10 Festive Holiday Office Party Games That Everyone Will Love

Holiday Office Party

The holidays are a time for celebration with friends and family. But what about your office party? This year, why not try some festive holiday office party games that will get everyone in the spirit?

Holiday Office Party (Credit: Pexels)

In this blog post, we will discuss several fun games that you can play at your next office party. We will also provide tips on how to make the party more enjoyable for everyone.

So, read on to learn more!

1. Pass the Present

We all recall as a youngster, don't we? Pass the parcel was the pinnacle of a great party; why not recapture your youth by taking a chance? However, owing to the fact that it is Christmas, we believe that everyone deserves a gift. The twist is that each person has purchased and wrapped up their own present separately.

The aim is to distribute the gifts throughout the room until the music stops. Each team member then unwraps their present at this time. You may go completely mad with this and come up with a slew of hilarious secret Santa ideas.

2. Christmas Bake Off

What's the use of Christmas if you can't pig out on delectable food? This should most definitely start with your company's Christmas party. Organize a who-can-make-the-tastiest-dish bakeoff and the person who offers the greatest treat wins. Beforehand, ask individuals whether they want to make sweets or savory food.

3. Surprise Holiday Office Party

A surprise holiday office party is always a fun way to celebrate the season with your colleagues. It can be as simple as decorating the office with festive decorations or putting on a few Christmas songs. You can also go all out and have a Secret Santa, bake-off, or gift exchange.

Holiday Office Party - Surprise Party (Credit: Pexels)
Holiday Office Party - Surprise Party

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4. Christmas Quiz

What's the purpose of a work Christmas party without a quiz? A Christmas quiz is frequently enjoyed by everyone in the company, and it may be as engaging as you choose. You may appeal to your employees' different talents by creating several rounds that demand diverse expertise.

A fantastic round is to only utilize quotations from the film, or play two seconds of a Christmas tune and see if your team can guess the song based on that.

The best holiday party game for work.

5. Minute To Win It Holiday Office Party Edition

Christmas-themed minute-to-win it games that will have you ringing bells, dancing around Christmas trees, and rolling with laughter!

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6. Holiday How Do You Doo

In this song, you must sing popular Christmas songs while getting your teammates to guess them in order to win the holiday tournament. However, when you sing, you can only utilize the term doo!

7. Santa’s Helper Gift Exchange

This may be the most entertaining gift exchange I've ever heard of. Instead of squabbling over a present for yourself, you may pretend to be Santa's elf and compete for a present for someone else.

It's amazing how a simple change can make everything else fall into place.

8.  Card Gift Exchange Game

In this unusual gift swap, you choose a Christmas-themed card and it tells you what to do. Switch gifts left, take a present from someone else, remove two presents, and so on.

9. Left Right Christmas Game

In this hilarious gift exchange game, everyone sits in a circle and starts with a present in their hands. You hand the objects right or left as you read a poem filled with terms like right and left. It's insane, entertaining, and extremely amusing!

10. December Dice Exchange

In this game, like the switch steal unwrap game above, you use dice to decide what happens to the presents. Instead of events affecting one gift, they're happening to everyone in the circle. Nobody knows where it will stop! The gift goes around and around until someone wins.

Holiday Office Party

These are just a few ideas to get you started - there are endless possibilities when it comes to festive holiday office party games. So get creative and have fun!

Holiday office parties are a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. But sometimes, the party can be a little dull. To liven things up, try some festive games that everyone will love. With a little creativity, your office party will be the talk of the season.