Plan a budget proposal

This reunion won't pay for itself, and some of the more common ways reunions are sponsored are through ticket sales and gifts from alumni. Consider where the money will be spent when calculating the amount needed from alumni (make the total acceptable to avoid alienating many potential attendees).

Among the main factors, you should take into account when creating the budget are the cost of venue rental, catering and bartending, chairs, tables, cutlery, glasses, plates, DJs, or bands.

3. Find and inform your batchmates

Make every effort to let your classmates know when the reunion is taking place. There are many people who do not use social media, and some of them may be difficult to locate, particularly if they have moved or changed their name. Encourage members of the Facebook group to spread the word about the reunion to everyone they know!

4. Finalize the date and venue

It can be difficult to gather any number of people at the same time and location, particularly when those people have families, careers, and other adult responsibilities.

Use the social media networks Facebook and LinkedIn to poll your classmates and select the day that best meets the majority of their schedules in order to produce the most democratic result.

Popular reunion dates frequently coincide with holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas when classmates are already making preparations to spend the holidays at home.

5. Plan Activities

While conversing with your old classmates will be enjoyable, you'll also need to engage in some activities.

Consider organizing a reunion with the year you graduated as the theme. For instance, if you graduated in the 1980s, your theme can incorporate gym gear and silent 1980s movies playing on the television.

Class Reunion - Plan Activities (Image Credit: Pexels)
Class Reunion - Plan Activities (Image Credit: Pexels)

By using adult superlatives, recreate the experiences you had in high school. Have folks vote for the same honors they did in high school all night long. Then at the conclusion of the night, you can declare the winners: a new class clown, a new cutest couple, and a new "most likely to succeed."

6. Send physical invitations

Because not every student in your class is on social media, send physical invitations instead.

A good tactile reminder that the occasion is approaching is provided by paper invitations.

As a reminder, people can hang their invitations from their refrigerator.

Send invitations out at least six months before the event. A lot of your classmates have left their hometowns and will need to take some time off of work to return. So that they won't have an excuse to skip it, give them plenty of notice.

7. Hire organizers

Hire professional organizers to help you out.

As we get older and start having children it becomes harder and harder to find time to plan something like this. Hiring other people to help you will make your job a lot easier, especially if you have a full-time job or children of your own. You can also try reaching out to other classmates who might be interested in helping out.

You can check out FunEmpire, for they cater for different celebrations, gatherings, and events! The more people you have working on this, the easier it will be.

Class Reunion

Class reunions are a great way to catch up with old friends and reminisce about the good times. If you're thinking of organizing a class reunion, make sure to follow these tips! They will help make the process run smoothly and ensure that everyone has a good time.

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