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11 Best Electric Stoves in Malaysia [2023]

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Electric Stove Malaysia

Best Electric Stove Malaysia
Best Electric Stove Malaysia

The best electric stove in Malaysia is not easy to find. There are many considerations you need to make before buying the perfect one for your home kitchen. This article will outline some of the most important features and specifications that you should consider when choosing an electric stove, as well as recommend the 11 Best Electric Stoves in Malaysia that we believe are worth checking out.

1. Giselle Ceramic Cooker KEA0310

Despite its low price, Giselle Ceramic Cooker KEA0310 has a lot of advantages. From powerful heating up to 600C to 4-hour timer options, 8 temperature levels, and 8 cooking menus for different kinds of meals, it has them all.

Key Differentiators:

  • Energy saving
  • Time efficiency
  • All-round intelligent, secure, and safe protection (6 intelligent programmed with 3 sophisticated functions)

2. Samu Giken Multi-Functional Cooker

The Samu Giken Multi-Functional Cooker is a budget-friendly electric cooktop in Malaysia with several functions, and it still has lots of capabilities and useful features for simpler cooking. It’s more compact (1.2L) and portable (even for traveling), allowing you to cook at lodges.

Key Differentiators:

  • Ideal for household, office, hotel & hostel use with ease of control.
  • Ideal for making noodles, heating Coffee & milk, boiling water, reheating meals, instant steamboat, soup, and other things.
  • Convenient, Durable & Practical Multi-Functional Cooker

3. Rubine RCE-ASTER72-BL Built-in Electric Ceramic Hob

The Rubine RCE-ASTER72-BL Built-in Electric Ceramic Hob is a beautiful, clean design built-in hob with a sensor touch control panel and ceramic construction that is notably simpler to clean than any other material. It has 9 heat settings and is capable of providing wide heat regulation choices comparable to those of a gas cooktop. Even more so, its safety features are quite impressive. There’s a Residual Heat Warning Indicator on this hob that informs you if it’s still radiating heat, so you should avoid touching it.

Key Differentiators:

  • Touch control panel with sensors
  • Safety lock available
  • Schott Ceran Glass EGO Heating Element

4. Philips Induction Cooker HD4931

The Philips Induction Cooker HD4921 is another example. It’s made of high-quality glass that not only looks elegant but is also long-lasting and easy to maintain. This Philips cooktop has an induction cooking technology that cuts the cooking time by a third when compared to standard electric stoves, ensuring that more nutrients are retained in the dish than other types. It’s also simple to use since to its touchscreen display, which includes 5 temperature settings and 3 cooking modes.

Key Differentiators:

  • Has sensitive sensor-touch operational panel
  • Child safety lock
  • The digital display shows cooking status clearly
  • User-friendly 24-hour preset function
  • A-grade glass panel is solid and durable

5. Firenzzi 2 in 1 Electric Hob

The Firennzi 2 in 1 Electric Hob is a built-in hob that combines induction and ceramic cooktops. When you want to cook faster and use less power, use the induction stove. You may, however, utilize the ceramic section for more versatile cooking because an induction range also necessitates different cookware.

Key Differentiators:

  • 2 cooking zones
  • iTouch control
  • Overheating protection device
  • Auto switch-off protection
  • Built-In or freestanding

6. Khind Infrared Cooker IC26R

The most impressive feature of the Khind Infrared Cooker IC26R is its excellent heating, which allows you to prepare meals faster because of its high thermal efficiency and advanced infrared heating technology. This stove heats without producing any electromagnetic radiation, making it safe for the environment.

Key Differentiators:

  • Energy-efficient – high thermal efficiency
  • Black ceramic grade a crystal glass with steel ring
  • Easy touch panel with LED display
  • Environmentally friendly without electromagnetic radiation

7. Riino Electric Infrared Cooker XH1001

The glass top of the Riino XH1001 is tempered, which makes it appear elegant and easy to clean. The premium hobs may be more expensive, but they offer a number of additional features. With 2200W power, broad voltage adjustments, and three simple cooking recipes for optimum heating, it has strong healing qualities.

Key Differentiators:

  • 3 Easy Cooking Function
  • Crystal Black Tempered Glass Surface
  • Easy to Clean
  • Smart Timer
  • Touch Screen Panel

8. Konka KES-22AS02

The Konka KES-22AS02 has an infrared heating system. As a result, it offers heating costs that are lower than gas stoves due to the greater amount of radiant heat produced. It also includes an LED panel with a touchscreen button where you can change everything from heat level to cooking modes using your smartphone.

Key Differentiators:

  • A + explosion-proof high temperature resistant microcrystalline plate
  • The touch buttons are straightforward and useful, while the entirely plastic shell makes it safer.
  • EMC standard CCC certification, multiple safety fence design

9. Portable Travel Electric Stove

The Portable Travel Electric Stove has no fancy features like touch control or cooking modes, and the simple heat level knob adjustment is still adequate for daily meals. The appearance is also space-saving, so you may also take it with you on trips. More significantly, the quality iron material protects it against high temperatures while remaining safe and long-lasting.

Key Differentiators:

  • Portable design, reassuring use design, an essential home appliance in your home
  • Powered by electricity, no need for fuel, eco-friendly
  • Easy-to-use temperature-setting knob
  • Provides quick and sustained heat.

10. Airbot iCook Multicooker

The Airbot iCook Multicooker features a 2.5L pot with additional attachments including a deep roast plate, grill plate, and steam plate. This means you can prepare several cuisines in one pot, from frying to roasting to sautéing to baking, among other things.

Key Differentiators:

  • High tech cooking with Airbot
  • Convenient all in one cooking machine
  • PFOA free premium ceramic oil coating
  • 1400W integrated heating control

11. Electrolux Built-in Ceramic Hob

The Electrolux Built-in Ceramic Hob is a smart stove that adjusts the temperature to match the size and composition of your pots and pans. The two-cooker stove has 14 heat settings, allowing you to prepare two distinct dishes at once.

Key Differentiators:

  • Durable & Safe
  • Convenient to use
  • Responsive Hi-Light Cooking Zones
  • Precise Temperature Control

Electric Stove Malaysia

Electric Stoves are a convenient way to cook food without the need for fuel. In this article, we’ve provided 11 of the best electric stoves in Malaysia that you should consider as an option when shopping around. The variety includes both portable and built-in options with different functions and features.  No matter your budget or needs, there’s sure to be something here for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having an electric stove?

Electric stoves offer a variety of advantages that make them a great choice for homeowners. The most significant benefit is the cost savings associated with an electric stove. Electric stoves are more energy-efficient than gas stove, so you won’t have to worry about high utility bills.

How much do electric stoves cost in Malaysia?

The cost of electric stoves in Malaysia can vary depending on the brand and model you choose. Generally speaking, entry-level models start from around RM200 to RM400 while higher-end models can cost upwards of RM2,000 or more.

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