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12 Best Free VPN Malaysia Options [2023]

Free VPN Malaysia

Best Free VPN Malaysia
Best Free VPN Malaysia

Do you want to have a safe browsing experience? Do you want to be anonymous while being on the internet? A VPN is what one should use. It does not matter if it is for personal or business purposes, VPNs are always beneficial in some way. In this article, we will be discussing the 12 Best Free VPN in Malaysia.

1. NordVPN

 NordVPN - Free VPN Malaysia
 NordVPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: NordVPN)

NordVPN is a well-known cybersecurity company that has long been recognized as one of the best. With one of the broadest server counts on my list and support for most, if not all, operating systems, NordVPN is an obvious choice for many people. They provide two simultaneous connections on their three different subscription options, and there are no restrictions in terms of simultaneous users. They have 24/7 customer support if you need assistance getting started. One of the most well-designed apps I’ve ever used is NordVPN’s. For extra anonymity, they also take cryptocurrency payments.

2. Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN - Free VPN Malaysia
Private Internet Access VPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: PIA)

PIA is one of the top VPN providers in my testing, with a fantastic mix of easy-to-use technology, open-source software, and a built-in ad blocker. PIA is also ideal for customers who wish to pay by PayPal because many other VPN services don’t support it. The main benefit of Private Internet Access is its 30-day money-back guarantee, a wide range of Netflix libraries, and extremely cheap pricing.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Free VPN Malaysia
ExpressVPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: ExpressVPN)

One of the most dependable and quick VPNs is ExpressVPN. With the 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ll have a good opportunity to test it out. ExpressVPN is a premium VPN that offers numerous services, including apps for Windows and Mac OS as well as routers. They work with almost every device and operating system on the market, and their 24/7 customer care is second to none on this list. The only drawback of ExpressVPN is its cost.

4. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN - Free VPN Malaysia
PrivateVPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: PrivateVPN)

In the VPN market, PrivateVPN is the underdog. With only a few servers, it’s clear that they’re prioritizing quality over quantity. It is a great VPN option, especially when compared to the over-the-top promotion from some of the other more well-known brands on this list. The VPN may be set up in just a few minutes without requiring much input.

5. Cyberghost VPN

 Cyberghost VPN - Free VPN Malaysia
 Cyberghost VPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit:  Cyberghost VPN)

Many other cybersecurity experts select CyberGhost VPN as their first choice, and the reason is simple: it has the most comprehensive VPN service. Cyberghost VPN has several functions, some of which are best suited for more experienced users and others that are simple enough for regular uses like P2P-filesharing. Cyberghost VPN also offers the longest money-back guarantee, at 45 days.

 6. OVPN

 OVPN - Free VPN Malaysia
 OVPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit:  OVPN)

For people looking for a secure VPN connection, OVPN is the greatest alternative. OVPN has the highest degree of physical security of any other provider. They have no storage media on their servers, which would store data and expose it to hackers. Their insurance is another key selling feature. They go out of their way to safeguard their clients by offering insurance, ensuring that if government officials request information, they will have the resources to defend the claim in court.

 7. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN - Free VPN Malaysia
Hotspot Shield VPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: Hotspot Shield VPN)

With the most secure and private VPN in 2021, you can keep your sensitive information safe from prying eyes. That’s right: Hotspot Shield has already taken home the title for the quickest free VPN, backed up by a slew of speed tests online.

 8. Trust.Zone

Trust.Zone - Free VPN Malaysia
Trust.Zone – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: Trust.Zone)

Trust.Zone is a newbie in the VPN competition that provides a simple VPN solution with no ads or restrictions. This is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to maintain their anonymity since it’s located in Seychelles and has no logging rules. All of these features make Trust.Zone a good VPN for P2P sharing. Unlimited bandwidth and speed are a plus. All major operating systems are supported.

 9. Surfshark

 Surfshark - Free VPN Malaysia
 Surfshark – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: Surfshark)

For people who want a cheap and dependable VPN with extra perks, Surfshark VPN is ideal. “Camouflage Mode” conceals your activities from your ISP, “Kill Switch” stops the network connection if you lose access, and “AdBlocker” protects you against online advertisements.

 10. Hola VPN

 Hola VPN - Free VPN Malaysia
 Hola VPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: Hola VPN)

Hola VPN‘s free proxy service became a black mark a few years ago when it was misused, and some user data was exposed. Hola reacted quickly to the problems, but the damage to its reputation had been done. Hola VPN is a popular choice for those looking for the greatest VPN service today. Hola has industry-leading security, hundreds of fast servers, and a rock-solid no-log policy.

11. ProtonVPN

 ProtonVPN - Free VPN Malaysia
ProtonVPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: ProtonVPN)

ProtonVPN is a Swiss company that specializes in e-mail encryption. They are most recognized for their ProtonMail e-mail service. On the market, they provide the most secure free VPN services. ProtonVPN also allows for the use of Tor and peer-to-peer file sharing. If you want to do some serious online sharing, I highly encourage you to try ProtonVPN.

 12. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN - Free VPN Malaysia
Atlas VPN – Free VPN Malaysia (Credit: Atlas VPN)

Atlas VPN is one of the most popular new free VPN services. You’ll get unlimited data, no advertising, and zero-logging with the free version. Atlas VPN performed well during my speed tests, and it might compete with popular providers. Ad-blocker, a kill switch, and P2P compatibility are all standard features with a regular subscription, which is amazing given the service’s comprehensive nature.

Free VPN Malaysia

There are many free VPN services available this year and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones for you. Whether you want to keep your identity hidden, protect yourself from malware, or just need reliable access to Netflix overseas – there is a service here that will work for you!

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