The Ultimate Guide to Throwing an Epic Holiday Office Party on a Budget

Holiday Office Party (Credit: Unsplash)
Holiday Office Party (Credit: Unsplash)

Holiday Office Party

The holidays are a time for celebration! If you're looking for ideas on how to throw an epic holiday office party on a budget, look no further. In this blog post, we will provide tips and tricks for planning a festive party that your coworkers will love. From choosing the right venue to ordering catering, we will cover everything you need to know.

So read on and get started planning your Holiday Office Party today!

1. Don’t Skimp on the Decor

To create the proper atmosphere and make the event feel truly exceptional, go all out with the décor. If you live somewhere warm, you might want to attempt to create an indoor winter wonderland. Bring in glistening electric fireplaces and battery-operated candles and turn off the harsh fluorescents.

In order to ensure that everyone feels welcome, just watch out for overtly religious décor. Don't forget the music, either! Your gathering might become much more lively with the correct music.

2. Don’t Forget Remote Team Members

Holiday Office Party - Remote Team Members (Credit: Unsplash)
Holiday Office Party - Remote Team Members (Credit: Unsplash)

While there are many benefits to working remotely, one of the main drawbacks is missing out on the workplace community. While working from home, nobody wants to hear about how much fun everyone had at the corporate party. So keep them in mind as you make your financial plans; send a thoughtful, personalized present or a gift certificate for a pleasant meal. 

Just be careful to confirm any tax needs with payroll; always gross up to prevent employees from having to pay taxes for the gift.

3. Carefully Consider the When & Where

Setting a party for a Friday night creates quite different expectations than setting it for a Tuesday. Don't encourage folks to party till the early hours of the morning on a weeknight and then expect them to be up and ready to go at eight.

If you do choose to go all out and let the drinks flow freely, make sure you do so sensibly and offer ridesharing or driver services to ensure that everyone gets home safely. Additionally, think about offering on-site daycare so visitors won't have to look for a babysitter or miss out.

If you do decide to hold your event during business hours, be sure to adjust the workload for your crew as well. Nobody wants to cram 8 hours of work into a 4 hour day because they have a party scheduled for the entire afternoon.

4. Collect goods for charity

Holiday Office Party - Charity (Credit: Unsplash)
Holiday Office Party - Charity (Credit: Unsplash)

A wonderful approach to involve your employees and improve the community is to host a food, clothing, or gift drive at your Christmas party.

For a few weeks before to the company holiday party, think about organizing an ongoing charity drive to give your employees the chance to build excitement or compete to see which department can donate the most items.

At the conclusion of the celebration, adding up your donation amount can inspire your team and bring them together over their common good deed.

5. Offer a variety of games

Holiday Office Party - Games (Credit: FunEmpire)
Holiday Office Party - Games (Credit: FunEmpire)

Make a schedule of joyful games with a holiday theme to keep your staff occupied at all times. It's a good idea to mix up organized and spontaneous games that guests can join or leave at any time during the celebration. To make the party feel enjoyable and festive without having to spend time explaining sophisticated rules, you can take classic games and add a Christmas theme.

For ideas, try including some of FunEmpire's game activities.

6.  Host a unique gift exchange

Gift exchanges are a traditional activity for office holiday parties. By including a theme or creating a special format for the exchange, you can give a traditional gift exchange a creative touch.

To decide who gets which gift, match up your colleagues in a covert gift exchange, organize a baked goods swap, or use guessing games. Bring a few extra gifts so that everyone has something to open during the gift-opening ceremony.

7. Choose a convenient location

Make it as simple as possible for employees to attend the workplace party if your intention is to demonstrate to them how much you value their efforts over the course of the past year.

Select a spot close to the office, such as a neighborhood restaurant or event space, or pick a location that you are confident is well-known to everyone. You could even think about hosting it in your house.

If you do choose to have the party in the workplace, be sure it is located in a space that encourages social interaction.

8. Set up a photo booth

Holiday Office Party - Photobooth (Credit: Unsplash)
Holiday Office Party - Photobooth (Credit: Unsplash)

Create a photo booth backdrop with wrapping paper, lights, and other festive accents so that staff members may take group photos to remember the event. While waiting for the camera to flash, your employees can enjoy themselves by posing in small groups and playing with festive accessories.

Employees can make their own holiday cards at work or have a printer set up so they can print out their images and take them home right away. You can also give them a digital connection where they can view all of their photos.

Holiday Office Party

And there you have it! With a little creativity and careful planning, you can easily throw an epic holiday office party without breaking the bank. Just remember to keep your guest list small, focus on the food and drink, and be mindful of your budget. With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to impress your co-workers and enjoy a festive celebration that won't break the bank.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

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