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12 Best Calligraphy Pens in Malaysia [2023]

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Calligraphy Pen Malaysia

Best Calligraphy Pen Malaysia
Best Calligraphy Pen Malaysia

The art of calligraphy has been around for centuries and, like many other traditional arts, it is making a comeback. The demand for beautiful handwriting and typography is increasing as people try to combine their love of technology with the old-world charm that comes from handwritten letters. To make sure you are ready to create amazing calligraphy pieces, we have researched and compiled a list of the 12 Best Calligraphy Pens in Malaysia!

1. Lamy Fountain Pen

Lamy was one of the first businesses to employ molded synthetic plastics in its products. It’s a distinctive hue and it’s flying off the shelves. With dimensions of 17cm and a center circumference of 4cm, it is 17cm long and 4cm broad. “Lamy 5t10 Ink Cartridge” is a large ink cartridge for all Lamy fountain pens, including the Micro Lector, which contains five black, blue, green, turquoise, violet, and red cartridges. The Lamy Rollerball pen refill for the M63 is interchangeable with most other Lamy’s, including the stainless steel rollerball pen. The Lamy ballpoint pen M21 mini Refill is designed to work with multi-color ballpoint or spirit ballpoint Lamy pens.

Key Differentiators:

  • Charcoal Black ABS colored plastic body
  • Black coated steel nib; fine point
  • One Lamy T10 Blue Cartridge is included
  • Accepts Z24 cartridge converter, sold separately

2. Ancora

The Ancora was founded in 1919 by Giuseppe Zanini. Ancora is one of the first pen manufacturers in Italy. To this day, Ancora pens are made carefully by hand. The Ancora brand now denotes a classic Italian culture blended with the history of famous fountain pens. It’s the pen that a student needs.

Key Differentiators:

  • Made of Acrylic resin, gold plated, silver, gilding, inlaid artificial gemstone, enamel, hand-painted,18 K nib
  • Limited to 88 pieces worldwide 
  • Uses international ink cartridge or converter 

 3. Duke Sapphire Fude Pen

The “Fude” series of pens come in a variety of bright colors, and the sapphire is our favorite. The Duke Sapphire Fude Pen comes with a curved italic nib for italic calligraphy when you open the jet black pouch. This pen also includes a detachable converter.

Key Differentiators:

  • Two-tone Iridium bent nib
  • Packaged

 4. Pelikan

Pelikan is a German pen maker that produces fountain pens as well as other writing supplies. Pelikan’s history began with its two fountain pens, the model “100” and the modified “100N.” Pelikan uses cellulose acetate instead of more modern polymers employed by most other major pen producers. The “Pelikan fountain pen,” a 50ml Edelstein bottled ink of the year 2018 olivine, is one of the most well-known pelican pens. This collection includes seven brilliant hues with a unique ink that ensures excellent writing and fountain pen care; its hue matches that of a gem.

Key Differentiators:

  • Comes in 3 nib sizes
  • Steel nib
  • Plastic barrel & cap material
  • Its ink cartridge has a filling mechanism – ink cartridge

 5. Plotube Wooden Pen Calligraphy Set

The  Plotube Wooden Pen Calligraphy Set from Rube Goldberg Machine is comprised of a rosewood dip pen, golden pen holder, eleven replaceable nibs, and black ink. A preinstalled golden nib may be found in the set if the number of nibs intimidates you.

Key Differentiators:

  • Calligraphy art set
  • Smooth writing pen
  • Natural handcrafted
  • Vintage gift

6. Bandzug

The Bandzug family is a German nib maker founded in 1850. The top of the Bandzug nib includes an ink reservoir for rounded writing. Its sharpness and accuracy make the Bandzug nibs ideal for gothic-type writings.

Key Differentiators:

  • The nib is square and creates rounded writing.
  • Designed specifically for calligraphy
  • Ideal for beginners

7. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set

The Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set includes a medium nib black fountain pen with gold detailing, six ink cartridges, an ink converter, a gift case, and a PDF file that explains care and instructions with purchase. This calligraphy set is stylish and comes in several different colors as a present.

Key Differentiators:

  • For high precision and exceptional writing
  • Perfect for both left and right-handed writers
  • Includes a stunning fountain pen, ink converter, three blue ink cartridges, three black ink cartridges, premium leather pen case, and a special deluxe gift box – all ready to be given as a gift.

8. Pilot Parallel Pen

Pilot Parallel Pen-Calligraphy Pen Malaysia
Pilot Parallel Pen-Calligraphy Pen Malaysia

The Pilot Parallel Pen is one of the most user-friendly broad nib calligraphy pens available for novices. It’s a simple fountain pen that comes in four different sizes: 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, and 6 millimeters (0.6 to 0.3 inches).

Each kit includes two ink cartridges (red and black), a converter, nib cleaner, and an instruction handbook to assist you in learning the first few basic strokes.

Key Differentiators:

  • Features 2 parallel plates
  • Refillable with a wide variety of ink colors
  • Quality is unquestionably regarded as trustworthy

9. Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen

The Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen has a stainless steel nib and a body that is available in orange, red, or yellow. The barrel of the pen features a window so you can easily check the ink levels. It includes two Sheaffer Skrip ink cartridges to get you started.

Key Differentiators:

  • Three color-coded nibs for stroke variety
  • Includes 1 black Shaffer ‘k’ ballpoint refill
  • Packaged in a luxury gift box

10. Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen

The Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen is made of bamboo and comes with a matching bamboo case for safekeeping. Despite the fact that there is no ink, this handcrafted pen includes a converter. Converters allow you to draw your ink up from a bottle before putting it into the pen, making selecting your own ink much simpler. This fountain pen is lightweight and comes with a medium nib, making it ideal for those wanting to dip their toes in the water of calligraphy.

Key Differentiators:

  • Comes in a beautiful rosewood pen case
  • Ultra-comfortable writing experience
  • Buy a sure sign of sophistication

11. Rouge et Noir

Rouge et Noir is a Swiss manufacturer of Montblanc. In 1909, they produced the first model of their brand named “Rouge et Noir,” and the masterpiece (Meisterstück), which became the company’s new name (1910). The English “Masterpiece” brand name for export was first used in 1924. The Montblanc logo is a white stylized six-pointed snow cap with rounded corners.

Key Differentiators:

  • Hand-crafted
  • New and unique size
  • Slim and long

12. Marlen Odyseus

The Marlen Odyseus black resin fountain pen is one of history’s most legendary pens. This pen is dedicated to Homer (Omero), author of the Odyssey, who chronicled the tale of Ulysses, the Greek mythology hero. This pen is only available in limited and special versions, each of which is distinguished by precious metal, unique materials such as celluloid and resin, and handcrafted artisans. The Marlen pen features a length of 15.9cm and a central circumference of 4.6cm, making it one of the smaller men’s pens on the market. It also utilizes a cartridge or converter and is made by hand and finely engraved in a steel nib.

Key Differentiators:

  • With special material and colors
  • Celluloid or resin is used in limited and special editions
  •  handcrafted by master craftsmen

Calligraphy Pen Malaysia

If you’re looking to create beautiful, elegant calligraphy strokes in your writing or artwork, then it is worth investing in the best quality pen. The 12 pens we have listed are all great options for beginners and experts alike.

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