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Foxconn Interconnect Technology: FOIT decided to have an afternoon of teambuilding session to unwind and relax from the stresses of work. Through a hassle-free correspondence with Hui Yen, one of our Sales team members, FunEmpire was able to provide them a fruitful session that met their special requests!
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Foxconn Interconnect Technology: FOIT

In Foxconn Interconnect Technology: FOIT, work stress still gets to the harmonious employees. Knowing the importance of having a balance, Foxconn Interconnect Technology decided to have a team building session that would help its employees feel energized and recharged.

Jaslyn decided to engage FunEmpire to run their teamb uilding event knowing we offer a wide range of interesting team building activities. Our candle-making event, in particular, stood out to them. As Singapore’s #1 Candle-making workshop provider, we are the only events company to offer a wide selection of figurines to customize their gel candles! Like all our other activities, candle making is also centered on team building. Hence, they selected our candle making workshop as it matched their needs.

The Activities

During consultation sessions with members from FunEmpire’s Sales team, Jaslyn from In Foxconn Interconnect Technology: FOIT wished for the event to be light-hearted and informal, allowing employees to truly unwind and have fun during their team-bonding day out. In order facilitate learning more about the employees, Jaslyn wanted to host a quiz at the start of the candle making session. The quiz also served a second purpose of deciding whom gets to choose the figurines first, unknown to the participants!

Gel candle making involved several steps. However, with our experienced facilitators, the steps were easy for the participants to follow. Candle making is a great activity that relaxes the mind and senses as participants deal with the scents of the candles. In addition, it allows the participants to express themselves creatively as they decide how to arrange their figurines, how to layer the sand and what colours they want their gel to be! They also learnt what the differences between the types of candles were. Our gel candles have a longer burning time compared to the normal paraffin candles and are largely made from mineral oil. This makes them a better alternative for you and the environment!

At the end of the workshop, the participants get to bring their creations back home where they could use to relax or display proudly. Its use doesn’t stop there though, it can also be a great gift to your friends or family!

The Event

When the employees of Foxconn Interconnect Technology: FOIT arrived, they were already chatting heartily before the start of the candle-making workshop. This was a positive sign as it indicates that the employees were wholeheartedly forming closer relationships with each other.

Our professionally trained facilitators, who were on-site to provide assistance when required, guided the workshop. When the participants met with difficulties, the participants turned to each other for help instead of the facilitators, which was a delightful sight. The room was a lively chatter from start to end as they were all laughing and joking away as they compared candles to be the one with the more aesthetically pleasing candle. It was truly a memorable moment for both the participants and facilitators alike as we shared compliments and offered bits of advice.

Remarkable Results

Before we wrapped up the session, we got the participants together for a photography session. Everyone posed with pride and glee with their candles! Compared to when they first entered the room, they have definitely loosened up after our session and it was certainly heartwarming to know that we had a part to play for their smiles. It was definitely a moment to remember!

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